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The Xyphien forums are large general discussion forums that are geared to some selected things. Content and SEO for webmasters, game discussions to include sweepstakes and development, as well as promotion. With almost 40 thousand members, this is your one stop shop for everything you need in a forum. We have currently merged four forums into one, to create what you see.

  • Not only can you promote your websites and forums, but you can also promote your discord servers, transmissions and even game server promotions like Minecraft servers.

  • Free games are rewarded for active members at random almost daily, so being active in the community is an excellent way to get some amazing games.

  • Sell ​​resources, such as websites, themes, domains and more, all on the website!

  • Tips and tricks on how to get traffic, SEO, communities and more!

Looking for staff in a website with 40 thousand members! | Promotion Forum

I am merging all my websites and starting with a new group of staff members due to their inactivity. The forum will have around 40 thousand members, and potentially around 50 thousand if the merger goes well. It is a general discussion forum designed around game development and web development. Has game discussions, development discussions, webdev discussions, etc.

The high number of publications here is something I am looking for since it shows that you are active in a forum, in addition to knowing the niche of webdev.
Having other places where you are active will also help you.

The position is a volunteer position, and because of its large scale, it will be a great area to gain exposure. (Well this is not an artist we're talking about :cigar:)

Three thousand transmissions from the US UU O United Kingdom or CANADA NETHERLANDS GERMANY SWEDEN for $ 7

Three thousand transmissions from the US UU O United Kingdom or CANADA NETHERLANDS GERMANY SWEDEN

Do you want your music to go viral? Do you want to increase your audience?

You will get an effective and powerful marketing that will help you reach an audience of lovers of real and active music. ONLY We are offering a promotion opportunity directed from the USA. United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Italy, France and many more. We can do any country you want. Just contact us before. We can do up to 25K per day.

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We will publish and share your track on all the platforms that allow us to upload music and we will also share your music link in all the blogs and the community related to music.

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• All music networks.
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Dear users,

The GGBTC Exchange will quote DSC on May 25, 2019. At that time, the deposit and negotiation services will be opened.

Date of opening of the deposit: May 25, 2019.

Opening hours: May 27, 2019.

Trading pairs that will open: DSC / USDT

Introduction to the project:

Source Chain is dedicated to the development of the underlying technology. Algorithm L greatly improves the efficiency of the blockchain operation and directly implements the programmable operations on the client side. Currently, it has been applied to the health product traceability system to make the blockchain application a reality. At the same time, it is committed to blockchain security to intelligently monitor the operating environment and update customer intelligence to build a high-speed development path for the industry.

Project innovation:

1. With blockchain low-level programmable technology, the system can communicate with the general development language, the low learning cost and the open third-party application programming interface.

2. With POW mode, using multi-string parallelism, the application ledger interface to provide a low-level "blockchain application capacity" for the project ecosystem

3. Private and public sub-applications including TOKEN can be built, improving the simple development framework.

4. In the application market, the contract voting method is applied to establish the project's library and the commercialization of the project is carried out through the fund and the financial mechanism of third parties.

5. Update mechanism for multiple modules, including authentication, intelligent network and data storage, which adopts a single distributed control update mechanism to promote the development of blockchain integration and artificial intelligence.

6. A new benefit distribution network, where everyone's digital assets exist as "variables". After learning through artificial intelligence training, the value of the data can be refined, used, managed and flowed to obtain intelligent digital assets.

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Possible to sell a marketing agency that generates $ 50 to $ 60 thousand in annual "Earnings"?

Possible to sell a marketing agency that generates $ 50 to $ 60 thousand in annual "Earnings"?
I wonder what he thinks of selling to a marketing agency where I am the only "employee" (I use freelancers for some tasks) that generates annual profits of $ 50 to $ 60,000 (essentially my salary). Is this big enough to sell?

I am also quite involved since I do not have employees, although at the moment it is a very important maintenance for the clients I have (approximately 10 hours / week of my own time working with clients).

For more details:

  • The agency focuses on the creation of long-form content (specifically to classify blog posts on Google) and web design. I work with independent writers who have examined who produces content, then I review it from there (I used to write content). I handle most web design now in addition to any custom development.
  • Last year, sales were $ 70k with $ 50k after expenses. In the last 12 months, sales have been $ 85k with approximately $ 60k after expenses. So far this year (until 7/7/2019), sales have been $ 31k with $ 22k after expenses.
  • I have some notable clients in the SaaS space (this is our biggest target audience), as well as a fairly large e-commerce company and a non-profit organization (one that I quoted $ 25k for a future project) as clients.

So, back to my question, is it possible to sell a business like this (considering the size, income and my current participation)? What would be the sales process? And do you think it's worth it?

My main reason for wanting to sell is that I got bored and would like to focus on other businesses.

I would appreciate any comment! Thanks in advance!

Is there a bank or union that can grant me a loan of 5 to 10 thousand with bad credit score and no job as no proof of income?

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