Magical grip tool Comments – Uses, benefits and purchase

Magic Grip Tool The "power" material science unit is neither pounds nor kilograms, however, Newtons contracted "N", and the separation that this power is connected from the support is communicated in meters (m). Your article is the "Newton-meter" or "mN".

F = Newtons (N)

r = meters (m)

Newtons x meters = Newton-meters (mN)

The idea of ​​torque is something that you really use all the time, but you still do not know it. Each time you apply a power to open an input, for example, use the scientific torsional pattern and the vector result of the power applied to the door knob and the distance the knob is from the pivot of the door. entry in the pair.

What was the compiler tool before Gradle for the development of Android?

I am currently learning Android programming and the compilation tool is Gradle.

My question is, what was the compilation tool for Android development before gradle?

And what are the advantages of gradle besides mvn, ant … tools?

Chatbot Marketing Master your own custom chatbot without any programming knowledge for $ 2

Chatbot Marketing Master your own custom chatbot without any programming knowledge

Discover the best tools to create your own personalized chat bot without any programming knowledge!

With sites like Facebook opening their platforms to automated messaging for businesses, chat bots have really exploded in popularity. Facebook went from zero chat bots in February of 2016 to 18,000 in July of the same year.

It had approximately 300,000,000 registered users, and those users exchanged 350,000,000 automated messages with the platform in the first seven months of their chat bot.

You've probably seen the chat bots in action. They are found on all types of websites, from major retail chains to mobile phone service providers and many other types of sites and applications.

At first, you may think that you are talking to a real person. Usually, a pop-up window with an image of an agent appears, along with a name. The "agent" asks something like "Can I help you with something?" Or, "Do you have any questions?"

The chat bots use artificial intelligence that is often quite advanced to answer many questions that a user may have, and in case the bot can not help you, generally, as a user, you must call, send an email or complete a attendance form. , or maybe to consult a FAQ page.

The chat bots are quite advanced, and many of them almost manage to trick users into thinking they are talking to a real person. This is beneficial, since it allows companies to reduce their overhead costs by using chat bots to replace customer service agents in many circumstances, and only when the chat bot fails to help the customer should it be an agent real. Chat bots have some drawbacks, but they also have many benefits.

In this guide, you will learn more about how chat bots can be used for marketing, and if chat bots are a good option for your business.


What is the best tool for self-publishing?

Hi guys,

I have used many different tools (GSA, Autopilot, ******, …) to create posts in the forums.
My purpose is not to get backlinks, but to create as many publications as possible (hopefully they will not be deleted), so the backlink is not my goal.
The tool must have a reliable database with many types of forums (php, vbuletin, …)

Please, give me some suggestions

Views: what search tool to use for data that lives outside of Drupal in the external API?

I have an external API with the data of the doctors. Each medical article will have:

  • Title
  • Location (geolocation address)
  • Opening hours
  • Short description
  • Area of ​​Expertise
  • Price range

On my Drupal 8 website, I want to be able to perform a data search for doctors who have filters (proximity and zip code, some check boxes and drop-down menus).

I also want to have a Google map view with these filters.

I am looking for the best approach in the selection of search tools. My current options are:

  • Search API (I used it before but never with external data)
  • Elastic search (I'm still not sure about the implementation)
  • Enter feeds to import data into Drupal and then use the search API
  • Anything else?

I am open to any suggestions in terms of implementation and selection of tools.

Is there a tool or search operator to verify the backlinks of the particular page?


Junior Member

I want to check the backlink for the separate page. it can be possible? means that and are two different pages, so I can know the backlinks of those two pages. Is there a tool or system available?

Apart from Google, what is the best reverse image search tool?


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Any free online mockup tool similar to

Today appeared, which helps to create models but this is a payment tool. Is there a similar "free" web tool to create a model?

I have the requirement to get usability tests for mobile native application screens

post processing: the Gimp perspective tool is not really transforming

I have uploaded a screenshot below to illustrate the problem. I dragged a jpeg to Gimp, clicked on the perspective tool and then tried to use it … but as you can see, it's not really transforming the image. Why is this so?

Click to enlarge the image.

enter the description of the image here

Does Google change its organic position when using its test tool?

This is weird. When I use the Google Ads test tool to see my organic ranking, I have not been able to get it above the sixth or seventh. But when I use the Anonymouse search on
I move up to something like 2º in organic.

Does Google lower the organic rating in its test tool, because I also use its Google ads, and do not want me to think that my organic is better?

(Actually, neither of them is working for my part-time home business at this time, and I need some advice on how to write the best meta description to attract customers, and how to write the best Adwords ads that can do the same ).