Telephoto: How many additional stops do monopods offer for telephone photographs?

It is instructive to look at where monopods are most frequently used: sporting events and hunting of wild animals. In all these cases, it is not a question of "how many stops" a monopod can provide. It is simply a matter of increasing the rate of goalkeeper shooting.

Competitive sports (soccer, football, etc.)

The monopods are everywhere on the fringe of professional football (international, American, etc.). For sports shooters, a fast shutter speed is needed to capture the shot because the subject is moving fast. In general, people like perfectly captured moments in time for this type of sporty photos, without blurry movement. There are exceptions where the blur of movement in the background is desirable, but those shots are rare and tend to be understood as more artistic than the typical sports report.

Sports photographers should be able to move and move around with each other, so tripods are unwieldy, impractical and, when they are around other inconsiderate sports photographers. But when they try to capture events across the field, they need to wear their longer lenses, and those lenses are heavy. So stability is required. The photographer might Kneel and use your knee to support the elbow to provide some stability, but that limits them to shoot from a low position and also reduces their mobility. A monopod allows you to shoot comfortably from a standing position and the ability to move at any time. Even though a monopod is a compromise tool, it turns out to be the best tool for this shooting situation.


Distances are much greater in autosport, so there is more dependence on telephoto lenses than football / stadium / arena sports. But there is an additional element that is not present in team / stadium / arena sports: controlled motion blur is really desirable. Very fast shutter speed in the performance of car racing. boring Shooting, where the complete movement of the cars stops: the wheels do not seem to be turning. Apart from perhaps a heavily loaded front corner suspension when the car brakes hard in a corner, with a fast shutter speed the cars seem to be static and parked on the asphalt, instead of dynamic.

Therefore, autoport photographers reduce the shutter speed, maybe as low as, s, depending on the speed of the cars from the point of view of the photographer, the focal length, etc. But that is not enough, because the whole car will be blurred. The photographer also has to Move the camera to follow the movement of the car.. This requires a lot of practice, and even when it is done by experienced professionals, it results in many shots below normal (unusable). This shot is only really effective for a panoramic shot, which turns out to be perfect for a monopod: the monopod does not restrict the pan axis (the so-called yaw axis) at all, while eliminating or reducing the other axes of movement. .

By the way, this is also the reason why most of the lenses with tripod mount and image stabilization have 3 IS modes: off; full on; and tripod mode, which means that the IS ignores the turn / turn movement in its stabilization. Not specifically for Motor sport, but for tracking subjects that move laterally with a telephoto lens.


This is very similar to the competitive sports situation, but often at much longer distances, similar to motor sports. In this case, the compatibility of the camera is chosen depending on the particular subject that you want to track. Birdwatchers often sit in one place or move infrequently and slowly, so a tripod is desirable for stability and to help carry the load of heavy supertelephoto lenses. Another game may require greater mobility of the photographer, so the hassle of moving and setting up a tripod would constantly justify using a monopod instead.

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External keyboard – Can a telephone act as a replacement for a computer?

Given the power of current smartphones, it seems that many could function as basic computer replacements. In the past, Microsoft tried to provide a viewing base to convert a Microsoft phone into a PC. Is there something similar for Android phones?

I guess some of them allow HDMI output, but is the software adapted to work with a keyboard and a mouse? Could a phone feed / connect to an external hard drive?

Features of the Armory wallet and its telephone number for technical support

Armory is not a wallet, it is a wallet management application for Bitcoins. It is an open source wallet application based on Python. The arsenal was built on January 3, 2012. It is available for several operating systems such as Mac OSX and Linux. There is a new feature in Armory that is an encrypted wallet. Protects portfolios offline for 100% security of online hackers. Help in secure printing for all types of backup. If you are using an armory wallet, you have the option to resolve your problem in Telephone number of the Armory + 1-888-712-3146. This is a free number for customers of the Armory portfolio.

Sale – telephone boxes

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One hour a day would be enough to market products after the site has been added with more products

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?
The only challenge can be placing each order with the seller.

networks: accidentally disconnected a telephone line, how can I reconnect?

I recently inherited an old building that was wired before my current company moved, trying to order the old wiring closet (small box where all the cat5 ends) I disconnected a cable that turned out to be the telephone line used for a router in a back office. So my problem is that I have the next block where the external telephone line ends and I have no idea where to reconnect the cables that I removed

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The red and green cables are connected to our main telephone of the company that provides us access to the Internet, however, when I connect that line to the dsl port of the back office router, I can not connect to the Internet. The other labels list a different number and an "alarm" set that is disconnected.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sale – telephone boxes

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8.1 oreo: Why are calls to emergency numbers not displayed in the call log of the Telephone application?

I recently had to make an emergency call.

Later I noticed in the call logs of my device in the Phone application that the emergency number I called did not appear in the call log. (In other words, no entry shows the call, there is no trace in the call log that I called an emergency number).

Why is this? Is this intentional and by design, or is it an error?

(Using the stock of Android 8.1 with the latest updates of Nexus 6P.)

International users / not based in the USA? UU Do you know / automatically write your county code when filling out telephone number forms?

I am designing a telephone number field for an international audience. Initially, I separated the country code with the ability to select countries from a drop-down menu. Once a country flag has been selected, the country code itself will appear next to the flag, example: +22. The user would then complete the rest of his phone number.

However, after talking with my team, an engineer suggested that most international users already know their country code and should be able to start writing it automatically. Once written, the default country code will change to the one entered. allowing them to skip the selection of the drop-down country code.

Has anyone had experience in designing phone number forms for international users? Is it better to separate the country code selection from entering the rest of your number? Change the country code while writing UX junk or do you think it could improve the experience for international users who already know the country code?