open a company (semi-company) in Thailand

I am almost a year in Thailand, I can speak and read some Thai, and I am learning Thai with a student visa. In general, I like this state and I like to travel in it and I want to continue doing so with less bureaucratic demands than those inflicted on students.

Under current regulations, a technical university student must extend the visa every 75 days, which can take hours with long lines in some areas, while a business owner must do so once a year.

How complex and expensive should it be to open a company (semi-company) approximately?

We need people from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia

As the title says, I need people from Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia for website update work.
mainly content loading (no content creation necessary)
Send me a private message with your country and mention your native language too.
Thank you!

Is it rude to ask for halal food when traveling to and in Thailand?

Thailand actually has a great muslim community (about 5% of the population), so the idea of ​​halal food, known locally as ahaan Muslim (อาหาร มุสลิม), literally "Muslim food", is well understood and will not be considered rude to ask. The Muslims of Thailand are very concentrated in the south, near the border with Malaysia, but Bangkok also has an important community.

That said, no, the average Thai restaurant is not going to be strictly halal, and Thais love their pork, so you should definitely check what you are eating. As in other parts of Southeast Asia, halal restaurants tend to say in their signage, with green banners, crescent moon and star logos and the word "halal" in Arabic. This can be a useful starting point:

Domestic flights in Thailand are quite short (Bangkok anywhere in the country is less than two hours), so food is generally not served. You can definitely book halal meals on longer international flights, otherwise you cannot count on them to be available.

Route from Thailand to Ottawa

Is there a route that does not need a transit visa to Canada Ottawa?
I am a Myanmar passport holder.

international travel: what is the southernmost border crossing from Thailand to Myanmar that is open to foreigners?

There are a variety of land border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar, but I have trouble finding solid information about them to choose which one to use.

I will come from Krabi, so I want the nearest border crossing. I don't care which one is the most popular, the easiest, etc. I just want the closest one, which means the furthest from the south.

But something else is important. Usually, there are border crossings open only to locals, citizens of countries on both sides of the border. And, of course, there are crossings open to all, including foreigners.

As an additional benefit, there used to be a series of restrictions at some border crossings in Myanmar, such as that he had to return to Thailand by the same crossing, or that he was not allowed to travel from there to arbitrary places in the country. I don't know if this is still the case, but if so, I would like to cross over with the least amount of restrictions.

Thailand: is the last day of a Thai visa included?

I have a plane ticket to Thailand on September 16. (The landing will be September 17)

If I have a tourist visa, it must be 60 days, so I will be admitted until November 16.

Can I take a plane ticket to another country on November 16? Or should I leave before November 16?

And yes … this day is important to me unfortunately …

India – Travel by land to Thailand through Myanmar 2019

Myanmar and Thailand have their own permits to allow foreign vehicles to cross or enter temporarily and then leave their countries, respectively. These countries do not accept Passage Card as a single document only. Now, if I want to take a 2/4 Wheeler registered in India to Thailand through Myanmar and back to India, do I need the Passage Card (issued by WIAA, Mumbai)?


Where can I find free Forex guides to learn about Forex trading? (Forex Thailand) – Discussions and Help

If you want to learn to trade, you cannot do so with free guides or literature that you find free on the Internet. You can try it, but I guarantee you won't be able to do it. You need to be taught by people who have been trading Forex for years. I made your mistake first, but then I went to a currency trading course in traderider. It is the best Forex course there is, they train you no matter where you are in Thailand.

Forex community of Thailand no.1 forex forum forex technical analysis, gold technical analysis, forex system, forex news, ************

More in:-

Do I need a transit visa while I'm going from Thailand to India?

What is the process to apply for the visa? How much do I need to pay? My scale is only 2 hours will it be enough to get the transit visa?

Thailand / Singapore TOT Hurricane

Thailand / Singapore TOT Hurricane | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Thailand / Singapore TOT Hurricane

    Can someone in Thailand or Singapore use TOT or Hurricane?
    Ping and trace the route of this ip, please

    thanks in advance

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