Warning to download themes and add-ons.

I recently downloaded a topic to test a client project. I always do that before buying a theme.

2 problems appeared:

The first was that I had to delete all the mentions of the site from where I downloaded the subject.

within the theme styles.css case file. This was easy because all the mentions were in the upper part of the file (they only replaced all the links with false ones).

The second problem was that these imbeciles had injected a redirection code that when activated (at random intervals) opened a new window of a site called



, or something like that. The solution was to open the themes folder, then the include folder and delete everything inside the functions-init.php file.

Although this was only a trial installation for me, I would like to warn all people who are here not to download and / or install themes or wp plugins from that site, to avoid these types of problems. More importantly, just do not share them here, because you do not have to fuck someone else's site.

Oh, and if you feel like it, visit your Facebook page and show your appreciation for the spread of malicious codes through their actions.

Thank you for reading….

[GET][NULLED] – Thrive Themes Leads Plugin v2.1.2


[GET][NULLED] – Thrive Themes Leads Plugin v2.1.2

Discounted themes from Yetishare, Xfilesharing and Xvideosharing Template

Hello Wjunction Users

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[GET] WPMU DEV Mega Pack – Download all themes and add-ons

This download contains all the themes and add-ons of WPMU DEV.


kubuntu – Change the GTK 3 and 2 themes from the terminal

In KDE (specifically Kubuntu), is there any way to change the GTK theme and update it later to be applied, for example, with kde-gtk-config But through the command line / terminal / console?

I know the files that I need to change are the most likely ~ / .gtkrc-2.0 for GTK2 and ~ / .config / gtk-3.0 / settings.ini for GTK3, and I also have to (can I?) use settings for GTK3 with org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme, but I have not been able to update the applications using these themes, as for example with the mentioned kde-gtk-config that is present in the configuration of the GUI system, not even with kwriteconfig In gtk-3.0 I like what I use to change the Plasma theme and update it automatically.

So, what is it that I'm missing? How do I update the topics after writing in these files? And if it is not possible, how do I achieve a similar effect?

[GET][NULLED] – Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin v2.1.0


[GET][NULLED] – Thrive Themes Quiz Builder Plugin v2.1.0

How to comment and modify the themes of the thematic house – Thoughts? | Promotion Forum



I think they can be very useful. Regarding comments one, I suspect that many users prefer that style of comments, and as for the topics, well, I can see that it is useful for music lesson websites or something else based on information, but it would be good for anything you think

In my case, I considered the themes of my music, but the "tags" that come with XenForo by default are good enough at the moment.

OK, who has bought these mods, or even heard of them?

development of themes: custom field in the user profile that does not save data

I was trying to add a custom field to the word "Your profile" from wordpress. I did that, but when I enter any data and pulse update, the profile is updated. But the personalized entry remains empty even adding data before. I do not know why this happens. My code is.

add_author_role_field ($ user) function {
$ role = get_the_author_meta (& # 39; author_role & # 39 ;, $ user-> ID);

<input type = "text" name = "author_role" value = ""> <? php } add_action (& # 39; show_user_profile & # 39 ;, & # 39; add_author_role_field & # 39;); add_action (& # 39; edit_user_profile & # 39 ;, & # 39; add_author_role_field & # 39;); add_action (& # 39; personal_options_update & # 39 ;, & # 39; crf_update_profile_fields & # 39;); add_action (& # 39; edit_user_profile_update & # 39 ;, & # 39; crf_update_profile_fields & # 39;); function crf_update_profile_fields ($ user_id) { if (! current_user_can (& # 39; edit_user & # 39 ;, $ user_id)) { false return; } yes (! empty ($ _POST['year_of_birth'] )) { update_user_meta ($ user_id, & # 39; author_role & # 39 ;, sanitize_text_field ($ _ POST['author_role'])); } }

So I'm trying to show it on the interface using this code.

echo get_the_author_meta (& # 39; author_role & # 39;);

I can not understand the problem. Thanks in advance

The Windows themes are all fucked

the text inside the windows is not readable
I just updated to 18.04.1 and discovered that I can not read the text within the pull-down menus, sub-menus and buttons. For example, I can not read my entry when I type my username and password on the websites, or the OK and CANCEL buttons on. I have tried the Unity and GNOME settings to change the themes and settings, but I can not make it work. I also discovered that in the window of BACKGROUND in the configuration I only have two images, one for the background and one for the blocking screen without any option for something else, such as the color of the text, etc. Any idea what I could do here? Note that I am not a Linux guru … more than one point and click on the Windoze transplant.

gm. General Mathematics – List of modern points of view that simplify or clarify classical themes.

There are many modern mathematical achievements that greatly clarify or (and) simplify important classical themes. I believe that a list of such achievements, among other benefits, would be a great help for a beginner when entering certain subfields of mathematics.

For example, when I tried to understand Peter-Weyl's theory for the representations of compact topological groups, I would prefer someone to tell me that I should learn the representation theory of compact quantum groups of the $ C ^ ast $-the algebraic point of view, since it not only clarifies the theory, it also makes more apparent the links with the Hopf algebras, the monoidal structures and the reconstruction theorems of tanacian type.

As a somewhat less specialized, perhaps more debatable example, one could argue that one should study modern category theory rather than the theory of structures as presented in the first volume of Bourbaki. elements (although nowadays a mathematician has many more possibilities of running into the theory of categories instead of the theory of structure when he needs to formulate universal constructions).

I ask here for a list of mathematical achievements that shape the modern point of view of certain classical subjects in mathematics, like the previous examples (first in theory of the representation of compact groups, second in formulating universal constructions), in the sense that it simplifies or (and) clarifies our previous point of view on the subject, preferably making modern research literature more accessible by establishing new standard notions, terminologies, techniques, ways of thinking, etc.

I know this would be too broad a question, but I just could not think of a better place to ask this here than here. If possible, I would like each response to focus on one topic instead of listing several topics.