Nikon P900 star trail mode only produces one movie, not traces

I have a Nikon P900. By selecting the Star trails mode in the Scene menu, the camera can take what I suppose would be a photo with the star trails in the night sky. However, all that is needed is a 10-second film compressed with multiple 25-second shots over a period of 150 minutes that shows the points of light moving across the sky. Are there no trails that I want in a single photo? Any ideas out there?

Trail (A) = Trail ($ A ^ 2 $) = Trail ($ A ^ 3 $)

Suppose $ A $ be a real matrix such that $ text {trace} (A) = text {trace} (A ^ 2) = text {trace} (A ^ 3) $. What can we conclude about the proper values ​​of A?

My attempts:

  1. Considered $ A $ as a diagonal matrix and $ lambda_1, lambda_2
    , ldots, lambda_n $
    Be your own values So we get $$ lambda_1 + lambda_2 + cdots lambda_n = lambda_1 ^ 2 + lambda_2 ^ 2 + cdots + lambda_n ^ 2 = lambda_1 ^ 3 + lambda_2 ^ 3 + cdots + lambda_n ^ 3
    From the first equality and using the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, we could obtain $ lambda_1 + lambda_2 + cdots lambda_n leq n $. My guess is that all eigenvalues ​​must be 1 (just an intuition). But we can not move forward.
  2. Suppose $ A $ is a $ 2 times 2 $ matrix, then we could get trace ($ A ^ 2 $) = (trace ($ A)) ^ 2-2 det (A) $ and trace ($ A ^ 3 $) = (trace ($ A)) ^ 3- (3 det (A) cdot text {trace} (A)) $. Here, too, we could not find a way.

Thanks in advance.

dnd 5e – What are the blind alleys on the Shackled City adventure trail?

I'm looking to turn Shackled City's adventure path into 5e and one of the things I've found in my research is that the first few chapters do not necessarily connect very well with the story.

I want to remedy this as part of my planning (because the lack of information in the story stinks), but reading a 446-page book and trying to unite the whole thing in my head is a daunting task.

So, what threads of the plot, NPC's, factions, groups or other things with which a group would normally interact or be curious to appear (most I hope in the first chapters), then disappear with little (or none) explanation, and then they will reappear. on the road of adventure?

I do not care about the spoilers (obviously), and if anyone has any suggestions (backed up by the experience in a subjective / good subjective way) about how to help avoid these dead ends, it would be great, but it is beyond the scope of the question.

Trail of crumbs for mobile

I was trying to make my website mobile friendly. I have gone through many comments about bread crumbs on mobile websites. Some say it is good and others say it is bad. After reviewing the revisions, I was thinking about the following design approach.

(a) add location icon in the menu
(b) by clicking on that direct user to a separate page
(c) the new page to show the detailed navigation route from home until the user of the page is currently in
(d) it also shows all the relative links on that page.

Is this a good design approach from the point of view of user experience from mobile and desktop devices?

spritekit – Move SKEmitterNode along with the trail it creates

In Swift in SpriteKit, I have an SKEmitterNode that I have configured to make tracks following the player. I have the goal set for myself, the scene for him to make these paths when he moves. I would like to be able to move the EmitterNode to another position without the trace following it, but moving with it, so that the state of the path it performs is the same once it moves to a new position. Is there any way of doing this? I have tried to experience many things as the target node, but I have not yet found a way to fix it. I can edit to show the code if necessary. Thank you!

Chronicles of Darkness 2e – Will a pact with a demon change the paper trail of the devil and the mortal?

Henry is a white-collar criminal who was sent to jail for embezzlement in a bank. His life is ruined. I, as a devil, make a pact with Henry to take on that aspect of his life. Now I am a known embezzler, and Henry's record is clean and he can get a new job and a new life.

How far do the changes come? Certainly, Henry's family and friends will be affected by the change. But will the prison records show that I was in jail? Will the court records show that I was convicted? What about the FBI records?

The reason I ask is that the pact is not worth much to the mortal if an informal check from an employer broke it. It also makes sense to me that electronic records are more susceptible to such changes, while memories might not be. That is, while nearby people can change their memories, people who are far away can remember Henry as the embezzler and be surprised when they search for records.