Document required for the 5-day tourist visa for the United Kingdom that applies from

I am a retired person. I am visiting the United Kingdom on my way to the United States. What documents should I attach for the UK visa? I have a US visa. UU. Of 10 years. I have already completed the form.

Schengen tourist visa – Switzerland / Hungary

My wife and I plan to visit some European countries (France, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Holland) and we need to apply for the Schengen visa. As we spend most of the nights in Switzerland, we will apply for a visa through the Swiss consulate in Sydney. However, I will apply for a business visa as I attend a conference while traveling and a tourist visa for the wife.
Could someone clarify the following?

  1. I have the invitation letter of the conference (conference in Hungary) that I will provide as a section "Information about the host and / or accommodation". But what should I put there for my wife? Do we need to put the details of each accommodation place below that for both me and my wife?
  2. We will use Airbnb accommodations, so do we need to provide all those reservations in the online application or just the copies of the reservation as separate attachments?

Are there luxury tourist train cruises in the United States?

There are no luxury train services in the United States.

The two long-distance services, Amtrak and Alaska Railroad, offer premium services on their regular routes with greater comfort and privacy and a higher level of service than the coach. You can even buy several rooms in Amtrak and merge them with a private bathroom to get more space, or buy a full car, as sports teams or other groups sometimes do. I would recommend taking a car trip if you ever have the opportunity, and the service is very friendly; I only understand that even by American standards, none of the experience would be confused with "luxury."

The way the luxury train trip is made in the US UU. It is private wagons, which are attached to one of the operator trains mentioned above. This is more comparable to renting a yacht than to reserve an ultra premium airline seat, but it is common enough for Amtrak to provide guidelines for privately owned cars, and there is an American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners. AAPRCO provides a list of travel opportunities for members of the public (often for promotions or repositioning), but for the luxury experience, you may need to check your directory of available cars for rent and contact the owner directly to negotiate a reservation. .

There are several operators, such as L.A. Rail, based in Los Angeles, that rents cars to the public. Puget Sound Private Car, based in Seattle, is another, and Berlin Sleeping Car, based in Pittsburgh, is another. I have never used any of these companies and I don't support them, but I can't find any centralized portal for them, and there are likely to be many more in different parts of the country. Berlin suggests a range of $ 2500-7000 per day; Like a yacht charter, the circumstances and services of each trip are unique and will be priced accordingly.

Mumbai, a center of tourist places – Advertising, Offers

Known as a financial power, Mumbai is a perfect fusion of modern buildings and slums of Dharavi. Most preferred by the tourist on Excursions to Mumbai They are part of the famous tourist attractions that include Gateway of India, Haji Ali Dargah, Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach, Marine Drive and Elephanta Caves. Meeting the needs of all types of travelers Mumbai offers a lot of activities to make a dream vacation. The beaches, the cinematic city and the elegant shopping centers are a perfect place for entertainment that will keep you absorbed on a trip to Mumbai. Now, if you are looking for a cheap Mumbai tour package, contact Indiator, as they are recognized for their excellent travel service. They can even customize a tour according to their choice, adapting to all possible destinations that you would like to visit in the city. They also provide additional services such as transportation and hotel accommodation for a better travel experience.

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Attend a 3-day conference but a tourist for 10 days.

I am an Indian citizen and I plan to attend a 3-day conference in Portugal, but I will spend another 10 days in Spain and Portugal as a tourist. What type of visa should I apply for: business or travel?

Is it possible to extend a Vietnam tourist visa from six months to a year within Vietnam?

Assuming that I get a six-month tourist visa for Vietnam (either by visa or arrival or directly from the consulate) and I arrived in Vietnam and already spent six months there;

Since I could originally have a year instead of six months (if I paid more), I suppose there should be a way to extend the six-month visa for an additional six months within Vietnam and I don't have to go to another country and then come back.

Is it possible to extend a Vietnam tourist visa from six months to a year within Vietnam?

United Kingdom tourist visa rejected, any ideas?

I have been denied the United Kingdom visa twice

I did not show any strong and significant personal ties with my country of origin.

United States – Visa with extended stay for 2 weeks in 1994, can I return as a tourist?

As the topic suggests that I exceeded a work visa to the USA. UU. In 1994, the exact stay would have been less than 2 weeks, I have not re-entered since, however, I am thinking of returning this year for a 2-week vacation.

At that time, my daughter was 5 years old and was on my passport and visa. When she returned to visit the United States in 2009, she was arrested in immigration. He didn't refuse, just asked a couple of questions and then continued. Since then, he has requested a repair number and has been several times without problems.

I have read a lot about a 10-year ban. Is this added automatically? That is to say. Will I have served mine now? I understand that you only begin to accumulate those 10 years from the age of 18, so my daughter was arrested?

If I am more than 10 years old, can I request ESTA and answer no to the question "have you stayed"?

Is there any way to really verify my status in your system?

Thank you

Poland tourist visa – Travel Stack Exchange

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Can I go to Canada with a tourist visa while I wait for the Working Holiday visa?

My girlfriend is British and wants to return to Canada with me. She has entered the visa group (wait for her to be selected to submit an application, then she must submit her application) We are trying to find the best way to do it. She wants to come with me, but we have to wait until she is chosen to apply for a work vacation visa, then, once she is elected, we have to wait for the visa application process. I would stay here until they pick it up, but my visa expires in 2 months. Is it possible for her to come with me with a tourist visa or a temporary residence visa until they pick her up from the pool for work vacations? If you are chosen while in Canada, do you have to return to England to apply for it or can you do it from within Canada with a tourist visa?