dnd 5e – Is it possible to travel to Ravnica from the Toril?

Core Ravnica is in the blind Eternities of M: tG, which is a very different universe. Plane Shift: Ravnica is a support to run 5th ed games in that universe. Now, nothing prevents a DM from saying "Ravnica is an alternative primary material plane" or "Toril is in blind eternities" and connects the two together. It would be quite easy, whether in cosmology. However, canonically, they are not the same. There are no planeswalkers (canon) in Toril.

Blind Eternities have some similarities with the astral and / or ethereal planes, but blind Eternities are much more hostile to life and function in distinctly different ways.

dnd 3.5e: in addition to a reconstruction, how can you become a native of Toril if you are not currently?

So, let's say that you are a potential first-level kobold paladin but, unfortunately, you did not decide to be a native of Toril. In addition to the reconstruction rules present in PHBII, what methods exist that allow you to modify your native state?

The official material 3.5, including the material from the dragon magazine, and the material 3.0 not updated, is fine, but not from third parties. This question is about what works, not about what is balanced (I mean, it's a question about a facet of Pun-Pun-ness, so I hope that's already clear). Our criteria for judging whether your record is sufficiently altered or not and to what extent it is unmistakably qualifies you as a potential target for the Sarrukh Shape of the Snake Realms ability, as long as you count as Scale.

Dungeons and Dragons: Is there an official timeline of when the spells were developed in Toril?

The set in box. Netheril: Empire of magic also contains the source book The winds of Netheril. On pages 26-28, table 9 lists the year in which almost any AD & D spell has been entered into Netheril. And the table on pages 23-25 ‚Äč‚Äčlists the original names of the spells.

For example, consider I polymorph. On page 24, we read that his original name was Quantoul's self-love. And on page 26, we see that Quantoul's self-love It was introduced in 1838 NY (-2021 DR).

That said, it is worth noting that when the arcanists of the Netherlands introduced these spells, it is likely that the elves have already had access to some. Quotation of the set in box Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves (page 124):

… most of the races in Toril took advantage of only the magic granted by their own gods through shamanic and priestly magic. For many centuries, only the dragons and the elves took advantage of the Weaving without divine measure.

Finally, we know that the Nether Scrolls, whose discovery by humans greatly increased their understanding of magic, were written by the sarrukh circa -30000 DR. However, these rolls describe the fundamental magical theory, so the arcanists of the Netherlands had to develop the spells themselves.