europe – Moving to EU, do I need a return ticket?

Me and my wife are moving to the EU from the US in about 2 months time. I’m a citizen of the EU country we are moving to, but my wife is not, so we will apply for her residency permit once we get there. However, we were told by someone that a return ticket is needed for non-citizens, otherwise the EU country may reject her 90 day visa. Is this usually required? We’ve only ever have flown round trip.

air travel – Does Qatar Airways have a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (assuming the passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else)? states:

No-Show Charge: The charge made by reason of the failure of a passenger to use reserved accommodation, either through failure to arrive at the airport at the time fixed by the carrier, or through arriving improperly documented or otherwise not ready to travel on flight.

From my understanding, this means that Qatar Airways may charge a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (even if the passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else, i.e. didn’t book any hotel).

However I read some comments that contradict my understanding:

  • To me, it is quite clear that the hotel will want to be paid for accomodation you reserved, but did not pay for, because it could have been used by someone else. The flight has been paid for in advance, but the room was only reserved. So it is no-show as applicable to the accomodation, not the flight. – Weather Vane 10 mins ago 

Does Qatar Airways have a no-show fee in case a passenger misses a flight (assuming the a passenger only purchased a flight ticket and nothing else)?

What does “PAX” mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Example (mirror, mirror 2):

enter image description here

What does "PAX" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Typically, PAX=passenger, but in that case I don’t understand why the ticket says "passenger" there.

air travel – Flight Changed Itinerary by full day, Ticket bought through 3rd Party

Similar to: Flight itinerary/time/date change

I had scheduled a flight (Air Serbia), and purchased it through a 3rd party company (Orbitz).

After the hassle-free 24 hour cancellation period had past, I got an email telling me the flight had been pushed back an entire day. This won’t work for me since I have connecting plans at the destination and don’t want to cancel a number of things.

The flight is between to EU countries, but Serbia itself is not a EU country, so I am not sure if/how the EU Air Passenger rights apply.

I am looking to get a full refund and buying another ticket, but every time I get through to the third-party company, they tell me they don’t have a prior agreement and all they can do is reach out to Air Serbia asking for a refund. They tell me it will take X time, and I will get an updated status email when it is confirmed. I have done this twice, waiting longer than X time, to no response.

Am I entitled to a full refund (given its an EU flight)? If so, am I supposed to go through the third-party I bought it from, or do I need to go directly to the airline?

What does "C1-4 NON END" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Example (mirror, mirror 2):

enter image description here

What does "C1-4 NON END" mean on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

certificates – Why would device manufacturer refuse to publish root CA that signs devices but provides the CA via support ticket attachment


We got a few new model SIP phones. Each phone has built-in unique certificate issued by the manufacturer.

Previous models had certs issued by a different CA and that CA cert was published, so I could verify the phone’s identity as it gets provisioned starting from the factory default state.

Manufacturer’s support refused to publish new CA cert but after some questions and days later provided it as an attachment my support ticket. This took days. No NDAs were requested. If I was in charge of my company security I would be concerned if my colleague gives me CA certificates and says they obtained it directly from the phones’ manufacturer and asks me to install the CA cert as trusted on the provisioning server. I would have liked to see this CA cert published on the manufacturer’s web site in resources/downloads for the model. I explained exactly that to the manufacturer’s support but they refused, citing security concerns. Some back and forth, latest ones are:

Some customers told us there is a security issue if CA files show on
support website.
There is a rule internally, if customer wants new CA files, we need
to apply with our PM one by one.

I’ve looked at the data in the certificates; there is very little there, generic email address support@domainname… that gets auto-replied with “nobody here”, company domain name, name of city and province in China, nothing else that I would find interesting, but I am not an expert in this field. Even if there was anything potentially dangerous, they give out these to anybody patient enough to ask, it is no longer a secret.

It is my understanding that it is in the manufacturer’s interests to publish these certificates to allow their customers to obtain the correct certificate easily, and not be tempted to find one somebody claims to have obtained earlier and helpfully re-distributes.

So my questions are these:

  • What are the risks to the manufacturer that would justify complicating release of these CA certificates to their users.

  • Is there a risk to the user e.g. the user happens to do a web search and comes across a malicious cert someone claims to have obtained from the manufacturer and tricks the user to install and trust. Such fake cert will not verify the device, but maybe the angle there the user might forget to clean up? I suspect it would be very hard for the malicious actor to find who trusts their fake cert in order to be able to exploit it.

airlines – No-show vs cancel the flight when one-way ticket was twice as expensive

I bought a round-trip flight with KLM from Amsterdam to Toronto and already used the first part of the ticket to arrive to the destination. The ticket is not refundable. Now my plans have changed and I don’t want to fly back.

I remember when I was buying the ticket, a one-way flight was twice as expensive. So I’m fine with not getting any refund back for the second half.

What would be the best thing to do?

If I cancel the ticket (there is a cancellation fee), will they charge me extra for the price difference of one-way ticket plus cancellation fee?

If I don’t show up, are they going to charge extra for the price difference? In this case, is it better not to check-in?

air travel – Will the authority accept my second ticket as a confirmation that I am transiting

I booked two ticket from two different companies.

The first ticket is from Germany to Barcelona, arrives in the morning. The second is from Barcelona to non-Eu country departs at night.

Spain currently does not require any tests when going there for a transit. When they ask me for my corona test, will they accept my second ticket as a confirmation that I’m going there for less than 24h without going outside the airport?

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