SharePoint 2013 Issue Tracker App- Columns "Title" and "Related Issues"

I need to update the "Title" column to be a drop down option. Where do I go to change that option. It currently only allows for a "single line item".

Beware on Bemob tracker scam warning

Beware on bemob tracker scam warning

I’m with bemob several months all was good until I decided to downgrade the subscription as I was not happy with the service ( service/trakers Falls and no answers and discrepancy ).

To my surprise I was not given the option to stop paying them and downgrade my
package as ” there is no way to downgrade the subscription after the new billing period started ” ana from support said

I talked with support and told them that after I see the charged I wanted to downgrade but there system did not let me to do so !!! and the answer ” there is no way to downgrade the subscription after the new billing period started ” and thats how they catch you in loop !! that you will countino to pay them

attached all screnshot and skype chat:


ux field – Thoughts of time tracker mockup

I am new to web design, HTML, css and Javascript. This is a first attempt to create a time tracker. Both for manual inputs and stop watch.

So far it have no connection to a database, so it is more about user interface, look and feel.

(Note that this is a http and some browsers must be forced not to use https.)

Am I on the right track? Else please point me in another direction.

astrophotography – Dark Frames for Long Exposure on a tracker?

I have come across the concept of dark and bias frames for astrophotography recently.

Usually, I exposes my shot for 15+ minutes on a star tracker at ISO=320. I take around 5-8 shots a night and I stack these shots to remove noises.

I want to incorporate dark frames into my workflow.

Which of these will produce the best results?

  1. Shoot (15 mins) -> Dark Frame (1 min) -> Shoot (15 mins) -> Dark Frame (1 min) …
  2. Shoot (15 mins) -> Dark Frame (15 mins) -> Shoot (15 mins) -> Dark Frame (15 mins) ….
  3. Shoot (15 mins) -> Shoot (15 mins) -> Dark Frame (15 mins) -> Shoot (15 mins) …
  4. Shoot (15 mins) -> Shoot (15 mins) -> Shoot (15 mins) -> Dark Frame (15 mins) -> Shoot (15 mins)…

If time is a limiting factor (milky way is only going to be out for a few hours in my area), what is a practical and realistic option?

Which filetypes does tracker support when indexing file content?

In Ubuntu 20.04, which filetypes does the desktop search tool support when it builds its index of file contents?

So what is this TRACKER folder

I saw this process called tracker in bashtop . just wanted to know if this is normal or not.
location- usr – lib – tracker

[![The folder and locationinside the folderprocess

Google Analytics – Filter – hide session tracker in URL

How do you filter out the session code string from a URL in the Behavior page of Google Analytics?

We have several duplicate URLs showing up for the same page due to the ((xxxxx)) code, is there a way to hide that code through the filter? Not too familiar with scripting so if anyone could help, I’d certainly appreciate it.


Is Google Analytics considered a tracker that violates user privacy?

I like having Analytics on my site for all the great stats it provides, but I am aware that my customers don’t necessarily want to be tracked.

But my understanding is that GA isn’t a “tracker” in the same way that, say, the Facebook beacon (that follows you all over the web) is. I am not allowed to send any personally-identifiable information (PII) to GA, like a URL with someone’s email address in it. I know that all data I give to GA is anonymous, per their rules.

I guess I just want to understand why people are against GA on a web site and in particular, if it’s “tracking” the user or violating any privacy.

bittorrent – Seeding the same torrent twice on the same tracker?

So my problem is that om ising radarr and sonarr to grab movies and episode om my tracker..

But at the same time i would really like to run a RSS feed om the same tracker to Help my ratio stat positiv.

But if the RSS feed grabs the movie before radarr then radarr wont download cause i get the message that the torrent is already active.

Is there a Work around for this some how?

Selling – TorrentWP – Torrent tracker Theme for WordPress |

PM me if you decide to do so. :]

I want to buy it, but if i want a new design can i edit myself?

Yes, you can. The code is very simple and easy to customize. I’ll even help you if you run into any difficulties. :]

any Discount for existing theme owners that you created before ?!:-=

Sure, $25 for my old clients. ;]

Thank you.

Does the theme auto pulls the particular set of torrents from the top sites ?

I am interested in setting up a dedicated torrent site for a niche and really interested in this.

No, it doesn’t. This is a theme only, that can be used with any script/bot or simply a plugin.

Do contact me when/if you decide to buy, any customizations can be added if so desired.