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With the blockchain pioneers of Blockchain App Factory, create your crowdfunding security token offer, with cutting-edge blockchain technology solutions and additional benefits such as high volume liquidity, transparency, secured wallets with multiple books, legal compliance, globalization, etc., that will attract investors' attention to their STO. His experience and extensive knowledge in the field also helps with quick and cost effective solutions.

Security Token

Safety implications of using the unused U2F token

I noticed that the two Feitian U2F USB / NFC security keys that I bought at Amazon a few years ago are without merging. This means that the previous personalization step was partially performed but was not completed irreversibly. Otherwise, the devices work normally. I have no idea if the most recently purchased devices are in a similar state. The runtime on the device is JCOP.

According to my own limited understanding, this would allow anyone with the transport key to erase and reconfigure the device. If the device is also unprotected in addition to not being merged, it could even allow secret removal (again, assuming it has the transport key).

I am curious to know if someone with more knowledge on the subject could explain the safety implications of this condition. Specifically, I wonder how worried I should be about using these security keys. If the concern is really limited to the device being deleted by someone with the transport key, then I am not worried, since very few people would have access to that key. However, if someone with the transport key can load a patch at runtime that allows you to export the secrets, then that would be something I would like to avoid using.

SyntaxError: Unexpected token in JSON at position 0 with Cypress devices

We are currently using jsons with our cypress accessories. These json files contain several scripts that, in fact, are javascript file code. See an example:

"logging": "console.log("text");",
"nonCallable": "define((), function () {ntreturn {nttrun: 1nt};n});"

We are defining these accessories in the previous Each of the cypress tests:

 beforeEach(() => {

Then, we use them in the tests to upload them to our application through POST requests. So far, all our tests have passed. Only one set of tests fails if all tests are run together. First the test is passed, then all the others fail with the error: SyntaxError: unexpected token or in JSON at position 0.

The tests are successful if they are executed one by one.
Has anyone encountered such behavior? Is there any solution for this behavior?

oauth: is it safe to use only the access token?

I am using JWT to authenticate users for my mobile and web applications in the same API. Both access_token and refresh_token have the same expiration


When a user logs in

  1. authenticate (username and password) store access token (client side) while for refresh_token (I don't use it at all)
  2. If access_token expires, it will go directly when signing
    again (repeat # 1)

My question: since the expiration will last an hour and thinking
The process is sufficiently secured. Does something escape me?

I understand the use of refresh_token.

  1. If access_token expires, you will use the update token to
    get a new access token + new update token. (requires customer identification
    and secret)
  2. The presence of the update token means that the access token
    expires and you can get a new one even without the user
  3. It is intended to automatically detect and prevent attempts to use the
    the same update token in parallel from different applications / devices.
  4. mitigate the risk of a long-term access_token leak (which in my
    case not applied)
  5. Once the new access token + update token is generated using the
    refresh_token The previous access_token and refresh_token will be
    useless or revoked

My question: Should I use the refresh_token? I'm thinking of saving
It is back-end or server. Set expiration lasts longer than
access_token, which is still 1 hour, but for the update
1 year unless revoked. Once authenticated, it will generate
using the refresh_token by sending the new access_token on the client side and then saving the new refresh_token again on the server and so on. This will be done every time you log in or register. Do you think it's okay to save the
refresh_token in the backend?

Signs to carry out a secure development of a security token platform – Cryptocurrency Corner

These days, security tokens have become an ultimatum between commercial entities and competition is quite strong in the market, as many industries have begun to evolve towards adapting security tokens as a collection mechanism for Funds for your business. To maintain and survive through this competition, it is mandatory that you conduct extensive research and choose the appropriate platform to carry out your security token platform development If you want your STO to expand and succeed. By doing so, you get several benefits such as,

  • Decentralized platform

  • Legal accomplice

  • Reduced costs

Now, to achieve these benefits and choose the right platform, the essential aspects to consider are the following:

  • A legitimate owner's manual / technical document that clearly explains to the audience the idea, purpose and benefits of the STO.

These are some important aspects that you should consider when developing your STO platform. Just an experienced and recognized good STO development services The company can provide reliable services for the above, since they involve many technical and safety integrations. One of those companies is Blockchain App Factory, as they have some of the most dedicated and experienced developers who will help with a safe and reliable system. security token platform development process with necessary features that will ensure a trouble-free business and reach a wide range of clients worldwide. Get in touch with them, develop your STO platform and become viral in the market.


EQ Token – The future of the cryptocurrency industry – Cryptocurrency Corner

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<p>For many entrepreneurs, the best way to raise funds for their companies is to use any of the countless existing crowdfunding platforms. Kickstarter is a very good example of this type of crowdfunding platform. People can invest in preferred concepts and are rewarded. This is exactly where EQ Token comes in and is revolutionizing the whole concept.<br />
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Algorithm for the token replacement game

I'm having trouble finding an algorithm for the following problem:

A and B take turns replacing a number $ n $ of chips with anyone $ floor ((n + 1) / 2) $ or $ n-1 $. The player who does one Token is still win. We want to know, if there is a way for B to win the game, regardless of the movements of A. A starts the game.

My idea is the following:

It is n = 1 -> There is no way for B to win the game

We try all the movements of first A and then B and verify 1 -> There is a way for B to win

But this does not incorporate the criterion "no matter the movements of A".

Continuation token: generate a list of files from a google folder on a google sheet

I have a folder in Google with 18k files and I need to list some of them in the Google sheet. A solution for this was found in Insert Google Drive Image in Google Sheets

However, since it has a length of 18k files, the code times out after 4 minutes (approximately 2k files). I have tried an alternative solution for all 18k files to use the continuation token, but for some reason, restarting the file list starts again from 0 instead of continuing from the last scanned file.

Essentially, the script now;

  1. Scan a Google Drive folder -> Create a file list
  2. Register this list and use the continuation token function (and instruct it to stop in 4.5 minutes)
  3. Extract specific data on Google Sheet and end at 4.5 minutes.
  4. Upon restart, the continuation script looks at the log and continues where it left off.
  5. Unfortunately, I started coding and somehow I broke 1-4 🙁

What am I doing wrong?

 /* Modified with token access from @hubgit and 
    for this stackexchange question by @twoodwar

    function listFilesInFolder(folderName) {

       var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
       sheet.appendRow(("Name", "Date", "Size", "URL", "Download", "Description", "Image"));

     //**Error is likely happening here**
      // Logs the name of every file in the User's Drive 
      // this is useful as the script may take more that 5 minutes (max execution time)
      var userProperties = PropertiesService.getUserProperties();
      var continuationToken = userProperties.getProperty('CONTINUATION_TOKEN');
      var start = new Date();
      var end = new Date();
      var maxTime = 1000*60*4.5; // Max safe time, 4.5 mins

     if (continuationToken == null) {
        // first time execution, get all files from Drive
        var files = DriveApp.getFiles(); // make sure that is variable is saving the actual files in the desired folder.
      } else {
        // not the first time, pick up where we left off
        var files = DriveApp.continueFileIterator(continuationToken);
      while (files.hasNext() && end.getTime() - start.getTime() <= maxTime) {
        var file =;

    //change the folder ID below to reflect your folder's ID (look in the URL when you're in your folder)
        var folder = DriveApp.getFolderById("(INSERT_FOLDER_ID_HERE");
        var contents = folder.getFiles();

        var cnt = 0;
        var file;

        while (contents.hasNext()) {
            var file =;

               data = (
                    "" + file.getId(),
                    "=image("" + file.getId() +"")",


        end = new Date();

    // Save your place by setting the token in your user properties
        var continuationToken = files.getContinuationToken();
        userProperties.setProperty('CONTINUATION_TOKEN', continuationToken);
      } else {
        // Delete the token


custom drupal token 8 – Drupal Answers

I created a custom module to display the custom token. I just copied this custom module. I also tried another example here. But for some reason, custom tokens are not displayed among other tokens after installing custom modules. Any ideas ?
name: Absolute URL
type: module
description: "Returns absolute url of the site, no language prefix 
package: Custom
core: 8.x


enter code here
 t('Absolute URL'),
      'description' => t('Url of the site, no language prefix garanted'),

   return $info;

 * Implements hook_tokens()

function absolute_url_tokens($type, $tokens, array $data, array 
$options, BubbleableMetadata $bubbleable_metadata)
    $replacements = array();
    global $base_root;

     foreach ($tokens as $name => $original) {
      switch ($name) {
        case 'absolute_url':
            $replacements($original) = $base_root;

   return $replacements;