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First post here! I am doing a research project on Fastly and CDN for the class and I would love to know what you think about Fastly products (for your information, I have minimal technical knowledge, but a practical knowledge of CDN). If you could answer some of my questions below, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • Why would you choose / choose Fastly over other CDN providers such as Akamai and Cloudflare? If not, why wouldn't you choose Fastly? Does Fastly offer value / compelling products over other offers, or are its benefits only marginal compared to competitive offers?
  • I understand that Fastly differs by offering services to accompany its CDN. How important are these additional services for your needs? Do you really need them or do you just want them? I know that many of these features are offered separately, but I'm not sure how much Fastly provides by integrating all the features into a single platform. And are they even the only ones that offer such additional functions?
  • How important is the amount of PoP a provider operates? I've heard some say that Fastly is better than Akamai, but doesn't Akamai have ~ 2000 PoPs while Fastly only has ~ 60? How can you quickly beat Akamai with lower latency and a better product while maintaining much less PoP?
  • How does Fastly compare to large cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft offers? If they have an extraordinary product, do you think they can continue to offer a great product, or will large dogs eventually catch up and dominate quickly?
  • Are exit fees a major concern when using non-public CDN providers in the cloud?

Thank you to anyone who has contributed! Thoughts please

Hi, any ideas on this please people. 3,600 monthly Google searches in the United Kingdom for the term "vacation planner"


Independent Medium size hosting VS large companies thoughts and feelings

Hello, guys, so there was a similar theme to this one, but it focused mainly on basements for some reason, What I want to know is what type of Host do you prefer
My experiences have led me to believe that independent companies are the best for the following reasons

my first host was 1 & 1 in 2008 I had problems during many years of random disconnections that never paid attention, finally my account was compromised at the beginning, they claimed that it was a false positive of Kaspersky and then proceeded to blame me for the infection Although everything I had was updated

So I had a friend clean the malware and move me to his host, which worked very well for a while, but his one-man operation led him to not concentrate on the few hosting clients he had, so I moved again as a client who is now my current employer and I could not be happier.

Those experiences have led me to believe that the smaller and closer teams are better than any large-scale company, but that it is difficult to trust a one-person company if your host is not the target, so I wanted an open discussion

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump sent 50 billion dollars to Israel while Americans sleep on the street. Thoughts?

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump sent 50 billion dollars to Israel while Americans sleep on the street. Thoughts? .

at.algebraic topology – Giving up on mathematics and suicidal thoughts

Dear wise mathematicians,

I am a university student pursuing a mathematics degree at UW-Madison. I do not know if this publication is acceptable here, but I want to mention a recent event that almost forces me to commit suicide.

I am an aspiring topologist with a great interest in algebraic topology, geometric topology, the topology of theoretical sets and their possible connections to the study of prime numbers. My future goal is to really connect topology and analytic numerical theory, which I believe has not been rigorously studied unlike numerical algebraic theory. With two faculty mentors (topologist and analyst), I have been investigating the potential use of topology to study the Goldbach conjecture; I was able to create a topological space that captures GC in a finite term, and create a ZFC + model that is designed to specifically attack GC. My mentors really like the idea, and we've been following them ever since.

There is another topologist on campus (he retired a long time ago) who I really respect and observe. He is very famous for his work in differential topology and geometry (one of the founders of differential topology). I often discuss mathematics with him and even presented my ideas about attacking GC. I recently learned that you mentioned to some friends that I am unable to do math and that I should stop doing it. He also criticizes my ideas as stupid and maybe I stole them from other professors (which I did not, since I spent several months on my own to develop them before presenting them to my mentors, and I know that there is no article published about them). When I heard about that, I was completely destroyed … He is incredibly famous in the mathematical communities, and he is very old, shielded with wisdom and intuition. As the wise mathematician thinks he is completely incapable of doing mathematics, should I listen to his thoughts and stop studying mathematics? I am very surprised to the point of losing the confidence I have in me and I do not see any will to continue with my life, so suicide is the answer … I just do not know what to do!

My friends told me to give everything I have about my research and solve GC and prove it was wrong, but they are not involved in math.

A side note, I've been suffering from depression for a long time (and I've been getting professional attention to treat it). I know that depression has been affecting my courses and studies, but studying mathematics (especially topology) is just a way to escape the influence of depressions on me. Since I am severely depressed, is not it a good idea to study mathematics in graduate programs and do research in the future?

Massive fusion (thoughts and opinions very welcome) | Promotion Forum

I just made a post asking if anyone has done this, but now I would like to know your opinions on this, since it is a huge merger and it is a really high risk.

I'm merging all my websites into a unique website. A massive general forum with topics from all my other websites. Sounds good in theory, however … my only website is less than 500 to reach 40 thousand members. All my other forums that I am merging have less than 5k members. So this is a problem, another problem is that it is based on a game development program, although all my other forums are related to this, whether related to the game or related to the website, that game developers need . Program. The domain will also be changed to instead of However, keep in mind that RMMV has been dying and is becoming less and less active as the days go by. From originally 500,000 visits per month to around 20,000 visits per month.

I'm super nervous, but it's something that I decided will be better for me in the long term. In this way, I can promote a website and worry about being active only on one website instead of at 10 different niche sites. It is a situation of high risk and high reward. If all goes well, it could be one of the largest active General Discussion forums, or it could disappear completely and become a wasteland.

I want your opinions on this merger, be as honest as possible. :heart:

dnd 5e: What happens if you cast the spell Detect thoughts about a person while they sleep?

I recently asked this question about how to scan someone's memories while asleep. The consensus of the answers was that the best way to do this was not to have to sleep, but to wake them up, interrogate them and erase their memory.

This brings me to the question of what happens if someone throws detect thoughts in a sleeping creature. The states of the spell description (emphasis mine):

[…] Initially you learn the superficial thoughts of the creature – what is most in your mind at that moment. As an action, you can shift your attention to the thoughts of another creature or try to probe deeper into the mind of the same creature. If you dig deeper, the target must make a Wisdom saving throw. If it fails, you get Insight in your reasoning (if any), your emotional state, and something that is very important in your mind (as something you care about, love, or hate). […] [T]The target knows that you are investigating in his mind.[…]

For the "superficial thoughts", I imagine that this is related to any dream that has the objective, or no superficial thinking if it is in a deep sleep. If we dig deeper, can the sleeping target still make the Wisdom saving throw and wake up successfully or fail?

javascript: Thoughts about using unpaired curls while looping with a try / catch?

I would not do this. It breaks too far from any typical convention for very little benefit.

Personally I am against omitting keys at all; Except in very narrow circumstances. I have seen many questions about the stack overflow that come from people who omit keys and can not understand why "only certain lines are running".

This also seems to be seen as a new language construction and at first it feels a little shaken. It takes a second extra to realize what is happening.

Considering how short the lines are, bleeding should not be a problem; and even if it is, there are other ways to address that problem. I would write this in the standard way

asynchronous function doAjax () {
const data = {/ * stuff * /}
const retryLimit = 2;
let's retryCount = 0;
leave found = false;

while (! found && retryCount <= retryLimit) {
try {
let serverResponse = await $ .get ("url", data);
// Do stuff

} catch (err) {
retryCount ++;

// do more things

If you like to play making the code read interestingly and try to create language constructions, I recommend you try playing with a language with Clojure (or other light). Doing experimental things with syntax is a bit more expected in a language like that.

New Mac Pro 2019, thoughts?

What do you think of the new Mac Pro 2019 and Pro Monitor? I'm interested in thoughts about the specifications and appearance of the hardware, NOT the price. The price is high but it is not aimed at the average user.

Personally, I like it, it's a bit like a marmite machine, I think you either love it or hate it. With respect to the specifications, I think that the base models do not make sense, since the people who will buy this type of hardware will pay the extra and they will give them specifications.


what are the best off-page tools

Can someone share their thoughts?

What are the best tools off the page? I can use fort ranking on specific keywords.