dnd 5e – Can you train / call a Blink Dog? If so, how?

In my role-playing game, I am an elven druid who received the gift of a relative of Blink Dog and I am trying to find the owner of the relative (a magician) and the dog follows me but I do not see him. I have tried to call him as my teacher has done (using his favorite toy) but he has not yet tried to collect it as he had before. How else should I resort to this creature / is it possible to start training it to follow my example instead of its original owner? Someone please explain and thank you!

Information about train travel in the US UU.

I am interested in taking the train from Seattle to New York. How long would it take? How much would a sleeping compartment cost?

visas – US and Canadian border immigration on the Amtrak train

Upon arriving at the train station and registering your passport and documents will be verified. Your documents will also be verified when you arrive in Vancouver.

The Amtrak website provides some guidance for this:

The form of identification that you carry on your trip must be the same identification you selected and provided details on when you made your reservation.

You must carry the valid original identification document. Copies, expired or invalid documents will not be accepted. Each passenger must have their own identification.

It is recommended to arrive 1 hour before departure.

Amtrak waterfalls from Seattle to Vancouver: how is the border crossing north? Summarize this very well:

As a reference, this train performs customs clearance from Canada upon arrival at the Central Pacific Station in Vancouver, not at the border.

There will be a check at the station in Vancouver and another customs check when the train arrives in the United States.

It is also recommended to arrive 1 hour before departure.

Are there luxury tourist train cruises in the United States?

There are no luxury train services in the United States.

The two long-distance services, Amtrak and Alaska Railroad, offer premium services on their regular routes with greater comfort and privacy and a higher level of service than the coach. You can even buy several rooms in Amtrak and merge them with a private bathroom to get more space, or buy a full car, as sports teams or other groups sometimes do. I would recommend taking a car trip if you ever have the opportunity, and the service is very friendly; I only understand that even by American standards, none of the experience would be confused with "luxury."

The way the luxury train trip is made in the US UU. It is private wagons, which are attached to one of the operator trains mentioned above. This is more comparable to renting a yacht than to reserve an ultra premium airline seat, but it is common enough for Amtrak to provide guidelines for privately owned cars, and there is an American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners. AAPRCO provides a list of travel opportunities for members of the public (often for promotions or repositioning), but for the luxury experience, you may need to check your directory of available cars for rent and contact the owner directly to negotiate a reservation. .

There are several operators, such as L.A. Rail, based in Los Angeles, that rents cars to the public. Puget Sound Private Car, based in Seattle, is another, and Berlin Sleeping Car, based in Pittsburgh, is another. I have never used any of these companies and I don't support them, but I can't find any centralized portal for them, and there are likely to be many more in different parts of the country. Berlin suggests a range of $ 2500-7000 per day; Like a yacht charter, the circumstances and services of each trip are unique and will be priced accordingly.

posing – How to train children to smile kindly?

You will get more natural expressions if you can compose shots where the subject is actively doing something, instead of just looking at the camera, and it is very possible that they create better scenes for your memories or to share with your friends. So, if you can focus on your child's photos by concentrating on riding a bike or building a model, you may be able to avoid the problem most of the time.

"Smile!" – Click – "Relax!" – Click (the real photo, without the cheesy smile). This works surprisingly well even when your subject has learned what he is doing. Sometimes I even say that I will take the "real photo" followed by a "funny photo" later. The good thing here is that when people relax after a pose, they tend to retain a natural version of a smile.

The favorite of family photographers everywhere, although it depends largely on whether you have a gift for comedy. I get pretty good results with adults by setting them to pose and then breaking the tension with a kindly sarcastic comment, maybe like, "No, it seems you're enjoying this!" I also hope that some friendly teasing works well for children.

This part is out of my experience, but I think it might be possible to change the perception of the camera and get the subject to treat it more like one of their peers rather than as a very critical judge. Perhaps we can try to exercise the child's imagination to pretend that it is not a great scary black lens. Or, for less imaginative guys, place or hold a favorite toy near the camera (a bit like the old "see the little bird") to redirect their attention?

With the modern equipment, we have some advantages that the first photographers did not have: there is no need to remain still for seconds (although we tend to maintain this attitude still). With an instant review and almost unlimited exposures, we can group the results together with our subjects and discuss which one we prefer ("Will we try another one like this?").

It is difficult to get people to relax, and there is a risk that the more you try, the more tense you will be and both will feel. We need a stock of techniques to break the stiffness and let the subject move and breathe naturally.

public transport – Intercity train transfer to Warsaw Chopin

I will travel by train (PKP Intercity) from Bydgoszcz to Central Warsaw to take a mid-afternoon flight from Warsaw Chopin Airport (LOT Airlines to Heathrow). Is a two-hour window between the scheduled train arrival time and the flight departure time sufficient, since I need to register a suitcase? Is there a high risk that the train will be delayed? I am happy to go by the fastest method (which I imagine would be a taxi), even if it costs more.

Music to train

Hi everyone!
Looking for music for the gym / running. Any recommendation? Thank you!

(national) codes on trains and train cars

While traveling in Europe, I noticed codes written on trains (public transport and cargo), which are written as words but appear to be codes. Examples: Shimms, Shimmns, Tads. Case exactly as it is written. Dutch and Austrian trains.
When we search on Google, we obtain images of mainly freight cars, as if it were a particular brand or model of something. But there is no explanation.
Are these codes? What information do they transmit?

Seville to Cádiz by train in May: should we buy tickets in advance?

We (2 people) will take a train from Seville to Cádiz in May. It will be a Tuesday at about 10 a.m. Would there be any need to buy tickets in advance or will we be fine buying them when we arrive at the station an hour before departure?

Japan: What is the most picturesque train route between Nagano and Kyoto?

We will take the train between Nagano and Kyoto in a few weeks. It seems that there are two options:
– Nagano to Nagoya, then change and follow Kyoto (we will do this part in reverse a few days later on the way to Tokyo).
– Nagano to Kanazawa, then change and follow to Kyoto.

Both take about four hours and are included with our JR pass. As such, the tiebreaker could be the sight. What is the most picturesque route?