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ablehosting.com – Any thoughts. | Web Hosting Talk

ablehosting.com – Any thoughts. | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Submit ablehosting.com – Any thoughts.

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a reseller host to host some accounts. I've seen

    ablehosting.comThey have been advertising in the forum "announcements". The accounts / plans they offer would be adapted to my needs, they just wanted some comments from the people who use them or have used them. They are fine? Reliable and friendly support?

    I have to say that I posted a question about & # 39; sales & # 39; this morning (through a ticket more than 5 hours ago) but still no answer. But, again, I'm from the United Kingdom and they're in the US UU., So maybe they're still in bed! 😉

    Thank you.


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How to comment and modify the themes of the thematic house – Thoughts? | Promotion Forum



I think they can be very useful. Regarding comments one, I suspect that many users prefer that style of comments, and as for the topics, well, I can see that it is useful for music lesson websites or something else based on information, but it would be good for anything you think

In my case, I considered the themes of my music, but the "tags" that come with XenForo by default are good enough at the moment.

OK, who has bought these mods, or even heard of them?

GM Techniques – What are the consequences of telling players the thoughts of their characters as a method to help guide their actions?

You can achieve this by describing the situation and letting people think about what they will do.

I mean, you already do it all the time, right? You just say

The flag of Dobravia flutters in the evening breeze, two crossed swords in a field of blue.

Even though Grognak is standing right there! Grognak, who was raised by wolves in the frozen Northern Lands and has finally mastered "two" but has no concept of swords, flags or the blue color. (He calls him "pale black.")

You are not describing what any particular character is seeing. You are describing what "the camera" is seeing, in terms that the players will understand, and letting them decide what their characters take away from them. You are describing the situation.

In the same way, you can say

The bustling market surrounds the town square. There is a fisherman, a sausage shop, half a dozen wardrobes in a variety of styles and, deeper than you can see, you hear someone hammering the anvil with force and speed.

Do not ask who looks to the left and do not talk about the sausage shop (which is on the left) if there is no one looking there. Their the market situation, and your players decide what is important to them.

So sure, describe the situation of your agenda, which will include not only what they would have to do but also the reason why they would have to do it.

Grognak, the last time you faced [Group X] they licked their wounds and told you to come to Dobravia if you wanted a real fight. Well, here you are.

Wizzrobe, the portents of [Bad Thing Z] It still burns in the Crystal of Glimmorath. According to the directory of the Academy, [Knowledgeable Guy Y] He has established a store somewhere around here. So, how to find a wise man?

Companion of strings, everything you achieved [FindThisGuy A]The trail is that it was heading north. And this is the north, and the only patch of civilization you've seen in miles. Maybe it's worth asking around, see if anyone has seen it. You know, in the lower part.

So! What is everyone planning?

The horrible price to pay

Of course there is one. Nothing is free.

The price to pay is that, like GM, you know more about the world than you have told the players. It is inevitable. Therefore, you must take action on your part to keep notes on what the players know, separately from their own notes. Maybe you can mark your own notes in a different color, as long as you have a clear understanding of what it means.

Otherwise, you risk ending up saying something like

The flag of Dobravia flutters in the breeze of the night, a blinking illusion that hides the banner of Ossian, the King of the Dead, who secretly became too strong, wait, wait, you've never heard that!

GM Techniques – Is it an appropriate method to help guide your actions to tell players the thoughts of their characters?

Generally, I try to keep my campaigns fairly open and prevent my players from entering the field, or keeping it to a minimum when it is done. In general, they always tend to have one or two hooks for the plot that they can follow, and tend to be sufficiently inverted in the hooks presented, so I do not have to worry about them going too far.

However, I have noticed that sometimes, some players tend to have what I would equate to a "Well, what do we do now that we were here?" Look. While none of them has explicitly expressed that feeling, when talking with them about the sessions, sometimes I feel like they are struggling to decide how to address some of the more open situations, especially after some time or adventure has passed between receiving their original goal. , and have the ability to act on it.

Is it considered appropriate, as DM, to tell a player the thoughts of his character? For example, after describing a city, they come to say something like any of the following examples:

"Your mind runs with thoughts about the next tasks at hand, maybe you should look [Group X]or go talk to [Knowledgeable Guy Y] about [Bad Thing Z]. "

"The town guard remains alert and alert at the door, noting those who pass by, perhaps they have seen [FindThisGuy A]? "

I know that some players may be sensitive to being told what their characters think, but the thoughts I propose are strictly a matter of knowledge and goals, and not opinions about what the characters of a particular person or situation think.

How close is the railroad and this is even an appropriate technique for a GM to use?

dnd 5e – When can the target exactly perform an Int check to finish Detecting thoughts?

The description of the spell for Detecting Thoughts in D & D 5e says that after you have done a deep investigation "unless you change your attention to the thoughts of another creature, the creature can use its action in its turn to do an Intelligence check" for finish the spell. I guess you can almost always do this at least once, since you just use your action to probe your mind and you can not change the target until your turn turns again, after your next turn.

My question: the search for thoughts, the other action that you can take with this spell, has a relevant way as "turn[ing] Your attention? "That is, if I examine the thoughts of a creature and then in my next turn take the action of" search for thoughts "with the spell, can that creature continue to challenge the spell with an Int check afterwards?

Does anyone get into Cryptocurrency? Thoughts

I heard a lot about bitcoin, but I was wondering what I thought about the alternative currencies, such as litecoin, doge, PPC and perhaps some of the most unknown currencies. Even though the cryptomarket has been flooded with mined scam coins, there are some really interesting ones.

Do you have / my coins? Have you made a profit?

Thoughts about multiclass [on hold]

Currently I have a Lvl 4 Scourge Aasimar Cleric, forge craft fund, Str / Dex 12, Con / Int 14 and Wis / Cha 18 … Trying to find out if multiclase is worth it. Maybe a dip in Sorc twin? Wrestler for fighting style and surge? Open for ideas

Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz says Mueller's report will be devastating for Trump. Thoughts?

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