[ Government ] Open question: Trump thinks he can do whatever he wants because of Article II. That said, could I then be able to cancel the 2020 elections?

usb debugging: Windows 10 cannot recognize a new device because it thinks it is the ejected device

I have two phones, techno y3 and techno y6, which I use on the same computer. For some reason, once I connect the techno Y6, the computer would provide a message indicating that "Tecno Y3 has stopped working or is disconnected" and will follow a continuous sequence of assembly and disassembly with the message "this device has stopped working …. "
I tried to uninstall the driver, restore the PC to the previous state, etc.
What else can I do?

Is it possible for malware to completely hide a folder so that Windows thinks it does not exist?

Today I have a firewall rule that allows inbound traffic for a program called kmss.exe in the Windows Firewall on one of my computers and I am 100% sure I did not add it, they also did not ask me to allow that program to connect to Internet through the Windows Firewall.

Then, the firewall rule says that the program must be in C: /Windows/Temp/Files/Bin/kmss.exe but when I opened C: / Windows / Temp / in the file explorer, there was no directory called "Files ". I tried to use the command prompt to find it, I failed again. And my configuration already allows to show hidden folders in the file explorer.

So, I suspect that C: /Windows/Temp/Files/Bin/kmss.exe exists, but somehow it has managed to modify or trick Windows into thinking that it is not. Is that possible? If so, what can I do to access that file and delete it?

android: how to report a problem with the entry when Maps never thinks I've arrived

Google Maps / Directions has this ordered feature where, after arriving at its destination, it asks if you directed it to a convenient or appropriate entrance. This is very good because sometimes, when there is a group of companies, you don't know the correct way to route it to the building you are going to and can help by telling Google where you should have entered it.

However, there is an office building that he frequents that he still wants me to address about 500 feet ahead. He would put me right in front of the building on a busy street, while the correct entrance is to turn right and enter a parking lot behind the building. Unfortunately, I haven't discovered how to report this to the mapping program, because even once I enter the entrance it still tells me to continue. If I leave navigation, never ask how it went! I used to remember an option to tell you that you want to walk the rest of the way, but I don't see it anymore and I don't know if it would be useful.

Before making a long detour to walk (for which I never have time), how can I tell Google that I have reached my destination so that I can receive my comments on how to improve directions?

Update: I tried to walk in the building to try to get close to where I want me to go while I was waiting for an appointment, but I don't really receive any signal. I'm not really sure if it's possible to get to where Maps wants me to go without walking around the entire building, which is probably around 1000 feet.

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump thinks we do not want to see his tax returns. What are your own wishes regarding that?

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump thinks we do not want to see his tax returns. What are your own wishes regarding that? .

Google Docs thinks that I'm using an Apple keyboard even if it's not (browser that is not Chrome)

I'm using the Gnome web browser on Linux, which is my favorite browser. I have a problem with all Google Docs applications where I'm supposed to be using an Apple keyboard when I'm not. This means that I can not copy / paste with Ctrl+do Y Ctrl+V because he is looking for a Key that I do not have When I use and Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Jump to the beginning and end of the line instead of jumping between words. This makes it a pain to edit anything. Is there any way to manually configure the input to the PC keyboard or should I change something in the chain of my user agent?

Mozilla / 5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit / 605.1.15 (KHTML, as Gecko) Version / 11.0 Safari / 605.1.15

replication: MySQL thinks that Master and Slave have the same server ID, but they do not

Trying to configure MySQL to run unidirectional replication. I have the master configured in server_id = 1, a user configuration of replication, the binary log enabled, the slave server_id = 2 and it is connected and waiting for an event. I'm also using Workbench.

However, the master server has the following error …

Serious error: the slave I / O thread is stopped because the master and the slave have identical MySQL server ids; these identifiers must be different for replication to work (or the -replicate-same-server-id option must be used on the slave, but this does not always make sense - see the manual before using it).

I can not find any reason for this error. I have looked at dozens of tutorials, manuals, etc. and none of them explains what is happening.

My locations in my Google timeline show places I've never been, and now my boyfriend thinks I'm cheating

My boyfriend went to the timeline of my location and showed me that I've been in places where I never left the house and says I drove so long and how long it took and shows a map of the streets I took, but I never left the home and they are all in different cities. How is this possible also my ex and I had our emails connected, so I thought it might be a reason, but seeing that it was my home as the start or end location? I was so confused because, once again, I never left the house to go anywhere. Someone, please, help me. I am sick and tired of telling him that I have not been anywhere.