dnd 5e: What happens when you re-launch Fiendish Vigor after losing temporary hit points?

A D&D 5e sorcerer takes the invocation of Fiendish Vigor.

Let's say that the sorcerer gains 8 CV of Diabolic Vigor temperature. Within the next hour he receives 8 damages. Then the sorcerer uses Fiendish Vigor for 5 temp hp.

What happens now:
A. The sorcerer earns 5 temporary hp and can earn hp temp repeatedly during a match as long as the damage has eliminated the current temporary hp.
B. The 5 temp hp replace the previous 8 temp temp and the sorcerer loses 3 real hp.

For reference:

Diabolic vigor:

You can cast False Life on you at will as a first level spell, without spending a spell space or material components.

Fake life:

Duration: 1 hour.
Reinforcing yourself with a facsimile of necromantic life, you gain 1d4 + 4 temporary hit points while it lasts.

Review: PLEXLE.RU – SHARE TEMPORARY FILE | Proxies123.com


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SQL Server Replication with Temporary Tables

After some advice. I have an existing database that uses temporary tables extensively (that is, versioned system tables). We are seeing an environment in which we have an almost real-time production replica for the development team. This requirement is to get the developers out of production and still allow them to do their job.

Now I discover that temporary tables are not compatible with transnational replication. This is the first time I have to configure replication, so I apologize if part of my question is naive.

When looking at a blog, it suggests that it might be possible for;

For the editor of each temporary table
1. Turn off system versions.
2. run exec sp_addarticle
3. run exec sp_articlecolumn for all columns except the SysStartTime and SysEndTime columns
4. Activate system version control.

For the subscriber
1. Create a schema for each temporary table, excluding the SysStartTime and SysEndTime columns, and delete the FOR PERIOD directive.

The question is: will this work? Or is there more or another way to achieve the same result?

How can the temporary directory be changed?

I migrated the site from the local server to the live server. But the images do not appear: the website logo and some PDF files. I've been seeing that the problem could be here "Config" >> "file system" and my temporary directory is: /Applications/MAMP/tmp/php because I need to change that. But I don't know how. If you can help me. Please

Warning: move_uploaded_file (temporary: //logo_verde_maior.png): failed
open flow:
The call "Drupal Core StreamWrapper TemporaryStream :: stream_open" failed
in Drupal Core File FileSystem-> moveUploadedFile () (line 81 of
core / lib / Drupal / Core / File / FileSystem.php).

This is a mistake:

Warning: move_uploaded_file (): can't move & # 39; / tmp / php9al1tV & # 39; to
& # 39; temporary: //logo_verde_maior.png' in
Drupal Core File FileSystem-> moveUploadedFile () (line 81 of
core / lib / Drupal / Core / File / FileSystem.php). Error loading file. Could
Do not move the loaded file.

arrays – Temporary complexity of removing duplicates in lists


I wonder what the minimum complexity time is to obtain the unique value of an array in two conditions: maintaining order or not.

I think the complexity of the time of not maintaining order is $ O (n) $ using a hash table.
Maintaining order has a temporary complexity $ O (n ^ 2) $.

So, am I right? Can anyone give a detailed proof of the complexity of the time of the best in each condition?

For more information:

I use Python, I find 2 python codes to drop duplicates in a list.

  1. How are duplicates removed from a list while preserving order?
  2. remove duplicates in lists

File upload: move an image from the temporary folder in php

Hello, I am learning to send files in PHP, when you upload the file you need to copy the file from the temporary folder to the new folder. The problem is that when passing the route, php understands "" as a comment or escape character and gives an error. How to solve or solve this problem.

if (isset ($ _ FILES ("file"))) {

    $arquivo_end = $_FILES("arquivo")("tmp_name");
    $arquivo = basename($_FILES("arquivo")("name"));
    $diretorio = "area-login";
    $barra = "arquivos";
    echo $diretorio.$barra.$arquivo;

} else {
    echo "nada setado"; 

How to list all users who have a specific temporary table space as the default

I would like how to list all users that have a default default temporary table space.

programming practices: how to accredit temporary collaborators ethically

For a hackathon, my friend and I work together on a project and manage to execute it in its most basic form. Now I want to continue the development, and since it is no longer invested in it, I will do it alone. My question is, how to prove it ethically in the project?

Undoubtedly, he put work in the code modules, but I will also expand them greatly, as well as the rest of the project. I wish I could use the code in my portfolio, in which case I don't want it to seem like I only did half the work. On the other hand, I definitely don't want to cut it, since that seems wrong.

I can't separate the parts easily and we don't use a tool like Github that keeps an exact track.

Is it generally faster to select in a temporary table than to select in a real table?

I thought that once I read somewhere that writing in tempdb is faster than a real table that is not in tempdb. Is this true in any capacity?
I thought you remembered saying something special about tempdb and storing the data in memory?