applications – telephone answering device (voicemail) functionality application

My mobile operator has stopped offering the functionality of the answering device (voicemail) (when you call someone, and cannot answer your phone, you receive a recorded message, which allows you to leave a message).
Is there an integrated Android application or functionality that allows the caller to leave a voice message if they cannot answer?

Web server with only American telephone assistance equipment.

Web server with only American telephone support equipment | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Web server with only American telephone assistance equipment.

    I realize that this can be a sensitive issue, but I have a hard time understanding foreign speakers. Is there any way, when choosing a web hosting provider, that you can know that they do not use foreign speakers?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Webned
    See publication

    I realize that this can be a sensitive issue, but I have a hard time understanding foreign speakers. Is there any way, when choosing a web hosting provider, that you can know that they do not use foreign speakers?

    What part / accent are you looking for?

    (WordPress) website tutorials and some hosting comments:

    I / O Gremlin

  3. You can look at Hostdime / Surpasshosting. They have their own data center and staff and do not work with a call center or parrots.

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Unlocking SIM: how do I get a network unlocking code without going through my telephone operator?

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What is the best time / stage to request telephone verification to the Hosts / listers?

For the vacation rental app like Airbnb, and the likes. What is the best time / stage to request telephone verification to the Hosts / listers? In the register or after the list of the property? Keep in mind that they have to verify before the property is published.

telephone – Automatic calling system: "Press star" or "Press asterisk"?

I am not a native speaker of English and I currently have a task on my desk to translate some texts for an automatic telephone call system. You know things to confirm your request, press one, to cancel, press pound.

And the question is: Should I use "star" or "asterisk", bottom left on the keyboard, when your computer program talks to someone on the phone?


The call system will target both native English speakers and people who have English as a second or third language.

Asterisk It is easier to understand in a low quality telephone connection, but it can confuse non-native speakers of English.

Star it is more or less clear for everyone, but it can be badly listened to, since it is only one syllable (especially when the telephone connection is suboptimal).

Edition 2:

The system should call people from all over the world in case of emergency with the system for which they are responsible. It allows translation into any language, but the company that manages the system will not pay for the translation of one or two people, so all people for whom there is no translation will receive the call in English.

We use voice messages synthesized by software (and human voice not recorded), so the messages should be as clear and concise as possible.

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telephone – Is this foreign call a kind of scam and what kind is it?

If you search for that number on Google, you will see that people complain that the phone only rings once, so that single ring does not happen by chance alone. You can find complaints published months or years ago, so it's not a new type of scam. And if you search Google for "telephone telephone ringing", you will find many results, since apparently this scam also appeared in the news recently. Here are a couple of links, and one is from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that apparently issued a warning on May 3:

It's about making you call again. You see the missed call, you return the call and you end up paying a lot of money due to a special toll or a call to a foreign country. Apparently, scammers have a way to get a percentage of what you end up paying on the bill, or this would not make sense.

Telephone accessibility to game device.

1. Is there any way to use my phone as an original Xbox 360 controller?

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