What Logviewer tool for security logs mod?

Is there a graphical log viewer for security records mod?

How to know KEI of the keywords that are used on the website?

Hi guys.

I want to know about KEI
and how can i use it?

Is it a payment tool or free tool?
suggestions require ..

Thank you


Looking for a tool that can help me order a code component

My question is about finding a tool that can help me sort all the classes, and the variables and methods in each class. I am researching and what I am looking for is a software tool to find and report the following:

  • For any project, I need to find the classes
  • For each class, I need to know lines of code, attributes (variables) and methods
  • For each variable, I need to know the visibility (public, private, protected, …) and the type (int, double, string, array, …)
  • For each method, I need to know lines of code, visibility (public, private, protected, ..), the type of return (int, double, string, …), and the number and types of parameters

Do you have any easy to recommend product image editing tool?


Dont do it?

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What is your favorite SEO tool and why?

Kindly share the name
and useful steps of it.

and how we can use it and make it viable for the website.


The best keyword search tool

Hello friends,
Today I am working on a site, I would like to know what is the best tool for keywords,

I need it to search for new keywords for the promotion of my site,

How long should a Google address change tool take?

I requested a change of address from Google Search Console in May 2019, but it has not yet been updated in Google.

I wonder if someone went through the process of changing their address and with Google SEO and how long did it take to update it?

Traffic tool?

Hi Guyzz, I recently created the porn site https://funbrazzer.com and I have received 500 daily visits for 20 days, can I try a free traffic tool?

Security Scan Tool – Obsolete AngularJS Library found in magento2

What is the solution under Error? Can anyone help?
State: FAIL
Group: Vulnerability
Scan name: Magento Js Libraries
Scan Details:
Outdated JS Libraries - Failed.
Outdated AngularJS library found, response body contains unexpected 'AngularJS v1.2.17-build.178+sha.2406084'

Apply the Magento 2.2.7/2.1.16 Security Update immediately.
Review your site for signs of compromise. Find more information about Security Best Practices.

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