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if you are active in Forex Forum community , you can find a right broker very easily even though choosing a broker as a most difficult task due to many scams. And it also supportive to increase trading performance very rapidly because of many posts among various subjects.

optimization – Looking for tips on how to optimize/debug Java/Eclipse

I made a raycasting engine with wall textures. Before adding the texture the engine was silky smooth. With textures it has small lags (or stutters) when i move around and i would like to know why. My code is not super clean so im not providing it (yet). I’m looking for general tips on where to start when you want to optimize for performances. It’s the first time i have to do this.

I monitored my pc performance while the engine was running. My CPU had very low usage and none of my cores were over 30%. Memory and disk usage were all fine. GPU was at 0% (its in 2d). All wall textures are loaded in memory at game launch so in theory my engine should not have to read from disk while running.

Im using Eclipse and the code is in Java + Swing.

Looking to resell VPS’ and Dedicated Servers, tips please?


Looking to resell VPS’ and Dedicated Servers, tips please? | Web Hosting Talk
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  1. Post Looking to resell VPS’ and Dedicated Servers, tips please?

    I’ve been doing mainly web hosting for a while, providing the basics for web hosting such as shared hosting, SSL certificates, and domains. However, I’m getting an increase in clients asking about server options, and unfortunately we’re still a reseller at this point as we haven’t really started profiting enough for me to think buying a dedicated server is the best financial decision. How would I go about reselling VPS’ and Dedicated servers, is there a provider you guys recommend? And is it worth it? I don’t want to sell an outrageous priced machine then mark it up even higher. What are your thoughts?

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grid – Image gallery multiselection tips

I’m making a gallery of images in a grid and I have a few concerns. The user is able to see metadata when hover over a picture and also select multiple images.

Hovering over an image

enter image description here

Selecting an image

enter image description here

My concerns

For the most part this works. However there are a few things bugging me a bit:

  1. The checkmark appears where the delete icon was. Is this placement ok, or is it going to annoy a user?
  2. What would be the ideal way to hint a user that the image they hover over is selectable?
  3. What would the ideal placement of the checkmark be? I put it where it is for 3 main reasons; (1) it “blocks” the delete button that earlier was there, (2) on the left side it would be hiding the metadata when hovering, (3) it seems reasonable to keep it on the top to be more noticeable.
  4. The border colour looks greenish for certain images. Is there a safe colour in this case that is not perceived differently depending on the image? Currently I gave it the colour that is used in forms on other places of the website for consistency.
  5. The user can still hover over selected images to get the metadata. Is this a good idea?

Open to any other tips and comments.

What are the best WordPress SEO tips for ranking in Search Engine?

What are the best WordPress SEO tips for ranking in Search Engine?

Just started a new hosting company, tips?

First of all, I asked for tips on another forum and got shunned for being new, yes I know the market is saturated, yes I know clients don’t prefer newer hosts.

Now, I’ve been into web hosting for about 8 years, but it’s all been home hosted. I recently purchased a reseller package from a reputable host and I was needing some tips on how to market my business? I don’t want to spend thousands if preferable as there is a huge risk for reward margin in the business, I’m also not looking to get rich off of this, I just wanted to start something as a small hobby, a max of 50 clients at one time is about as much as I’d do. I just want professional tips and any advice you guys have.

Again, please don’t shun or down me, positive replies only! https://www.webhostingtalk.com/

Some tips to increase your sales on amazon – part1

I just wanted to share with you some quick tips to increase your sales on amazon :
1- Get more reviews for your products (and then more after that!) : People buy the product on Amazon that has the most positive reviews.
2-The most important thing on Amazon is ratings :
Make sure to have an automated process for gathering ratings from your customers, The Amazon algorithm that determines search rankings is highly influenced by product ratings, which is why ratings should be of high priority…

Some tips to increase your sales on amazon – part1


Hello guys, 

Today i will share with you some Bitcoin trading and exchange related tips. I think it’s very important for beginner.

1. find out how to properly store your Bitcoin first
It’s important to find out to steer before you’ll run. Begin by learning the fundamentals about the mechanics of shopping for and selling Bitcoin. You’ll got to read our reviews of all the leading Bitcoin exchanges first to get the simplest and safest platforms to start out buying Bitcoin.

Such as you can visit our site (Exchange Qiwi For Bitcoin) for exchanging your Bitcoin with the accurate price and for getting more information about Bitcoin trading and exchange (обмен киви на биткоин). Coinbase tends to be an honest start line for any beginner investor, thanks to its intuitive interface and therefore the ability to start out purchasing other leading cryptocurrencies too like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.As with all financial investments, it’s vital that you simply find out how to guard your assets. during this case, you’ll got to ensure your digital assets are comprehensively guarded against the threat of cyber-attacks and scammers. There are purpose-built Bitcoin wallets designed with security at the forefront.

2. Is it worth investing in Bitcoin mining?
The industry for Bitcoin mining has accelerated at a rapid pace. within the earliest days of Bitcoin, the typical computer might be wont to crack the cryptographic puzzles and earn new Bitcoins. Unfortunately, in 2018, the sole way Bitcoin mining is completed profitably is within specialised data centres. These warehouses are full of machines built solely for the needs of mining Bitcoin. A home mining operation would cost within the millions to line up today, which suggests it’s probably best to think about investing in Bitcoin that’s already in circulation instead.

3. Set a transparent profit target when opening a trade
As Bitcoin remains a comparatively new market to take a position in, it’s very difficult to understand when the proper time is to shop for and sell your Bitcoin. The volatility within the value of Bitcoin is unlike anything you’re likely to possess experienced before with financial investments, so it’s important that you simply set clear profit and loss targets when opening a trade on Bitcoin. Most beginner Bitcoin traders fail because they fall crazy with their investments and don’t know when to abandoning of a nasty position. By setting an exit point for profits and a stop loss should the trade go against you, it’s easier to minimise losses and live to fight another day. Typically, the foremost extreme daily movements within the value of Bitcoin are often up to three .


SO, you can follow these tips.

thank you for your cooperation.

❓ASK – Basic SEO Tips | Proxies123.com

Here are the basic SEO tips for site / blog owners:

1] The keywords are chosen very well, run the keyword finder, ahrefs and see what the top 20 in Google are ranked for in your competition. Try to rank first for low competition keywords first.

2] If your site has a few days, make only 1-3 links per day, be really easy with it. If you have an old site, you can create more links.

3] Be sure to follow a combination of follow and don't follow links.

4] Use anchor texts, discovered urls to diversify, use at least 3 keywords so as not to over-optimize.

5] Avoid a pbn dollar that will damage your site.

6] Guest posting and forum posting is a good way to get traffic and ranking

7] Make sure your keywords are on h1, the image has alt tags, the sitemap has been created and submitted.

8] Use the https sites and configure the country you are going to in the google web master tool.

I want to start a blog and need tips for filehost and content | Proxies123.com

Hi. I am new here but I read the forum for a long time. In the past I post on forums and generate some sales. I stop it and now I make the decision to start my own site. I need your help and I hope you help me.
1] I will use WordPress, simple and easy to use.
2] I need advice for Filehost .. What is a good site owner on fire and not cheat with sales any advice? Since I read here I found k2s and upstore seems like a trusted filehost … tell me if I'm wrong?
3] The big question is content … what advice can you give me for content? It is not a problem for me to publish for adults or ebooks or magazines or games or etc. For good content you can send me PM with tips … maybe it's a better idea … :]
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