readability: to what extent is the blank text on a medium to light gray background objectively a bad practice?

I made the mistake of openly criticizing a web page because they asked me for an opinion. I ruled negatively. To what extent is the designer guilty of my unfavorable criticism?

Legibility judged objectively?

Here intrinsic and external factors intervene, such as monitors and eyes.

The small text, from 8 to 10px, white, in a solid tone of gray, which is somewhere between 10 and 35%, still made me fall a "star" … probably because the LCD helped me. The viewing angle of the screen, the density of pixels, maybe even the reflection of the screen could have influenced me. However, am I to blame or is this supposed to be avoided?

Since I have a slight astigmatism, I should not appreciate small sources that are too thin or light. But actually I use this configuration at this time for my desktop environment, with supbixel processing enabled as a necessity to render the font correctly, it is very thin. I'm not blind

Is it sustainable that one should not have to weigh such external factors, if one adheres to good practices, as a greater contrast between the text and the fund?

There was also no real need to choose such a clear gray. What finally gave me the impression of being careless, while the author could have tried to keep things warm and cozy with his choice of colors.

Relevance issues

The thing is that the user is not reading a poem with this configuration. I'm talking about the menu items that will only be read really until the user learns instinctively in the third word of the row.

Personally, I think readability is important. But good practices are not rules and I can not penalize the author because he violated Article X. Is this still somehow objectively A misstep from a UX perspective or is it rather that I was prone to simply "finding fault" subjectively, frustrated by not being able to read some words at a glance? To what extent is the white text on a light gray background objectively a bad practice?

Bonus question in the same line:

This menu was also hidden unnecessarily from the view, until it was invoked by a click. This superfluity made me fall another star, since it gets in the way of efficient interaction. Except, it's just an additional click. However, making a furore in the dynamics for the sake of having dynamics can be done without getting in the way.

The same question. Did I hold a valid resentment? Should the author get it or rather be offended?

bash – Extract text between 2 strings only if there is another string present

I have a large XML file that I am trying to modify only certain lines of the file. The lines I want to modify will be all contained in them. In those lines, I want to have only the text between 2 strings (in this case those strings are / and). So let's say I have this in a text file:

test / extra text

I want to modify it to obtain the following:


Can this be achieved with awk or thirst?

iPhone: "Send as a text message" is not available in iMessage for a single contact

I am currently having problems with iMessage. I can not send a text message to my friend for any reason (iPhone user too). When I hold the iMessage to send it as a text, it says "Send as email" instead. However, I can also send text messages to other people with iPhones. I have reviewed my "Send and receive" and my number and email are marked. I have also tried to delete the email from my friend in my contacts, but there is no difference, only the email is registered in my phone when that person tries to contact me through facetime, iMessage, etc.

On the other hand, my friend. can be sent by other iPhone users except I. She can send me a text message, but I can not reply as a text message. In your "Send and receive" there is no "control" in your phone number, but a load sign next to it that does not seem to disappear.

GOOGLE LEAVES: Define value to numbers and text and then add them

I am comparing apartments and I have columns for features such as bedroom, bathroom, half bathroom, rent, pets, balcony, laundry, utilities, parking and bus access. Some of these have numbers like restrooms and rentals, while others admit pets and public services have words like "yes" and "included." I found help to assign value and until now I have:

= IF (AND (B2> = 1, B2<= 1), 1,IF(AND(B2>= 2, B2<= 2), 2,IF(AND(B2>= 3, B2<= 3), 3,IF(AND(B2>= 4, B2<= 4), 4,IF(AND(C2>= 1, C2<= 1), 1,IF(AND(C2>= 2, C2<= 2), 2,IF(AND(C2>= 3, C2<= 3), 3,IF(AND(C2>= 4, C2<= 4), 4,IF(AND(D2>= 1, D2<= 1), 1,IF(AND(D2>= 2, D2<= 2), 2,IF(AND(D2>= 3, D2<= 3), 3,IF(AND(D2>= 4, D2<= 4), 4,IF(AND(F2>= 0, F2<= 1000), 3,IF(AND(F2>= 1001, F2<= 1500), 2,IF(AND(F2>= 1501, F2 <= 2000), 3, IF (AND (G2 = "Yes"), 1, IF (AND (G2 = "No"), 0, (H2 = "Yes"), 1, IF (AND (H2 = "No"), 0, IF (AND (I2 = "Installation"), 0, IF (AND (I2 = "Private"), 1, IF (AND (J2 = "Included"), 1, IF (AND (J2 = "Not included"), 0, (K2 = "Yes"), 1, IF (AND (K2 = "No"), 0, (L2 = "Yes"), 1, IF (AND ( L2 = "No"), 0,))))))))))))))))))))))))))

How do I add the rows with these parameters to create a score for each apartment?

screenshot of my sheet

What is the correct naming procedure of the text domain, the directory and the name of the topic?

This is the example in the WordPress codex:

/ *
* Name of the subject: My theme
* Author: Author of the subject
* Text domain: my-theme
* Domain path: / languages
* /

Is it possible that the directory is called "mitema" or has to be "my-topic"?

When pasting confidential links or text in the Google Chrome bar, does Google store my password?

When I hit some links or confidential information by mistake in the Google Chrome URL bar, that could trigger a Google search.

Does Google store them all, including that confidential information?

Postman: how to extract the text from html responce

Tell me please, how can I extract the "click" value from the html response below

Redirecting …
document.location.href = & # 39; https: // id = & click = 12ac4749569This document contains the file email.

I used that code:

const $ = cheerio.load (pm.response.text ())

pm.test ("should return a title", () => {
pm.expect ($ (& # 39; script & # 39;). text ()). to.include ("^ click &")

pm.environment.set (& # 39; {transaction_id} & # 39 ;, $ (& # 39; script & # 39;). text ())

but it extracts all the text from the script tag. I suggest that I use the regular expression, but I do not know where I can include it

Missing text format when editing the page

Format field / tab is missing when I want to edit my pages. I am using SP2013

enter the description of the image here

How to paste text from the notebook to the emacs editor?

It is a doubt that I have if it can be done; and how to work in several emacs editor windows.

Text in Facebook ads – Web application exchange

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