views – 8 – The hook "form_views_exposed_form_alter" is called multiply times

I would like to understand why form_views_exposed_form_alter is called multiply times.

There is only one view, there is also only one filter exposed. However, the hook is called twice.

xyz_form_views_exposed_form_alter (& $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id) {
dpm (& # 39; internal & # 39;);

Is there any value I can use to have an if statement execute my script only once?

Thank you

scripting – Cron Script running several times

We have a script that is used to synchronize some directories to a USB disk drive. It is set to run once a day, but often takes more time than that.

To ensure that several copies of the script are not executed at the same time, we check the list of processes and, if our script is present, we exit immediately.

#! / bin / bash

#check if we are already running
running = $ (ps aux | / usr / bin / grep -i "usb_sync" | / usr / bin / grep -v grep | / usr / bin / grep -c bash)
echo "usb_sync $ running"> / opt / local / backup / usb_sync_log
#If we are, I leave it
Yes [ $running -gt 1 ] ; so
exit 0

The problem is that this check works well when executed through sudo and manual invocation through the CLI. However, when running through cron, it will start independently. I've tried a couple of different variations, but they all seem to work.

This is in FreeNAS 11.2.

What happens if both people in Messenger are active "1 minute" ago and "active now" at the same time and this happens more than 10 times?

What happens if both people in Messenger are active "1 minute" ago and "active now" at the same time and this happens more than 10 times?

co.combinatorics – "Injective routes" for the function $ f: mathbb {Z} times mathbb {Z} to mathbb {Z} $ with finite fibers

We make $ mathbb {Z} times mathbb {Z} $ on a graph saying $ (a, b), (x, y) in mathbb {Z} times mathbb {Z} $ form an edge if and only if $ | (a, b) – (x, y) | = 1 $, where $ | cdot | $ Denotes the Euclidean metric.

Suppose $ f: mathbb {Z} times mathbb {Z} to mathbb {Z} $ it's a function that $ f ^ {- 1} ( {z }) $ it is finite for each $ z in mathbb {Z} $. Dice $ n en mathbb {N} $, there is a path $ P subseteq mathbb {Z} times mathbb {Z} $ of length $ n $ such that the restriction $ f | _P $ Is he injective?

download – website downloading resources several times, unnecessarily

I have a couple of website projects that I am currently working on as a learning exercise and I have noticed in the development tools that at least two of my projects are downloading resources several times. I am using the Firefox developer edition and it shows that you have downloaded the css file at least 7 times. Anyway, I can force it to be downloaded only once, since the elements have not changed or have been moved in the directory.
Wondering if this is possible either as a header or in the .htaccess or any other available code. Does it bother me and obviously it is redundant or not necessary? Is it also likely that the loading time of the page is being affected, but it seems pointless to download the same document or resource several times?
Any comment will be welcome

I have a Vj video loop that I would like to include on my page, I just told it and downloaded it 26 times for some unknown reason.
You can see the source code of the page in dev-stock

I'm not really sure which labels to put on as GET requests are not available? Can someone help?

Can I prepare the same spell several times?

The Basic Rules do not say anything about this that I can find.
It seems that I am very much in this situation, but I do not think I can really clarify

linux: list of files by frequency of access (how many times was accessed)

I want to delete files from a hard drive to free up space, but I do not know what to delete, so I remembered that Microsoft Windows had a function that tells you the files it uses the least, so you can choose to delete them now. I want to achieve the same in a linux server.

I know I can list the files ordered by the last date that was accessed using ls -ltu but this only matters the last time it was accessed and not the number of times it was accessed.

Is this compatible with Linux? If so, how can I use it or is it a feature of the Windows NTFS file system only?

Performance: the response times of Django's WSGI applications soar under a heavy load

We have a Django application that runs with mod_wsgi and WSGIDaemonProcess. We are now receiving a lot of traffic and response times have skyrocketed, but CPU usage on our servers is low, around 5-10%.

I can not find out where the bottleneck is. After a short time we get this error in the apache error log:

Timeout when reading the response headers of the daemon process & # 39; wsgi & # 39;

Happy to provide more records, this is the configuration of the Daemon process:

WSGIDaemonProcess wsgi processes = 100 threads = 10 maximum requests = 500 display name =% {GROUP}

Official site of the movie (ex.). Wikipedia, NY Times, .edu backlinks. DA33, TF6, DR18


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