php – Show only part of the text on an Html page

I would like to see only part of a string that contains a text.
Make a "Click to read more", I tried with


but since I do not know in what character a word ends he cuts the text in the middle of the words, I wanted him to cut the text but leaving the whole words. I tried to do

explode ()

and take a part only and then

implode ()

but that did not work because the text was all deconfigured. If someone can help. My site is using Laravel PHP

sharepoint foundation – How to fill a text field with the name of the current InfoPath form view?

We have a SharePoint list with an associated InfoPath form.

The form has multiple views based on different field values ​​and rules, for example, view_item (all fields), new_item, edit_a, edit_b, and edit_c.

How can I store the name of the view in a hidden text field in the form?

We are using SharePoint 2013 and InfoPath 2013.


How can I change the font size of the summarized text of the collapsed sticky notes (sticky notes)?

I know how to change the font size of a sticky note, and how to save this as the default size for new notes. But it seems that none of this affects the size of the text when a note is contracted. It seems that all collapsed sticky notes use the same font size, no matter what font size is used when a note is expanded. I can not find a way to change the size of this font.

I want to be able to collapse all my sticky notes and then be able to read them by setting their font size in something bigger. I am running a high resolution desktop. and the text is so small that it can hardly be read. Can anyone tell me how to change the size of the text that Stickies uses to display the summary text of a collapsed note?

online sharepoint: search to fill in the text box or drop-down menu

I was following this to throw additional Fields so they appear on the form using the calculated field and work perfectly. However, when I try to change the calculated field to the text box, it will not load into the SharePoint list when I click New or click on the item. It worked in the preview though.

For example, in my case, my A list has a People and Group field and a Department field (text box), and my B list is "Personnel List" with the name of personnel, departments, titles, etc. Therefore, when you select People & Group, you must match DisplayName in People & Group with the name in list B with the department.

What am I missing?

Does offline voice to text now appear?

I'm seeing a lot of articles that point to how to set the voice-to-text function of Android offline, but I'm not going into the settings where they tell me to search (languages ​​and input).

Has the location changed, has it been removed? Does my phone simply do not have the capacity?

It works online

Android 8.1.0 – June 5, 2018
PRO_SELFIE – SKY_Pro-Selfie_V06_20180625

Visual cues – Highlighting text replacements

I am creating an application in which the user can make multiple replacements with each other (for example, replace all "is" with "was", all "will" to "would").

The problem that I face with respect to the UX is how to indicate the changes that will occur in the original text. I was thinking of highlighting the pending changes in the original text, as if I were highlighting the text. Each replacement would have its own color.

What worries me is that the user could replace all "a" with "an" and then "anmato" with "pineapple", then "tomato" would become first "anmato" and then "pineapple" (bad example, he).

Changes could overlap and, therefore, highlighting would become problematic. I am able to discover an algorithm that highlights them with the color of the first replacement and the color of the second replacement, mixing the colors where they overlap.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to implement this, so I thought about asking them if they know in a better way.

Is it possible to change the text of the switch?

That's. I searched on Google I did not find anything.

enter the description of the image here

Remove two values ​​from a python text file

it is necessary to extract two numbers from a text file and add them to two variables (X and Y).
I'm trying to use CSV but I'm not getting it.
Here is an example of the table:
PU-2158 393;
PD-1358 393;
PD-1358 1193;
PD-2158 1193;
PD-2158 393;

The only vlaores that I interact are the PU -… and the PD -…
Can somebody help me ?

Text setting in Google Sheets no longer expands cellular

Suddenly, it seems that I am having problems with my Google Sheets to automatically extend the height of the cell with text adjustment, for certain cells.

Mac OS: 10.13.6 (17G65)

Chrome: Version 73.0.3683.103 (official compilation) (64 bits)

I select all the cells via cmd + A And apply text wrap:

enter the description of the image here

I move to a cell in the bottom that I have never previously formatted and write a long string (Let's say C1000):

enter the description of the image here

The text wraps and expands the cell. C1000 as expected:

enter the description of the image here

I add text to a cell that had a conditional format (the conditional format is simply to change it to green in a certain value) and change the font of, and add long text, say in C125:

enter the description of the image here

The text does not enclose C125 although wrapping is applied:

enter the description of the image here

To reveal the remaining text in C125, I had to manually drag the height of the cell:

enter the description of the image here

I thought maybe one of the conditional formats was ruining it, so I deleted the format of all the cells and tried to enter long text back into C125:

enter the description of the image here

Once again, it is not wrapped. The text continues in the cell but does not push the cell down and does not expose the rest of the text:

enter the description of the image here

Finally, I thought that maybe text wrap applies to cells that are correctly formatted as Plain text, so I selected all the cells again and configured the format. Unlucky.

enter the description of the image here

Can there be an error with specific cells? Or copying and pasting text from other sources, such as Mac Notes, causes errors of this nature?

How can I restore to default in such a way that text wrap Does it work for all cells?

Input fields: text fields of the material design were filled with chrome style with automatic filling

We are using text fields delineated from Material Design.

Sometimes, Chrome (or any other browser, I suppose) can complete the data automatically because users have saved it. Chrome gives the user a clue by setting the background color of the light blue text field.

enter the description of the image here

I find the part where the blue background crosses the label, very difficult to read and very uncomfortable.

I do not want to force the background color to white because I think that overriding the browser's default behavior is a bad practice that would not serve our users.

No reference to that could be found in the MD documents.

I tried to force the background color to white and the label + outline to the color "autocomplete" but I am not sure that the users take the suggestion

Do you have any suggestions?