windows – How to aid (do the testing for) a developer who doesn’t own a touchpad to implement Precision bindings?

First of all, I consider myself to be a power user, but wouldn’t dare to call myself a software designer.

I opened a feature request to add support for Windows’ Precision Touchpad binding in the hotkey section of MPC-BE. They already have a huge hotkey support, including support for assigning actions to click and gestures of all mouse buttons.

The dev’s response is that they don’t own any device with a touchpad, thus they can’t develop for it. Now, I would be very much willing to do all the necessary testing and provide detailed info on what every gesture do and so on.

So here’s my question: how I, as someone who doesn’t develop, but can reasonably understand code etc, can do all testing steps needed and provide the necessary “calls” the software should make in order to use Precision Touchpads? Are there any manuals or tutorials on developing for these which would help bypass the present issue? May you point me to them?

Touchpad inactive after gestures configuration

I wanted to activate additional gestures on my Dell Vostro laptop, but I did worse than better because my touchpad no longer works at all.
It’s a PS / 2 Generic Mouse but I don’t know if it should use the Synaptics or Libinput drivers.
I tried to uninstall one or the other, I even lost my keyboard, which I found since phew! But the touchpad could not find it.
I’m on Ubunutu 20.04

drivers – Asus K55D Touchpad not working on Ubuntu 20.04

It’s ridiculous how many “Touchpad not working” questions have been posted here and yet here I am posting another.

But anyways, yes, my Asus K55D touchpad isn’t working. I’ve tried:

  • The Fn toggle on the keyboard, the popup shows that it has been enable/disabled but touchpad is not working still
  • reloading touchpad modules (i2c_hid,elan_i2c, synaptics_i2c) by rmmod and modprobe, didn’t work as well
  • Modify GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT with i8042 commands, update grub, still not working
  • Update kernel (not exactly updated by building one, but by updating to Ubuntu 20.04), and still the problem persists

So yeah, running out of ideas… please help?

Additional info:

  • Touchpad is not listed under xinput, but shows up on lshw as “PnP device ETD0109”:
          product: PnP device ETD0109
          physical id: 7
          capabilities: pnp
  • It also shows up on ls /sys/bus/acpi/devices/ (marked it with a *):
ACPI0003:00  device:0f  device:22  device:35    LNXTHERM:00  PNP0C09:00
AFD0001:00   device:10  device:23  device:36    LNXVIDEO:00  PNP0C0A:00
ATK3001:00   device:11  device:24  device:37    LNXVIDEO:01  PNP0C0C:00
ATK4001:00   device:12  device:25  device:38    PNP0000:00   PNP0C0D:00
device:00    device:13  device:26  device:39    PNP0100:00   PNP0C0E:00
device:01    device:14  device:27  device:3a    PNP0103:00   PNP0C0F:00
device:02    device:15  device:28  device:3b    PNP0200:00   PNP0C0F:01
device:03    device:16  device:29  device:3c    PNP0800:00   PNP0C0F:02
device:04    device:17  device:2a  device:3d    PNP0A03:00   PNP0C0F:03
device:05    device:18  device:2b  device:3e    PNP0B00:00   PNP0C0F:04
device:06    device:19  device:2c  *ETD0109:00  PNP0C01:00   PNP0C0F:05
device:07    device:1a  device:2d  LNXCPU:00    PNP0C01:01   PNP0C0F:06
device:08    device:1b  device:2e  LNXCPU:01    PNP0C02:00   PNP0C0F:07
device:09    device:1c  device:2f  LNXCPU:02    PNP0C02:01   PNP0C14:00
device:0a    device:1d  device:30  LNXCPU:03    PNP0C02:02   PNP0C14:01
device:0b    device:1e  device:31  LNXPWRBN:00  PNP0C02:03
device:0c    device:1f  device:32  LNXSYBUS:00  PNP0C02:04
device:0d    device:20  device:33  LNXSYBUS:01  PNP0C02:05
device:0e    device:21  device:34  LNXSYSTM:00  PNP0C04:00

Thanks in advance!

laptop – HP Elan Precision Touchpad becomes unresponsive after few minutes of use (Windows 10)

I bought an HP Pavilion 15 dk 0046tx Laptop with ELAN precision touchpad. The touchpad horribly starts lagging after few minutes of use.

Scrolling is mis-interpreted as right click. Multi-finger gesture don’t work.

I have tried the following:

None of that worked so far. The touchpad works fine for few minutes of booting in Windows 10, and works fine in Ubuntu, so I guess its not an hardware issue.

dell – Touchpad edge scrolling not persisting between restarts

I have Ubuntu 20.04 running on and old Dell Inspiron Laptop. Working well except for one frustration. The laptop has an old touchpad that only supports edge scrolling. Turning on edge scrolling works fine, but it doesn’t persist between restarts. After a restart the Edge Scrolling setting has reset to off.

This is the setting I’m referring to:

enter image description here

Is there away to ensure this setting stays turned on? Perhaps checking/adjusting this setting in a script during boot?

Mouse: Touchpad often doesn't register first left click

I have an issue where I often have to left-click twice to register a single left-click. This problem is very well described in this question. In short, the first left click of the trackpad often goes unregistered, requiring you to left-click again. Often, but not always, there is a short period of trackpad inactivity.

It seems that several other questions have been asked about this same problem. These questions have been asked over a period of more than eight years (in mid-2020), refer to multiple hardware platforms both older and newer than my mid-2012 Air, and have garnered thousands of visits. So I guess this is not an isolated problem.

Unfortunately, three of the four questions were resolved by addressing the problematic software I don't use (jTouch, Mumble, Spotify) and the fourth has no published resolution. Currently I don't have any software installed to modify the input of my trackpad. I can only think of one app (OpenEMU) that might be relevant since it has Input Monitor permission, but I rarely use it, it's currently not running, and I think that's just for the keyboard anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could solve this problem? It's driving me crazy!

linux: touchpad permanently disabled, i don't remember how i did it. How can I get it back?

Linux Mint, Mate desktop

A few years ago, I didn't like the touchpad that came on my computer and it was bothering me, and I wanted to disable it. Either on Linux there were no ways to disable it when you plugged in a mouse at the time, and there were no good utilities, or I didn't search long enough by doing my Google search to find a solution like that that would have been a better option for I realize now. I found an article about a Linux utility to do this and I want to use that method now.

During my search, I came across an article that said how to disable it permanently, I think during system startup, but it's been so long that I don't hold onto that because I'm not sure. So I followed the instructions, added the command or whatever is in the file in Linux, and the touchpad was disabled.

I installed the utility to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in, but & # 39; enable touchpad & # 39; it's grayed out, no doubt because I had followed the instructions in that article I found a year ago and put a command on a file and permanently disabled the touchpad

Does anyone know which file (s) to look to see which one I could have added a command to or something that permanently disabled my touchpad? I'd really like to get it back, so I can use it when I need it, but automatically disable it when I plug in my mouse. I almost always use a mouse, but there are times when it is better to use the touchpad.

Thanks for any help someone can give me.

Power management: touchpad problem, "fixed cursor", input detection delay (after a while)

I have this problem on Acer aspire v3 572g, any distribution and any "new" version (in ubuntu 10.04lts there are no problems. The touchpad works perfectly after startup, but after one use (if not used / hardly followed) working) it looks like the touchpad is going into some power saving mode: if it is not used for a couple of seconds it will have a half second delay on the first input it synaptics drivers and even uninstalling xserver-xorg- input-libinput and using synaptics (keyboard stops working but problem persists.) I am pasting some xinput and synclient outputs of Ubuntu 19.10 here but I'm not sure they have something to do with that the question:

entry list

⎡ Virtual core pointer                      id=2    (master pointer  (3))
⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer                id=4    (slave  pointer  (2))
⎜   ↳ SYN1B7E:01 06CB:2970 Touchpad             id=12   (slave  pointer  (2))
⎣ Virtual core keyboard                     id=3    (master keyboard (2))
    ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard               id=5    (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ Power Button                              id=6    (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ Video Bus                                 id=7    (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ Power Button                              id=8    (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ Sleep Button                              id=9    (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ Video Bus                                 id=10   (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ HD WebCam: HD WebCam                      id=11   (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard              id=13   (slave  keyboard (3))
    ↳ Acer WMI hotkeys                          id=14   (slave  keyboard (3))

xinput –list-props "12"

Device 'SYN1B7E:01 06CB:2970 Touchpad':
    Device Enabled (197):   1
    Coordinate Transformation Matrix (199): 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000
    Device Accel Profile (326): 1
    Device Accel Constant Deceleration (327):   2.500000
    Device Accel Adaptive Deceleration (328):   1.000000
    Device Accel Velocity Scaling (329):    12.640978
    Synaptics Edges (330):  49, 1187, 48, 850
    Synaptics Finger (331): 25, 30, 0
    Synaptics Tap Time (332):   180
    Synaptics Tap Move (333):   67
    Synaptics Tap Durations (334):  180, 180, 100
    Synaptics ClickPad (335):   1
    Synaptics Middle Button Timeout (336):  0
    Synaptics Two-Finger Pressure (337):    282
    Synaptics Two-Finger Width (338):   7
    Synaptics Scrolling Distance (339): 30, 30
    Synaptics Edge Scrolling (340): 0, 0, 0
    Synaptics Two-Finger Scrolling (341):   1, 1
    Synaptics Move Speed (342): 1.000000, 1.750000, 0.130976, 0.000000
    Synaptics Off (343):    0
    Synaptics Locked Drags (344):   0
    Synaptics Locked Drags Timeout (345):   5000
    Synaptics Tap Action (346): 2, 3, 0, 0, 1, 3, 0
    Synaptics Click Action (347):   1, 3, 0
    Synaptics Circular Scrolling (348): 0
    Synaptics Circular Scrolling Distance (349):    0.100000
    Synaptics Circular Scrolling Trigger (350): 0
    Synaptics Circular Pad (351):   0
    Synaptics Palm Detection (352): 0
    Synaptics Palm Dimensions (353):    10, 200
    Synaptics Coasting Speed (354): 20.000000, 50.000000
    Synaptics Pressure Motion (355):    30, 160
    Synaptics Pressure Motion Factor (356): 1.000000, 1.000000
    Synaptics Resolution Detect (357):  1
    Synaptics Grab Event Device (358):  0
    Synaptics Gestures (359):   1
    Synaptics Capabilities (360):   1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0
    Synaptics Pad Resolution (361): 12, 12
    Synaptics Area (362):   0, 0, 0, 0
    Synaptics Soft Button Areas (363):  618, 0, 736, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
    Synaptics Noise Cancellation (364): 7, 7
    Device Product ID (322):    1739, 10608
    Device Node (321):  "/dev/input/event6"

synclient -l

Parameter settings:
    LeftEdge                = 49
    RightEdge               = 1187
    TopEdge                 = 48
    BottomEdge              = 850
    FingerLow               = 25
    FingerHigh              = 30
    MaxTapTime              = 180
    MaxTapMove              = 67
    MaxDoubleTapTime        = 180
    SingleTapTimeout        = 180
    ClickTime               = 100
    EmulateMidButtonTime    = 0
    EmulateTwoFingerMinZ    = 282
    EmulateTwoFingerMinW    = 7
    VertScrollDelta         = 30
    HorizScrollDelta        = 30
    VertEdgeScroll          = 0
    HorizEdgeScroll         = 0
    CornerCoasting          = 0
    VertTwoFingerScroll     = 1
    HorizTwoFingerScroll    = 1
    MinSpeed                = 1
    MaxSpeed                = 1.75
    AccelFactor             = 0.130976
    TouchpadOff             = 0
    LockedDrags             = 0
    LockedDragTimeout       = 5000
    RTCornerButton          = 2
    RBCornerButton          = 3
    LTCornerButton          = 0
    LBCornerButton          = 0
    TapButton1              = 1
    TapButton2              = 3
    TapButton3              = 0
    ClickFinger1            = 1
    ClickFinger2            = 3
    ClickFinger3            = 0
    CircularScrolling       = 0
    CircScrollDelta         = 0.1
    CircScrollTrigger       = 0
    CircularPad             = 0
    PalmDetect              = 0
    PalmMinWidth            = 10
    PalmMinZ                = 200
    CoastingSpeed           = 20
    CoastingFriction        = 50
    PressureMotionMinZ      = 30
    PressureMotionMaxZ      = 160
    PressureMotionMinFactor = 1
    PressureMotionMaxFactor = 1
    ResolutionDetect        = 1
    GrabEventDevice         = 0
    TapAndDragGesture       = 1
    AreaLeftEdge            = 0
    AreaRightEdge           = 0
    AreaTopEdge             = 0
    AreaBottomEdge          = 0
    HorizHysteresis         = 7
    VertHysteresis          = 7
    ClickPad                = 1
    RightButtonAreaLeft     = 618
    RightButtonAreaRight    = 0
    RightButtonAreaTop      = 736
    RightButtonAreaBottom   = 0
    MiddleButtonAreaLeft    = 0
    MiddleButtonAreaRight   = 0
    MiddleButtonAreaTop     = 0
    MiddleButtonAreaBottom  = 0

It could be a power management issue, I was trying to follow the steps in this link, but I really don't know what I'm doing here:

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

mouse – How to configure touchpad / Bluetooth in ubuntu 14.04

I just installed a new system for my laptop, ubuntu 14.04 old version, but my robot requires.

And now that my touchpad and my Bluetooth mouse are dead, the solutions say that I will use "xinput list" to enable the touchpad, but the problem is that there is no such option. Without the mouse, I can't even connect to WiFi, because every time I tried to add a new connection and hit the Enter button, it closed …

So maybe someone here can help me here. Thank you!

HP Envy x360 Touchpad Delay After Suspend

I am using Ubuntu 19.10 on an HP ENVY x360 Convertible 13-ag0xxx. When I close my laptop lid to put it to sleep and then open it after sleep, the touchpad is extremely slow and unresponsive. I tried to create a script that would reset the touchpad to startup after suspend creating the following script in /lib/systemd/system-sleep:


case $1/$2 in
    echo "Going to $2..."
    # Place your pre suspend commands here, or `exit 0` if no pre suspend action required
    modprobe -r i2c_hid
    echo "Waking up from $2..."
    # Place your post suspend (resume) commands here, or `exit 0` if no post suspend action required
    sleep 2
    modprobe i2c_hid

But this does not really work.