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I‘m sharing with you a FREE DISTRIBUTION OF TOKENS (airdrop)! A new trading platform called MGTC offers a bonus of about 220$ in TRT (True Rapid Token) for being one of the first to register and with NO DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT!
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– Registration: 138 TRT (220 USDT)
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– Referral:
o 1st level: 138 TRT (220$)
o 2nd level: 69 TRT (110$)

Here is the sign up link: https://www.mgtc.io?invitation_code=59093897

c# – how do i make add a data base to a trading system?

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trading – What causes synchronous price movement within and between crypto exchanges without matching trades?

My understanding is that prices displayed on exchanges is not based solely on the last filed order, but also on the existing orders, which change constantly as traders manually and automatically move their orders up and down. Given enough traders, we can expect that they examine and perhaps participate in other exchanges. Some trying to make arbitrage like you and others just trying to feel informed. Thus, we can expect that traders change their open orders on all the exchanges that they participate in, but based off their impression of price/value in reality, not just the published price on any individual exchange.

Theoretically it would seem possible that a perfect storm of too few traders that are also ignorant of price changes on other exchanges might not change their orders, leaving price on that exchange unchanged while it rapidly moves on others. In my opinion, such rare instances are really the only opportunity for arbitrage to be profitably worthwhile. The whole point of a published price is to be as close to public perception as is possible. Should a new up-and-coming exchange fail horribly in that regard, they would lose trust of the few traders they already have.

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The Home of Homemade TCG
Over at Trading Card Makers, we believe that trading card games are a trend that is here to stay. These games provide rich gameplay experiences, a range of tactical options and a collectable aspect that is unlike anything else. So we want to be the foundation for creators to build upon and add to the wonderful TCG community. Welcome to Trading Card Makers!

I am currently looking for a partner who is familiar with MyBB and is interested in home made and popular Trading Card Games.

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❓ASK – Trading Pro and Cons? | Proxies123.com

You’re right. If someone isn’t cautioned or without experience, losses follows. You must be enlightened, trade with experience to grow as time goes on. Don’t trade when you’re feeling emotional, or embrolled with challenges, it will make you lose more. Trade with what you can afford to lose, don’t trade all you have, because you got the mindset of making fast money. Remember, trading its never a get rich fast scheme, you must work hard, through experience and instinct to earn reasonably over time.

Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software

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Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software – Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software

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Description: Tradebox – CryptoCurrency Buy Sell and Trading Software. Tradebox is for the cryptocurrency trading and selling.even you can request for…

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Can anyone Recommend a good site with Low fees for Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading

I’m interested in investing more with new Altcoins and Bitcoin. I have Coinbase right now but they charge huge fees, and only deal with 3 coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Any suggestions?

currencies – Understanding liquidation when trading Cryptocurrency in ByBit

I’m trying to understand how to trade cryptocurrency using ByBit but as you can see I have no idea what I’m doing.

I had $100 dollars (0.0460 ETH) and I got liquidated in less than an hour.

Can someone please explain how did that happen so quickly based on the settings below?

enter image description here

My understanding was that I was going enter at the Etherium price of $2,115 and that the trade would close at either $2,300 or $2,089 whichever hit first.

How did I lose the whole $100/0.0460 ETH, I’m confused.