Design choice: Using kafka for application logging 1 topic vs multiple topics

I’m planning on having multiple applications switch to using kafka as the main place to push logs to asynchronously, where a downstream application will consume those logs and load them somewhere for storage. I’m debating whether I should have 1 topic (multiple partitions) where each application will push logs to or have multiple topics (1 for each application). Are there any design considerations that would potentially make one option more suitable than the other? I like the idea of using 1 topic for all applications with multiple partitions, that way I don’t have too many topics or have to create new topics when an application is added.

Please help how to make posts (topics) on previously registered accounts and do it in a loop

Please help how to make posts (topics) on previously registered accounts and do it in a loop (in a circle)

Can I Do These Multiple Blog Topics?

Can I Do This As A Blog Topic

Hi all,

I began writing a blog as I wanted to share my story with my lesser-known eating disorder.
Part of my recovery process stemmed from an around the world travel trip which I incorporated into my posts. As I’ve been writing this, I noticed how much I enjoyed writing about my travels and finding purpose in life. I also really enjoy photography, so I am wondering whether I could have a blog on eating disorder recovery, travelling/ finding purpose, but still optimise the traffic to my site?

I heard somewhere that having more than one topic would ruin SEO?

Are there any negative to covering all these topics? Or should separate into two different blogs – ED and Travel. But then I risk my blog being just another travel blog…

Thank you!


interview – What are the most relevant life topics in software engineering

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data structures – Please suggest me a some topics for my college project

Any project using STL, recursion, backtracking, searching or sorting will work. But the level of the project should be intermediate or advanced.
I have made sudoku, maze, crossword, Nqueen. I need something else for college project. Please suggest something. Please do not suggest data management system as it is a very basic project
Thank you

seo – Should I have multiple topic pages with similar content or one page that gets each topic’s content?


I have a website where users can create their own articles as well as read others’ articles. My question regards having multiple similar pages’ effect on SEO. On my website, I have a “Topics” section on my navbar, where you can search through article topics. When you click on the “Topics” section, you are brought to a large list of topics, such as philosophy, art, and politics (you can check here to get to my website for your understanding). When the users click on one of the topics, they are brought to the individual topic page. For example, if you click on “Art”, you would be brought to “art.php” and if you click on “Philosophy”, you would be brought to “philosophy.php”, and so on for each topic. This results in about 20 or so topic pages with the same content. I know that SEO is negatively affected by pages that have duplicate content, which my “topics” pages have. However, I imagine, in the future, users searching for the website topics and having a list of topics show up in the google search. It seems like this is not possible if I only have one “topicArticles.php” page which then loads in the articles of whatever topic is clicked on, which I could do using $_GET or $_POST data.


Is it smart to remove the current PHP file setup of about 20 files I have with my topics section, and if so, is it best to simply have one “topicArticles.php” page, where I would load in the article content for whatever topic is found to be the one the user clicked on? I don’t believe using a canonical tag would fix the problem because it doesn’t affect the duplicate the content on each page; it only affects the duplicate URLs in each individual page, correct? This also brings up another question. If I have a page where content is loaded into the page ONLY after a user clicks a certain link, which would then load in a bunch of articles, does google’s site crawler only see the original page without loaded content in it, or does it realize that certain content will be loaded in once an event occurs? If it doesn’t realize that content will be loaded in, many of my pages would have scarce content, which could be another problem. Thanks for the help.

reference request – What are some advanced background topics I’ll need for distributed systems and networks research?

I am a new graduate student in Computer Science who would like to be able to read and understand modern and new distributed systems research papers. My current background / courses and understanding is in the level of undergraduate and beginner graduate level courses in:

  • Networks (TCP/IP stack and applications)
  • Distributed Systems (Graduate level course with Time (logical/vector clocks), 2PC and 3PC, Multicast and membership, election, Consistency , Consensus and Quorums (Paxos), DHTs and Overlays and some modern applications like ZooKeeper etc)
  • Undergraduate Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Theory of Computation (basic DFA/NFA and intro to Turing Machines with no rigorous mathematics)

However, I find this background insufficient to read modern research in networks and distributed systems and in particular, I am not aware of modern protocols like QUIC and the formal methods mentioned in the papers which I believe include some sort of model checking and the likes. Also many of the topics I have mentioned above in distributed systems – I lack the background to verify and prove correctness of these protocols and even follow the proofs that they have given.

Any suggestions on a reading list that can prepare me to be in a position to understand modern research in this area would be very helpful.

[ Politics ] Open Question : What are some current political topics that are based on cultural Marxist doctrine?

( Politics ) Open Question : What are some current political topics that are based on cultural Marxist doctrine?

Which topics should I learn to complete google foobar levels?

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topics: removing points (…) from default search result descriptions (snippet)

I want to remove points from search results item descriptions on search results page (Default Search), I have used Drupal default search for search results page, so how to remove points from search descriptions .

I tried the search and replace function using the theme preprocess search result function, but had no luck.

theme_preprocess_search_result ()

enter the image description here

function theme_preprocess_search_result(&$variables) {

  $variables('search_excerpt') = str_replace("...", "", $variables('snippet')('#markup'));


But it doesn't work as expected, if you have any solution please comment.

Thanks in advance.