terminal – iCloud Sync activity log

Trying to discover how the activity occurs while the iCloud files are being synchronized. The macOS console application displays messages from cloud, but nothing very useful:

enter the description of the image here

Activity Monitor is not displayed cloud or another process transferring a lot of information either.

I'm looking for log files in / var / log or ~ / Library / Logs, but can not find anything.

Is there a log file that could be used with tail To see the synchronization activity of iCloud in real time?

How to set a fixed title for a terminal on Mac?

I'm working a lot with terminals on a Mac with OS 10.13.6 and I want to set the terminal title (I have several tabs open).

I know I can select the tab, go to Shell -> Edit Title and establish the title of the terminal.

However, when I start a command, log in to another computer, etc., that title is always overwritten.

How can I have a FIXED title for ALL TIMES (except that I turn off / restart the laptop)?

mavericks – Is there any way to continue writing in the same Terminal tab after executing a .command file?

For example, let's say I want to configure my virtual Python environment. I would run python3 -m virtualenv env Wait for him to run, then run source / Users / MyAccountName / env / bin / enable and then I would change my directory to wherever I'm running Python files.
It would be much easier to simply configure that in a .I send file, so I can double click on it and have it set up the virtual environment. However, when I run a .I send file, once it finishes executing, simply print:

Sign off
[Process Completed]

And I can not write anything anymore.
So, is there any way to continue writing on the same Terminal tab after executing a .I send case file?

authentication: the most used Linux terminal tools that take passwords as a parameter

I'm writing a tool that basically looks for scripts and file settings for encrypted passwords. My first approach is to identify the most commonly used Linux terminal applications that can pass a password (and, therefore, provide authentication).

Do you know a complete list of such tools? I could not find any. However, my first thoughts included the following tools:

  • wget
  • curly
  • North Carolina
  • ssh
  • scp
  • ftp
  • telnet
  • git
  • mysql
  • sftp

Do I lack the important ones?

web service – How to make a terminal like Linux, via web …?

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command line – A larger operator (>) appears when entering arguments into the terminal

the > comes from swipeis $ PS2 variable. bash man He says:

PS2 The value of this parameter is expanded as in PS1 and is used as the secondary request string. The default value is ``> & # 39; & # 39 ;.

I often see > when I have an unmatched date (") or apostrophe (& # 39;), or some other entry that swipe views as incomplete.

Is there transfer transfer from terminal DXB 1 to 2?

I am traveling from Manila (MNL) – Muscat and will transit for a connecting flight in Dubai for 2 hours. I will arrive at Terminal 1 in Dubai and my connecting flight will depart for Terminal 2. Is there a transport service that I can use without leaving the airport? How much and how long is the trip? I do not have a visa in Dubai and they informed me that it is fine as long as it does not leave the airport …

Thank you!

terminal – Does MacOS Mojave come with Java pre-installed?

I just ran what java command and got the output / usr / bin / java

I executed it too java -version command and also has version information output. So I think there is a real Java executable and not just a type of placeholder. I may have installed it at some point, but I do not remember doing it. Or is it pre-installed with the macOS Mojave?

If it does not come pre-installed, how do I get rid of it?

The Android terminal does not work immediately after restarting

jackpal.androidterm It does not work immediately after starting the phone.

Instead, it only shows a blank screen first. Then I have to wait about 20 to 60 seconds. So, The terminal indicator is enabled.

terminal – Automator: `command not found` (Python script for the command line)

I'm trying to create an Automator application, which allows me to convert Python script files .py files to Jupyter Notebook files .ipynb using the Python script for the jupytext command line. However, the following in the text box of Run shell scrip of Automator generates an error command not found.

for f in "$ @"
jupytext - to notebook "$ f"

This happens despite the fact that no error of this type occurs if I execute the following in Terminal on Mac.

jupytext --a libreta .py

Does anyone have any idea about what is missing?