linux – How to update MariaDB Timezone data

I know I can install timezone data to MariaDB by

mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo/|mysql -u root mysql

MySQL document of the DB should be restarted. Is there any method not to?

After running mysql_tzinfo_to_sql, it is best to restart the server so that it does not continue to use any previously cached time zone data.

date – Is it possible to set timezone for a schema – Postgresql


You can either set the timezone at database level, or at session level (… or directly when accessing a date-like datatype, using the at time zone construct).

From the documentation:

The TimeZone configuration parameter can be set in the file postgresql.conf, or in any of the other standard ways described in Chapter 19. There are also some special ways to set it:

  • The SQL command SET TIME ZONE sets the time zone for the session. This is an alternative spelling of SET TIMEZONE TO with a more SQL-spec-compatible syntax.

  • The PGTZ environment variable is used by libpq clients to send a SET TIME ZONE command to the server upon connection.

plugins – Convert Eventon Timezone Meta Variable to Local time

Simply put, I want to somehow extract the event start time and event end time from the events at the following link…

I know the logic of what needs to happen, but don’t know how to achieve it without editing plugin files. I think I need to take the provided post meta data “evo_event_timezone”, from the eventon plugin, and convert it to users local time before rendering the start and end dates.
Plugin Event Post Meta Variables:
Here is the plugin demo:

Would I be using PHP to do this? Javascript? It doesn’t make sense to send the dates in a timezone your going to overwrite with a Javascript code; unless if you were using Javascript then I think you could have the original timestamp preserved somehow, with a drop down list to reconvert the timezone into a custom timezone the user would be able to select along with the automatic timezone converting. Anyways, any tips?

WordPress Problems with timezone – WordPress development stack exchange

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reactjs – React Moment local Timezone

I have a UTC date that should show the local time. The result of the following code shows the time at 9:30 pm UTC, but this is not what I want. If I add the prop: tz (& # 39; America / New_York & # 39;) the time is converted correctly, but it needs to change depending on where the user is located. I checked the documents, but I did not see a way to add the propz without establishing an exact location.

         2018-12-06T21: 30