Formula to Reference an Outside Sheet If Specific Text In Cell Range Is Present It Will Compare Text in Two Ranges and Populate Text

I need a formula to reference an external workbook for to query a cell range for a certain entry to exist, and if that specific text is present, it will cross reference the a cell from a certain column in the same row and check if it is present in a column of the source sheet – if it does, it can populate with “Present”, and if it does not, populates with “Needs Added”.

In these example workbooks, I would like “Example Spreadsheet” Column B to house this formula. The Formulas will reference “Example Spreadsheet 2” cell range $A$2:$A for “Larry’s”, where “Larry’s” is present, it will compare cell range $D$2:$D in “Example Spreadsheet 2” to $C$2:$C in “Example Spreadsheet”. If present in both, it will populate with “Present” and if the store number is missing from $D$2:$D, it will populate with “Needs Added”.

The Links to the Example Spreadsheets are:

script – How to automatically type pre-defined text with a simple command on IOS?

On IOS 14.4 or above, is there any way to automate the process of pasting pre-defined text into the currently focused textfield, (even a password textfield)?

In an ideal world, with the text cursor blinking, you could just say, “Hey Siri, type string_5” where string_5 has been predefined as your email address or password, for example… or maybe use some kind of keyboard plug-in.

But you can’t do that at the moment… or can you??

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. The “Paste It” keyboard app.

Result: Doesn’t work / app is seemingy broken. Even if it did work, for some asinine reason, it needs internet access and “the developer can see whatever you type.” No thanks.

  1. The Text Replacement feature of IOS, such that, for example, typing “ezpz” results in “” being entered.

Result: Works well, but this technique won’t work for password fields.

  1. The Shortcuts app.

Result: I cant figure out how to glue all the necessary peices together… or if it’s even possible. I have been able to create other simple shortcuts like sending pre-defined text messages.

  1. Just telling Siri, “type (the stuff I want to type)” or “paste (stuff).”

Result: Either doesn’t work or she thinks I want to send a text message. Siri doesn’t understand “type into the currently focused textfield.”

sharepoint online – Wrap text on title and hyperlink columns

I’m trying to import a list from Sharepoint On-Premise to Sharepoint Online. In the old list, the text was wrapped for both the title and the hyperlink column which gave the list an organized and clean look. After the import to Sharepoint Online, the title and hyperlink column are no longer wrapped and it doesn’t seem like I’m able to change it in the column settings. I was trying to use the JSON formatting to fix it but I wasn’t able to get it to work. Is there any way to do this?

Pictures below to show the difference:
enter image description here

enter image description here

Grammar for ${ a^i b^j: j < 2i text{ and } j ne i } $

For the following language, write grammar independent of the text.

$${a^i b^j: j < 2i text{ and } j ne i } $$

I want a hint to start solving this problem. Where should I start?

8 – Views field override and use it in Global: Custom Text

In Drupal8, I have created a view of content and add a relationship of the user account field which is referenced entity of the content.
So, Basically I have one content type and in the account fields I have added one content referenced field, there user can select multiple values.

Now in the view I am showing the content and using the Global custom field I am overriding the output of the view.

In the field of referenced entity under view I am getting multiple values like 1,2,3,4,5 and I want something like if node id is present inside this multiple values then I want to display some text.

Can anybody let me know how can I achieve this?

I have tried something like below under Global: custom text field but it did not worked.

{% if nid in field_ref_content %}
  <p>Lorem Ipsum</p>
{% endif %}

I have tried to override the twig as well for that field and able to achieve the things what I want to show like some custom text, but that only rendered when we are using that field in view.

when I used that field’s replacement pattern inside that Global: custom text, that is returning only the default value which is 1,2,3,4,5 not the one which I have override using the view field override hook


Can someone please guide me, I spend so much time for this but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

interaction design – How do I let users know the field can be edited without putting it in text?

I am designing something like a wallet where users can withdraw from it. I’d like to give users the option to withdraw any amount, however, I do not know how to let my users know in a really obvious way that the amount can be edited. Currently, I’m deciding to put a text saying ‘click here for desired amount’ and connecting it via an arrow to the bottom $300.70 for users to know.

Please share with me your thoughts and opinions. Greatly appreciated!
If you do not understand where I am coming from, do leave a comment as well! Thank you :]

enter image description here

c# – How to print text string as QR code?

Need to integrate with a legacy program but cannot change its source code, currently the program can print text label, we would like to change its print result as QR code, i.e., when the program sends text string to the printer, the text string needs to be printed out as equivalent QR code.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this?

Thought maybe need a middle layer virtual printer, the legacy program sends printing text string to the virtual printer, the virtual printer converts the text sting to the equivalent QR code and forward the QR code to the physical printer. Not sure if this is doable? Is there any open source virtual printer project available for modification for the above purpose?

encryption – Passwords stored as obfuscated text, not encrypted

An application I admin (but did not develop or implement) claims to be storing passwords in a database using “reversible encryption.”

I have access to the database table, and was able to work out that they’re really only obfuscated, and can determine the clear text values by applying a simple mapping. This seems very bad, am I right to be concerned? Recommended next steps?

CSS for the Media + Text block

Looking for help writing CSS to customize the Media + Text block: I would like the header in this block to run the width so that it runs over the top of both the image and the text below it.

Google Drawings text boxes overwrite each other?

When I enter text into a text box in a Google Drawing (either standalone or when created in a Google sheet), every word overtypes the word previous to it. When the drawing is embedded, it looks fine, but in edit mode you get garble like in the attached screenshot. (And because it’s impossible to see what I’m doing, I can’t really fix typos and so on.)

I assume (as always) that this is user error — does anyone know what I did wrong?

FWIW, I’m using Chrome, just the standard install (no beta or bleeding-edge or whatever). I have no extensions that seem relevant (Zotero, LastPass, etc.).

enter image description here