video – Is there any way to download only part of torrent movie?

I make little clips from series for English learners. It is from half to a minute long, but I have to download a whole episode to cut it.

Is there any way to download only part of the episode with torrent, for example, as soda player does during movie streaming?

Tried to dig around libtorrent, but didn’t find anything useful.
Thank you.

Hiring – Need Anime Torrent Uploader [Paid] |

I’m looking for anime torrent uploader for my Anime site [Private tracker].
I’m offering $0.10 x 1000 per post

If you have RDP or seedbox that will be awesome it’ll take professional uploader 4-5 days. [please don’t ask how to create torrent or any noob questions]
Uploader have to upload Anime [English dubbed,Subbed, Raw, other language], Manga [English translated,Japansese , other language], Hentai [Hentai dubbed or subbed,other language,anime nude pics, Jav adult videos]

Uploader should seed the torrent for 2 days maximum then he can delete the torrent and data if he want.



downloading – How can I download a torrent to the SD card using BitTorrent?

How can I download a torrent to the SD card using BitTorrent?

I tried to go to Settings -> Default Download Folder, but I can’t see to be allowed to browse to the SD storage location (see error below when I click on the back arrow):

enter image description here

enter image description here

I use BitTorrent.

Torrent to Google Drive download script

I am looking for a script that able to download torrent to my google drive account. If you have one or know one please let me know with a price.

vpn – Will anyone figure out who I am if I am downloading torrent while logged in facebook in my browser?

I have protonvpn. I am downloading torrents. I don’t want anyone to know that I am downloading torrents. I am also logged in to Facebook in my browser. So Facebook knows my VPN IP.

And my ISP knows the IP from which I am downloading stuff using UDP.

Will someone be able to figure out who I am from these sources?

bittorrent – Seeding the same torrent twice on the same tracker?

So my problem is that om ising radarr and sonarr to grab movies and episode om my tracker..

But at the same time i would really like to run a RSS feed om the same tracker to Help my ratio stat positiv.

But if the RSS feed grabs the movie before radarr then radarr wont download cause i get the message that the torrent is already active.

Is there a Work around for this some how?

Selling – TorrentWP – Torrent tracker Theme for WordPress |

PM me if you decide to do so. :]

I want to buy it, but if i want a new design can i edit myself?

Yes, you can. The code is very simple and easy to customize. I’ll even help you if you run into any difficulties. :]

any Discount for existing theme owners that you created before ?!:-=

Sure, $25 for my old clients. ;]

Thank you.

Does the theme auto pulls the particular set of torrents from the top sites ?

I am interested in setting up a dedicated torrent site for a niche and really interested in this.

No, it doesn’t. This is a theme only, that can be used with any script/bot or simply a plugin.

Do contact me when/if you decide to buy, any customizations can be added if so desired.

Selling – Private Torrent Trackers and NZB indexers for sell |

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vlc media player – How to stream subfile of torrent using command line vlc?

I am trying to stream subfile of torrent using magnet links.
Here is my magnet link which contains multiple videos of star trek ds season 9:


Here is what I found about getting magnet link of subfile of torrent after google searches:(select only feature &so=)

Here is the command that I tried to stream subfile(fifth file) of this torrent

vlc --start-time=5 --stop-time=20 "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B3753B68C343B202F9D2AE8004865029511AE378&dn=Star+Trek+DS9+Deep+Space+Nine+9+Season+1+HQ+x264+5+1+ac3+subs&"

The problem is vlc streams first file instead of fifth file because something is wrong with command. Is there any vlc command line solution for my problem? Thanks.

Selling – Debrid Script (Link Generator + Torrent Leech) |

Hello People! i’m selling a complete debrid script supporting many filehosters and with many features:

Users Features:
-Login/Register system (activation key and forget pass system)
-Account Panel (change name, pass, avatar…)
-User Dashboard (User Status, User Consumption, Download History, Torrent History…)
-Payments History
-Tickets System
-Points System
-Affiliate system
-Log History

Main Features:
-Torrent Support (with torrent history and multiserver support)
-Download history
-Downloader for free and premium users (free users have limits, customizable)
-Limit download by day (free users)
-Filesize Limit (free users)
-Wait time (free users)
-Limit hosters (free users)
-Happy hours (free users)
-Streming support (video)
-Max link list
-Limit mb by filehoster (premium)
-Server balancer
-Anti-flood system
-Multiserver support (also can use separated servers for free and premium)

Hosters features:
-150 plugins available
-200 icons of filehosters (automatically shows on list)
-Live status of hosters (up or down)
-Separate hosters for free and premium

Premium Features:
-2 Package types (days and bandwidth)
-PayPal (payment)
-Points change
-Stripe (payment)
-Redeem Voucher Code

Reseller features:
-Reseller panel with credits balance
-Reseller code creator
-Reseller list code

Admin Features:
-Package Premium editor
-User Editor (status, user level, password, etc…)
-Debrid Dashboard (debrid system info, total downloads, total traffic…)
-Premium Accounts Adder (debrid system)
-Hosters editor (debrid system)
-Users Link History (debrid system)

-Users Torrents History (debrid system)
-Users Traffic (debrid system)
-Torrent Servers adder (debrid system)
-Backend Servers status (debrid system)
-Maintenance mode and Notification system
-Autoupdate script system

Core features:
-API for 3rd apps
-Multi-Language support
-Responsive design
-Web App design
-Timeout Session Expiration system
-MVC based from own framework
-Privacy, ToS, FAQ, Refund pages editable
-Bootstrap based
-JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, PHP and MySQL Based
-Many more…

The script will be updated constantly adding new features and solving minor errors.

Price: ask me via skype

Demo: ask me via skype

Skype: xandilien1


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