❕NEWS – Crypxie Exchange Airdrop Free $42 (CPX Token) !!! | Proxies123.com

Crypxie, which started the 1st Airdrop program on 10.09.2020, distributes 42 CPX Tokens with an estimated value of $ 42 to its users. It is enough to fulfill the following tasks to earn CPX tokens within the scope of 1st Airdrop, which will expire on 31.10.2020.

To earn 42 CPX Tokens

  • Sign up, confirm mail, activate Google 2, Kyc authentication (10 CXP = 10 $)
  • Deposit $10 amount (10 CXP = 10 $)
  • Make $10 trade (10 CXP = 10 $)
  • Join Telegram Group (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Subscribe Telegram Channel (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow Twitter and Retweet Latest Tweet (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow/Like Facebook Page and Share Latest Post (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow Linkedin and Share Latest Post (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Follow Instagram and Like Latest Post (2 CXP = 2$)

Also CPX Earned from Referral

  • Referral Complete KYC (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Referral First Deposit (2 CXP = 2$)
  • Referral first Trade (2 CXP = 2$)

These are the amount of prizes to be won, for more details, for the roadmap, you can refer to the exchange’s home page.
Meanwhile, reward distribution and trade for CPX Token will begin on 01.03.2021. I recommend you to participate when the amount of prize distributed is this high yet.Probably, the amount of reward will be reduced later.

Exchange Registration Link: https://crypxie.com/register



Can a Graph API token be converted into a SharePoint REST API token?

It’s a long shot, but maybe someone figured it out.

Is it possible to make a request, or a bunch of requests, to gain access to SharePoint REST API if what I have is a Graph API access token? (Let’s assume I can have any scopes and admin level user is giving permissions for the Graph authorization)

The token that UNISWAP decided to scold is in doubt | Proxies123.com

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Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘)’

pq ao executar esse trecho de código recebo o erro informado no titulo? Não consigo pegar o valor de um input com a classe valorQuantidade só pq está dentro de uma função each ?

  $("#pai-produtos-shipment tr td .checkbox-escondido").each(function (index) {

   if ($(this).is(':checked')) {
      quantidade = $(".valorQuantidade").val();


Applescript Expected “”” but found unknown token

This is my code. I wanted to run an app (Game Capture HD) twice at the same time. But I get this Syntax Error: Expected “”” but found unknown token.
Appreciate if anyone can fix it

on run
    do shell script "open -n /Applications/Game Capture HD.app"
    tell application "Game Capture HD" to activate
end run

on open theFiles
    repeat with theFile in theFiles
        do shell script "open -na /Applications/Game Capture HD.app " & quote & (POSIX path of theFile) & quote
    end repeat
    tell application "Game Capture HD" to activate
end open

Rfinance Next Generation Defi Announces First Community Contest! Of RFI Token – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Rfinance (RFI)


Rfinance Next Generation Defi Ecosystem

Thanks for being a part of The Rfinance’s community. Today The Rfinance Team is pleased to announce the first community contest! Of RFI Token.

How to participate:

1- Follow
https://twitter.com/Rfinancedefi on Twitter.

2- Create a tweet and explain some benefits of Rfinance with the $RFI cashtag and #DeFi hashtag.

3- Join our Telegram group

4- Minimum 5 RFI token For each participant for first 500 Entry

5- Fill out this Google Form:

The contest winner will be announced after the presale

The prize for Contest Winners:

1ST Prize: 80 RFI Token

2nd Prize: 50 RFI Token

3rd Prize: 30 RFI Token


In order to qualify for the contest prizes, all above steps must be followed. Goodluck!







Introducing The Rfinance:

Presale FAQ:

RFinance (RFI) Presale Date:

Do you any Question You can ask at: Contact@Rfinance.io

magento2 – Magento 2 – REST API – How to create order for customer with admin token

I’m working on an app for Magento store. and I want to create an order for customers with my admin token.

I found 2 ways:

  1. To get the customer credentials (user name and password) and create a queue – But I can’t get all the users credentials.

  2. create a guest order but I didn’t find a way to add the customer’s id only email.

so the order is not linked to the customer’s orders history.

is there a way to create an order for customer with admin token? and link to order to the customer profile?


Is this HTTP authorization token secure?

I am new to backend development and read about Authorization methods such as Basic, Bearer and OAuth 2.0.
I haven’t use any of these directly, but used a token based implementation.

User logs in with username and password -> if (correct) then generate token and send token to front end.
The token is a encrypted value of a combination of username,userID, secret message and a random number calculated at runtime.
For the user to make any requests after logging in, has to include the encrypted token in the header.

Since the HTTPS headers are encrypted, I can’t think of a possible vulnerability to the system.

Currently just using a header with the name ‘token’ and the token value as it’s value. Should I use the header “Authorization : Bearer ” or “Authorization: Basic token==” for any reason?
I want to know is this secure enough or are there better methods?

Gemini Airdrop 200 BAT token.

Gemini Airdrop

Reward : 200 BAT Token

✅ Start The Gemini Airdrop Bot https://t.me/Geminiprosperitybot?start=r02535912810

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🔶 Also, earn 10 BAT for each referral

Withdraw will be available on the 10th of October.