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A Blockchain It is a decentralized, digitized public book of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain technology was developed to support bitcoin in digital currency and is considered the most competent technology against cyber fraud that accepts financial transactions to be verified electronically through a computer network. With this technology, we can perform any type of transactions without using centralized servers. We, at Osiz Technologies, are leaders blockchain development company offers wallet, IPFS, smart contracts, poc, private and public blockchain application development services for all types of business solutions that use blockchain technology. Hire dedicated blockchain developers for your next blockchain application development projects. We have written a blog that shows that industries use blockchain industries. For more information, visit this URL, https://www.osiztechnologies.com/blog/enterprise-blockchain-development-company


Blockchain application development company – Osiz Technologies – Cryptocurrency Corner

AIGOPay is a revolutionary payment protocol that goes beyond the basic benefits of a blockchain-based payment protocol, which is transparency and access to cryptocurrency.

AIGOPay takes advantage of an advanced algorithm designed by the AIGO company itself. The project will use the AIGO AI payment chain protocol that offers reduced processing costs, protection against chargebacks and customizable payment formats. This product successfully meets the needs of companies and individuals.

DAFO AIGOPay analysis

The SWOT analysis explains in detail the potential of a blockchain project.

The AIGO company is entering a tight market as payments fall under a natural use of the blockchain. Succeeding in such a competitive market requires a competitive advantage, and AIGO has the right product to become the next cryptocurrency market leader.

Payment products are unique in that they must serve companies and consumers directly.
The AIGOPay team has many years of experience in financial and e-commerce industries. The team has experienced difficulties and suffers from the current channels for offering transactions to both merchants and consumers. Therefore, this is the first payment product designed for individuals and companies. Yes, AIGOPay is cheaper, transparent and packed with many other amazing features, but these are just your valuable offers.

Having a team that understands that a paid product should not only please consumers, but also businesses, especially small businesses, makes AIGOPay a product designed for rapid adoption. This is why AIGOPay has already seen the adoption of many companies despite being alone in its conceptual stage. The defining force of this product is its team vision to properly develop a product that can support the success of companies and consumers alike. Instead of being just an additional network for transactions, AIGOPay offers a product that serves as a channel for transactions, access more revenue and manage product problems (such as returns) without problems through a single offer. AIGOPay is the complete package.

The main peculiar weakness of AIGOPay, despite its highly desirable characteristics with which the project is full. The product must spend money on marketing. As the company will have to disseminate knowledge of its product, a good part of its initial fund of funds should be allocated to marketing campaigns.

However, there is a positive side to this. Given the convenience of the product, demonstrated by the fact that many merchants have agreed to adopt it only during the conceptual stage, the conversion rate of the AIGOPay marketing campaign will be high, and that means that the ROI can easily finance future marketing campaigns .

The cryptocurrency market has reached a very high volume and many currencies have a higher trading volume than the native currency of some country. However, an important challenge that affects cryptocurrency is that there is little capacity to use these coins for daily needs.

There are many jokes and memes that fly on the Internet about people who have large crypto assets but cannot even drink a beer. This pushes cryptocurrencies to be victims of ridicule. It is time for the world to be able to make the most of the power of this market and AIGOPay is providing exactly that.

AIGOPay aims to convert cryptography as liquid as any currency and that in itself is a mass market. This benefits both consumers and merchants, as the aggregate purchasing power of consumers will increase.

In addition, companies are clearly affected by existing payment systems. AIGOPay focuses on each of those pains using the blockchain, a native XGOtoken and an AIGO AI payment chain protocol. Click here for more information on the benefits of AIGOPay for companies

AIGOPay's market perspective is very strong. And it is that pocket fiduciary competitors can see this product as a powerful new acquisition opportunity. While MasterCard and Visa clearly will not risk their entire source of income by changing their payment protocol to a completely new concept with which they had never ventured before, they would be more than interested in acquiring a product that is born with the intention of leveraging blockchain technology. And these companies have a solid history of acquiring promising and competitive new companies.

But an acquisition is not all bad from a commercial perspective. And this article offers a commercial analysis of AIGOPay. While pure blockchain movement enthusiasts would be angered by any attempt at acquisition by a centralized company, the valuation of AIGOPay would gain a strong boost.

Visa and MasterCard regularly pay large bonuses and provide billions for technological advances to their product offerings. AIGOPay would be a powerful product diversification for Card Network providers, and that makes AIGOPay a highly desirable acquisition objective; However, this is not something to be discouraged if you are looking at AIGOPay from a commercial perspective.

AIGO Project Official links

Web: https://aigopay.tech

White paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17K2inOew076KJ_iTKL3n4g0tDz8JXUf0/view

Telegram: http://t.me/aigo_global

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aigopay

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aigopay


Peer Gynt: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2545129

Eth: 0x242C8Db94A1c2693f9A61A6FF8c875493868e8aB

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Websites – Essential technologies to create a BREAD / CRUD blog

I am trying to create a blog with toasted bread system and I know that there are some useful technologies that can make my life easier while I program this blog, but I am struggling to find something reasonable.

I know HTML CSS JS Jquery PHP + laravel (I'm not a master of that).
I want to find something that can help me with the CMS, since I can manage the design, the front and the backend easily and with pleasure.
My question is what are the essential technologies or what would you use in my situation and "Is it possible to learn this power?" in a month to not know the basics.

Battery: Do fast charging technologies wear out batteries faster?

There are many fast charging technologies out there, now seemingly reaching 120 W, which can supposedly:

… capable of fully charging the battery of a 4,000 mAh phone in just 13 minutes …

Now I am not an expert in physics or materials technologies, but thinking intuitively to increase the effect (without changing the input current) could cause long-term battery wear, assuming the batteries catch fire first.

I was wondering if there is any information available, regarding how well batteries are maintained in the long term, with these new high-power charging solutions.

Hire Magento Developers from Elsner Technologies for $ 125

James Smith is working as a Magento developer at Elsner. Hire Elsner certified Magento developers to develop a superlative Magento website for your business.

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Oneos Technologies Ltd – oneos.tech – HYIPs

I am not an administrator or owner of this project

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Program description
Oneos operates in Forex, cryptocurrencies and stock markets. For effective trade, we have developed software for automated commerce. The commercial robot algorithm incorporates unique strategies that minimize possible risks, and our specialists competently distribute customer investments and ensure stable profits.

Investment plans

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The body of the deposit is included in the accumulations; The total benefit for the term is 133%.


1.75% daily for 28 days

The deposit is returned at the end of the term, the total benefit is 149%.

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Payment Processor
Perfect money (Verified)

Reflux commission
Standard: 5% – 0% – 0%
Expanded: 10% – 1% – 0.5%
Representative: 10% – 2% – 1%
Senior Manager: 15% – 3% – 1%

Minimum deposit
$ 10

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SSL encryption
Fast and cooperative support
DDoS protected
Dedicated Hosting
Unique script

My deposit
The amount of USD 300 has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U2753675-> U19906968. Memo: Payment of the shopping cart. balance replenishment .. Date: 03:39 PM 03.09.19. Lot: 278859667.

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(Investment programs are always risky, so don't invest if you can't afford to lose)

Combined DB technologies?

Dear Forum: another DB decision question. Thanks in advance for any good advice.

So, I am setting up a database for the "media file" of our company. It includes metadata about (1) print data (such as press clippings, book reviews, marketing documents, books and brochures we publish) and (2) audiovisual data (basically all with a timeline, such as digitized videos and archives of audio, DVD and CD). So these two build the main data tables and there are a couple of smaller ones …

Combined DB technologies?

How to work on multiple technologies at the same time and also be so efficient as to answer questions in StackOverflow?

I see many people who have a reputation for millions in stackoverflow. And I can't help wondering if I'm on the right path. By going the wrong way, I can miss a lot and limit myself to few technologies and not even delve into those few technologies. The contribution of the community is what I feel necessary at this time.

New technologies in medicine | Black Hat Seo and Affiliate Marketing Forum

  1. Samur

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    June 2, 2019
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    How can new technologies in medicine replace a person and clinic staff?

  2. rebekka

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    June 3, 2019
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    Technology develops at supersonic speeds. Look at the passport robots already issued. It seemed that I was on television in Japan at the work of the hotel robots. Therefore, the substitution of people is very real.

html: What technologies should I learn to create a website with a multi-selection drop-down menu dynamically filled in with automatic saving?

I am new to web development. I hope to be in the right stack exchange. I just understood the forms, DOM, main uses of HTML, CSS and Javascript. That said, here is my requirement. Let's say I have a website that has several multi-selection drop-down menus.

  1. Car brand: This multi-selection drop-down menu would be completed from the options in a database such as AWS DynamoDB (I know that the query syntax is different). Something like SELECT * FROM carmaker; The rows of all these queries should appear as options in Car brand Multiple selection drop down.

  2. Car name: When selecting options in Car Make, the next multi-selection drop-down menu is Car Name, where all the tables that were Car Make options will be consulted. If I have selected two options of Car brand multiple selection drop down then Car name the multiple selection options would be SELECT * FROM option1, option2, option3 etc.

There are no submit buttons in any of these multiple selection drop-down menus. As I select all options, the following drop-down menu should be filled in properly. There should also be this automatic save option where the page will remember the chosen option

Things I can use: any AWS service for databases, asynchronous calls, call services, React.js, Bootstrap.

I would just like to know what I should look for in Google:

  1. Dynamic multi-selection selection options that are filled when querying a database without a Submit button.
  2. Autosave feature.