I will drive Adsense safe real quality web traffic for $5

I will drive Adsense safe real quality web traffic


High Quality Search Visitors

Get high quality search visitors to your links. Both category and keyword targeting is

supported. People who match the search requirements can visit your site.

The goal is to make about 100 search visitors interested in visiting your link in total with the Basic package.

Superior traffic quality improves Google SERP and rankings much faster.

We Will Help You Achieve Great Website Improvement, Higher Ranking, Increase In Visitors,

Increase In site Engagement By Publishing Your Site On Highly Engaging Niche

Influence Pages,


  • Real quality 5000 DAILY FOR 10 DAYS
  • traffic from USA,CANADA,EUROPE
  • From USA,Canada and Europe
  • Not use bots and software.
  • much as possible.
  • No china traffic.
  • Live tracking link provided to monitor your web traffic (goo,gl or bit,ly).
  • Provided tracking url
  • All web traffic track able on Google Analytics.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • 100% Adsense safe
  • *******Thank you******


I will drive low bounce traffic with 3 minutes visit duration for $50

I will drive low bounce traffic with 3 minutes visit duration

Daily 500+ Social Media Visitors : Average Visit Duration Higher than 3 Minutes. Visitors From User Selected Two Regions.

We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Quora, and Reddit posts, pages and groups for the promotion. We run common advertisements/posts series based on niches to bring visitors to our backlinks. After that, we redirect them to your website according to your traffic requirements. In that way, we can provide you a large targetted audience quickly and with a minimum cost.

You have the freedom to select the targetted countries.


  • 100% real visitors. (No bots.)
  • Long visit duration (3+ minutes). Guaranteed!!
  • Visitors from all regions. (America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.)
  • Low bounce rate.
  • Can be tracked with Google analytics.
  • Adsense safe (100%).


  • The number of daily visitors might be changed slightly because we are trying to drive real people for your site.
  • We can not guarantee your sales. We can only send people to your site. So it’s up to you .
  • We do not provide traffic to Social media Pages (Facebook pages, YouTube channels, etc.) Signup or Direct Registration SitesRedirect Links, and Ads Click Sites such as “Adfly”.


Guys does traffic size matter in adsense approval? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Guys does traffic size matter in adsense approval? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I will send keyword targeted organic traffic from uk and usa for $15

I will send keyword targeted organic traffic from uk and usa

UK and USA Organic Traffic
($15) Keyword Targeted Organic Traffic from UK and USA with Very Low Bounce Rate. Up to 10 keywords.

We drive 500+ Real visitorsdaily, 15,000+ visitors monthly (95% UK & USA) through Google/ Yahoo/ Bing for 30 days.Features of our service

  • 100% Real visitors. (No bots.)
  • Long visit duration (1 to 3+ minutes)
  • Low bounce rate.

Because of real visitors.

  • Can be tracked with Google analytics.
  • Safe with Google AdSense (100%)
  • Safe with penguin, panda, hummingbird (100%)

We are sending real visitors using White Hat Method We include your website in search engine results with your keywords so that you can have 500+ daily visitors. Requirements

  • 1 x URL of your site.
  • 5 x Keywords.(per order)


  1. Number of daily visitors and visit duration can be changed slightly because we are trying to drive real people for your site.
  2. We do not provide traffic to Social Media Pages (Facebook pages, YouTube Channels etc.), Signup or Direct Registration Sites and Ads Click Sites such as “Adfly“.
  3. If you got any question, Feel free to contact us.


What is it that makes you use URL shortener service to monetize traffic? | Proxies123.com

Hi guys,

As I’ve said in my welcoming thread, I will soon release an affiliate program inside URL shortener service, which I believe will be unlike any other. But I need some help from you guys to make it as perfect as possible and make sure that each one of you uses it without the hassle and doubting it’s reliability and stability.

Some of its key features (including on-site and off-site):
– Transparency – For each link, we will breakdown each visit separately, use separate marks for paid, double or ad-block, so every user will have full access to it, so there might not be “scammer” tags on my service or “shaving” accusations.
– Availability – I will be available across several channels for each affiliate member: on several communities (WJ included), Skype, Discord, Slack. There will be no questions left unanswered, so every user will feel appreciated.
– Payout options – I will be making several payout options: Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney (WME/WMZ), several cryptocurrencies, Payoneer, and bank transfers (for large payouts). Payments will be processed several times daily, including weekends. Any possible delay in payment option or general payout will be notified prior to that delay.
– Better User Experience – All ads inside URL shortener will be ad-blockable. A minimal ad approach will be taken so users won’t struggle with numerous clicks, the window closes, and et cetera.

That being said, I also thought about dynamic rates which I might be able to arrange with partnering networks, but I am not sure how that would play out for affiliates, as it might create confusion on daily basis: some days better, some worse.

Please share with me any feedback on how to improve this service even better, so it may appeal you to join.

Cow :)

Untapped Ultra Cheap Traffic Source | $0.00001 Per Visitor | Resell This Traffic! | Proxies123.com

No need for a fancy thread. Let me get straight to the point.

I started using these traffic sources 6 months ago and I was making money reselling this traffic on Fiverr and some forums.

Here are some of the results I get from using these traffic sources:

Please note that these results are not typical. You need to take action to get these kind of results.

What do I offer?
• A traffic source which is very very cheap.
• A step by step guide on how to use the traffic source.
• Point of contact of the traffic sources I mentioned on the guide.
• Real human visitors.
• Visits from all over the globe.
• You can get real human traffic for as low as $0.00001 per visit.
• That’s 100,000 visitors for $1.
• Traffic can be tracked on Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
• Only legit page views.
• No bots, no scripts, no traffic exchange, no proxies, no data centers.
• Traffic comes from unique IPs, useragent, ISP’s, browsers and devices.
• This is direct traffic.
• Traffic doesn’t work on getting Youtube views.
• Traffic drip feeding option is available inside the platform.

Let me show you some stats of my 3 campaigns:


How much am I paying for information?
• The cost of my eBook is $60.

How much is the intial deposit for these traffic sources?
• An initial investment of at least $10-$50 to deposit money on one of these traffic sources.

What payment method do you accept?
• Bitcoin

What is your refund policy?
• After I sent you the Ebook on how to acquire cheap traffic, there will be no refunds.

Are you the owner of these traffic sources?
• No, I just discovered them myself.

What are things I can target with this traffic?
• You can also target countries, carrier, device types, device brands, browsers, and OS.

NOTE: I am selling a way on how to get cheap traffic, I do not sell the results to make money, the result comes from taking action about the information you have and that’s something I simply cannot force anyone to do.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Discord: proscratcher#8420

0/2 vouch copies will be given out to reputable members.

GET – Traffic and Funnels – Offer Building Masterclass | Proxies123.com

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Traffic and Funnels – Offer Building Masterclass


Traffic and Funnels – Offer Building Masterclass
Create higher-value offers that practically demand you charge more…

If you’re charging less than $5k per client – you’ve got an offer issue. But you shouldn’t increase your prices “just ‘cause”…

This masterclass shares a simple (yet powerful) framework for creating an irresistible, high-ticket offer. This allows you to ethically and morally raise your prices, in a way that actually IMPROVES the experience for your clients.

This is crucial because even if you’re producing A-level copy and are on the bleeding edge when it comes to generating traffic… if you’ve got an offer problem – failure is inevitable.

What You Get:

Offer Building Masterclass Part I
Offer Building Masterclass Part II
Offer Building Masterclass Part III
Offer Building Masterclass Part IV
Offer Building Masterclass part V
Bonus Training



High traffic VPS

I wonder if hardware is determined of how much traffic is possible to handle. I ask this because I have a cheap VPS from OVH which I want to… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1829704&goto=newpost

Looking for monetize fake traffic

Hi all
I search for a website or somthing like p2p sites accept fake traffic can any one help me for that

❓ASK – Does mobile phone traffic have an impact on websites? | Proxies123.com

Mobile phone usage is very high, and even greater is the Internet usage. This is true especially in India, China and US.
At times, we prefer watching videos and other things on mobile, instead of switching on laptop/desktops.
That is why the Mobile phones get a lot of Advertisements.
In fact, I have seen that at times, advertisements and Video content looks better optimized on mobile screens than Laptops.
This is vital for SEO plus content creators and even Programmers.