mysql – total drinks per day column

Attempting to select a table with a column where the customers total drinks ordered per day are calculated by the odate and drink number.
Claude orders 10 drinks total on the 2020-1-12

drinker | odate      | total_drinks
Claude  | 2020-01-12 | 10 
Claude  | 2020-01-15 | 3

How do i condense my current statement

enter image description here

noise – Why do Bayer images of total darkness contain stripes?

They don’t.

You’re interpreting the raw data wrong. According to the PiCamera documentation, the Pi’s 10-bit raw data is encoded as 5 bytes in the following manner:

The Pi’s Bayer array is BGGR. So the first four bytes contain the most significant bits (bits 10–3) of the blue, green1, green2, and red sensels, respectively. The fifth byte of data packs the least-most significant bits of each of the sensels into that single byte. But that means blue’s low bits are shifted by 6 bits (equivalent to multiplying by 64), green1’s low bits are shifted by 4 bits (same as multiplying by 16), green2’s low bits are shifted by 2 bits (multiplying by 4).

So, if you just try to view the raw data in a regular image viewer (which you shouldn’t), you’ll see a each 5-byte block as a row of 5 pixels:

  • a pixel representing the raw blue top 8 bits
  • a pixel representing the raw green1 top 8 bits
  • a pixel representing the raw green2 top 8 bits
  • a pixel representing the raw red top 8 bits
  • a pixel representing the lowest 2 bits of each of the BGGR sensels, in binary weighted order.

Thus, when interpreted (i.e., viewed) as a single pixel, that 5th byte highly magnifies the low-order bits of blue’s data, and also magnifies green1’s low-order bits.

Because you took a mostly dark image, the first 4 bytes of data, representing the high-order bits of each of the BGGR sensels, is mostly black / dark gray. There are probably several nonzero values in the data, but not much beyond probably bit 3 or 4. Most of the noise was in bits 1 and 2 for each sensel, which all just happen to be packed into that 5th byte of the raw data.

So, to your question, “Why do Bayer images of total darkness contain stripes?”, they don’t. The vertical stripes are just an accident of showing an array of data structures as an image. The raw data is not meant to be viewed directly, without parsing or processing it first. I suggest using a utility such as raspiraw, or use Picamera and follow their Raw Bayer data captures guide.

noise – Why aren’t Bayer images of total darkness homogeneous?

The following is a raw Bayer image from a Raspberry Pi’s camera (v.2):-

raw Bayer

It was taken in complete darkness, so the image simply represents all of the various noises that accumulate on a CMOS photo sensor. The command was raspistill --nopreview --ISO 800 --raw -o noise.jpg.

The data was imported into GIMP as greyscale (256 shades/byte) so we have one grey block per byte (not per pixel as the Bayer data is 10 bit). It kinda shows the values of the individual bytes. You can see that there are strips of colour separated by much darker regions. If we then perform a graphic equalisation on the image, we get:-

enhanced Bayer

You can see that the dark regions do contain information.

Q. Given that sensor noise affects all sensor sites equally, why does the Bayer data have such a non homogeneous appearance?

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python – Calculating the total daily amount of confirmed cases of Coronavirus

So it seams like you have a Pandas dataframe you are working with.
At the moment it looks like this section of code does the following

worldCases = ()                   

for i in range(0,len(dd)):               #iterate through all dates
    count = 0                            #setup a counter
    for j in range(0,len(dd)):           #iterate through all dates
        if dd(j)==dd(i):                 
            count+=dc(i)                 #add one to counter if inner date == outer date
    worldCases.append(count)             #track number of times a unique date occurs

You are effectively binning your data, getting a count of the number of times each unique date occurs. Pandas offers you more efficient and convenient tools for doing this. Specifically look into the groupby method.

A much faster way to get the same output for worldCases would be to do the following:

# group the daily cases data by the date and then compute 
# the sum of cases within each date group

dc = 'Daily confirmed cases (cases)'
worldCases = cases.loc(:, dc).groupby(cases('Date')).sum()

Also, if you find yourself writing lots of loops like the above, you may want to check out the user guide for “group by” operations in the pandas documentation. It is a very powerful way of handling situations like this, and more, but can take a bit of getting used to. It can feel like a whole different way of thinking about your data.

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[ Politics ] Open Question : The world has 7 thousand million people & the USA has just 330 million. Yet the USA has 1/3 of the total coronavirus deaths in the world?

Why has Donald Trump FAILED so MISERABLY to protect the lives of Americans?
Trump prefers to go off golfing. What a complete moron he is. An utter FAILURE.

dnd 5e – What is the total bonus from a stone of ill luck?

The stone of ill luck cursed magic item from Tales from the Yawning Portal appears as a stone of good luck and says:

it confers that item’s property while on your person.

The bonus from the stone of good luck is +1 to saving throws and ability checks. Then under the curse section it says:

while it is on your person, you take a -2 penalty to ability checks and saving throws.

Until the curse is discovered, this is done by the DM in secret.

I see two options for how these bonuses could be added.

  1. The stone of ill Luck adds a +1 to applicable rolls, and subtracts 2 as well, for a total change of -1 to applicable rolls. The DM would need to subtract 2 from applicable rolls in secret since the player would be assumed to add the original +1 themselves.

  2. The stone of ill luck only appears to be a stone of good luck, and does not actually add the original +1, only subtracting 2 from applicable rolls for a total change of -2 to applicable rolls. The DM would then need to subtract 3 in secret, 2 for the curse and 1 for the incorrectly added bonus.

Option 1 is definitely easier to run and is nicer to the players, but I can also see an argument that the stone appears to add the +1 while not actually adding anything.

mysql – Como retornar o total de sessões abertas do PHP?

Estou com um sistema de autenticação PHP + MySQL, e ao validar login/senha, eu inicio uma sessão do PHP. Eu poderia incluir no banco que o usuário está logado (logged=1), porém como a sessão expira depois de um tempo, como posso saber ao certo quantas sessões estão registradas no momento, para exibir uma mensagem na página do tipo “Existem x usuários logados” ?

For, is there a way to set a total number for three rolls?

Good Morning:

First, forgive me. I am very, very new to writing code. I am trying to do a simulation of three dice rolls, ranging from 1-12 where I set the limit of how much the total of all three rolls can be. Meaning, I want to limit the total that any set of three rolls can give me to 12. So, if the first roll is a 4 and the second is a 2, then the max of the third roll can be is a 6. I have the dice weighted according to the percentages I need. I just have no idea how to do the language to limit the total.

Here’s what I have thus far:

W: {
output dW

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!