sql server: get the full text of a long request

This may be due to the maximum number of characters that the result to the grid can return, 65535.

enter the description of the image here

You cannot change this to be higher than this number.

The text data type of sys.dm_exec_sql_text is nvarchar(max), there are no problems there.

You can convert the column to XML as an alternative solution

FROM sys.dm_exec_requests AS r
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(r.sql_handle) AS t

Or a better method by Evgeniy Gribkov

SELECT t.(text) 
FROM sys.dm_exec_requests AS r 
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(r.sql_handle) AS t 

Better this way: SELECT t. (Text) FROM sys.dm_exec_requests AS CROSS
APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text (r.sql_handle) AS t FOR XML RAW, ELEMENTS;
Since the request text cannot always be converted to XML. In
in particular, you cannot convert the query text when it is called stored remotely
procedures: "XML analysis: line 13, character 129, illegally qualified
character name "

Or save the results in a file

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Python populating dataframe in pandas of text files

I have a data frame in Pandas, let's call it df. It has the following columns:

  1. ID: which is a column ID number
  2. Files: containing a list of file names

For example:

ID         Files
1       [12, 15, 19] 
2       [15, 18, 103]

And so. Each item in the list corresponds to a text file with the same name, so "12" corresponds to "12.txt".

What I wanted to do was create a third column called "Content" that would take the text that was in each file from the list, concatenate everything and put it in the column. I was experimenting with loops, but I was wondering if there was a more efficient way to do it.

Thank you.

Does action text near buttons for sharing on social networks increase the exchange?

Is there any study that proves that action text like "share this" near social media sharing buttons increases the exchange?

For example, would the "share this" action text in the header encourage users to share more?

header screenshot

text prediction – problem maker when I write an email or username

When I want to write an email or username, or when I search for topics, p. In the stack overflow, when I start writing, I immediately see on the screen things that I wrote in the past and sometimes, even though I write something else, the previous types replace them. It appears when I write to buy on Amazon or when I want to buy a plane ticket, when I want to write labels on a stack overflow site.

How can I neutralize this "help" …?

Conditional formatting for the Google sheet compared to the text list

I am trying to create a custom formula for conditional formatting. I want to highlight the cell if the text appears in a list of names. This list will contain 210 unique names, so I cannot write each of them in the formula. I hope to refer to a list, but I can't seem to find an example for Google Sheets. I could see an example of Excel that would refer to a "List" that I would create.

Thank you,

Do not receive ALL text messages

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 … I started to NOT receive text messages from a person, but she receives mine and I receive other messages too. I have tried a "reset setting" but not a "factory reset" because I don't want to lose all my images and texts.

html – How to link childData with the text of a script in a firebase request?

I am trying to get the data from firebase, to a simple html but the data is not loaded when requested
I want that when entering a text in the input "number" it is linked with childData ('' number) and I publish it in

var childKey = childSnapshot.key; var childData = childSnapshot.val(); document.getElementById("data").value = childData('numero');

postgresql performance: Postgres memory configuration (RAM, work_mem, etc.) for complex text searches in indexed tsvectors

I know very little about Postgres memory settings.
I have developed a paid access database, which mainly stores text (and some metadata)
2 tables have 10 million rows with little text (1 paragraph for each row)
Another 2 tables have 100,000 rows with full texts (40 pages for each row)
In general, the size of the database is approximately 10 GB.

The objective of the project is to allow users to perform complex text searches (sometimes combined with metadata queries such as titles or data, which are not problematic).
Text searches are performed on tsvectors indexed in the tables described above, which are automatically filled with a trigger.
They are quite fast on my personal computer (MacBook Pro 2019 – 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 6 cores – RAM 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4).
Unfortunately, when I am going into production, they are quite slow on the remote ODS server (2 GB RAM),

Hence my question:
What are the ideal memory settings for complex text searches in indexed tsvectors?

Does it help when the size of the server RAM is larger than the size of the database (10 GB in my case), so that the database can be completely stored in RAM?

Should I increase work_mem or other settings?

As an additional question, does it help reduce the number of questioned tables, or is it irrelevant?
(for example, if users were only allowed to interrogate tables with paragraphs, and not tables with full texts)

Thank you very much for your help !

Graphical user interface design: when a button contains text and an icon, what should come first?

Big question! As you correctly assumed, the icons can be used to improve the speed of site navigation, such as web design is a search problem.

The Nielsen Norman Group eye tracking investigation states that users tend to scan a web page in a pattern & # 39; F & # 39; horizontally first (the top bar of the F), down a little on the page, then a short horizontal distance (the bottom bar of the F), to finally scan the left side of the page vertically.

icon image
The F-shaped scan derives from users' desire to minimize their interaction costs, which without realizing it increases their chances of losing potentially important information. A good design will reduce the F-shaped scan and any other scan pattern.

As web designers, what approaches could we use to make the discovery of important information harmless to users?

An effective approach is the conscious use of iconography.

icon image

The icons serve as effective visual aids. An icon placed before the text of a button will save users the cost of reading more than they want, thus improving the ease of scanning the page and ultimately contributing to a pleasant experience for your session.

However, there is a warning (There is always a warning). The icons that appear after the text are not always purely decorative, but are status indicators on the labels or explicit signifiers on the CTA buttons.

icon image

* A great general rule that helped me is Think of the icons as bullet points. Both share some equally important purposes:

  • Call attention to important information
  • Improves the ease of scanning information
  • Disseminate information effectively and efficiently

To read more, click here or here

Sharepoint online: can I have a free text comment tagged in a specific document that will NOT create a new version when it is edited?

I understand that if I have version control enabled in my document library, any changes I make to a document or its metadata will be represented in a new version of that document.

My client has asked if SharePoint can be allowed to support a free-form text field (or something) that can be tagged in a specific document. This would allow a user to write anything (for example, status, pending tasks, queries, etc.), and could appear, perhaps as a SharePoint column, in that document in the library view. If they edit this text, they don't want me to create a new version of the document, and they don't want the documents & # 39; Approved & # 39; suddenly return to & # 39; Draft & # 39 ;.

You may need to think outside the box and reject the client's request a bit, but is there anything possible in this regard?

Thanks in advance!