ETH technical pattern’s correction emerges as $1,800 beckons

The price of Ethereum has dropped to $2,300 after a recent rise. Following a drop of $1,700 the previous week, the gains have increased. Bulls, on the other hand, lost steam, resulting in the current pullback.

Ether is currently trading just around $2,000 at the time of writing. The smart contract token has suffered a setback after losing support at $2,100, as illustrated by the 100 Simple Moving Average (SMA) on the four-hour chart.

The downswing objective can be calculated by multiplying…

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Find technical support positions | Web Hosting Talk

Hello, my name is KangYong

I have years of experience in nginx, apache, php, etc.

And familiar with various control panels (directadmin, cpanel, solusvm, proxmox, plesk, solusio, etc.)

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Technical Support Position | Web Hosting Talk

Technical Support Job Description


• Front Line Technical Support & Sales

• Ticket, Chat, Phone

• Site Migrations


• Experience working with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

• At least 2 years of experience with cPanel/WHM & the web hosting industry.

• Has an understanding of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting.

• Has experience with WHMCS.

• Has a firm understanding of open source software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

• Is able to quickly and efficiently handle web hosting related issues such as DNS, FTP, PHP-based errors, etc.

• Has a reliable high speed internet connection.

• Prior experience selling web products or services to small businesses.

• Good communication skills.


• Experience with other control panels a plus

• Direct Admin

• Plesk

• Others

• Web design experience (HTML, CSS, WordPress, etc)

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I will do on word press Yoast SEO or technical optimization for you for $15

I will do on word press Yoast SEO or technical optimization for you

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What is the Checklist for technical SEO?

I know SEO is a 2 part as on-page SEO and off-page SEO, nowadays I concern about technical SEO.please help me with that. which the checklist for technical seo.

typescript – Are there technical issues/disavdantages on this BaseService that aims to simplify calling API endpoints

I have created an angular BaseService that aims to simplify calling API endpoints

I would like to know if you see any code smells, bad patterns or architecture issues.
What disadvantages could this have.

The idea is to decouple the api configuration from the implementation

The configuration is made in the api-config.ts

export enum ENDPOINT {

export enum VERB {

export class ApiConfig {
    endpoint: ENDPOINT;
    url: string;
    verb: VERB;

const API_CONFIG: ApiConfig() = (
        url: '/cfg/getMenu',
        verb: VERB.GET
        url: '/cfg/getCSMO',
        verb: VERB.GET_BY_PARAMS
        url: '/aat/post',
        verb: VERB.POST_BODY
        url: '/aat/delete',
        verb: VERB.PATCH
        url: '/dsh/getCNSD',

export { API_CONFIG as API_CONFIG };

Then the baseService exposes a call method that determine what verb needs to be called and is the only place where httpClient is used

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { HttpClient, HttpParams } from '@angular/common/http';
import { ConfigService } from 'src/app/app-config.service';
import { Observable } from 'rxjs/internal/Observable';
import { ApiConfig, API_CONFIG, ENDPOINT, VERB } from './api-config';

class CallOptions {
    body?: any;
    params?: HttpParams;
    queryString?: string;

export class BaseService {

    constructor(protected httpClient: HttpClient, private configService: ConfigService) { }

    public call(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT, opt: CallOptions): Observable<any> {

        const verb = this.getConfig(apiEndpoint).verb;

        switch (verb) {
            case VERB.GET:
                return this.get(apiEndpoint);
            case VERB.GET_BY_PARAMS:
                return this.getWithParams(apiEndpoint, opt.params);
            case VERB.PATCH:
                return this.patch(apiEndpoint, opt.queryString, opt.params);
            case VERB.POST_BODY:
                return, opt.body);
            case VERB.POST_BODY_PARAMS:
                return this.postWithParams(apiEndpoint, opt.body, opt.params);
                const error = `BaseService: Verb ${verb} not supported yet`;
                throw new Error(error);
    //TODO if migration is finished convert this to private, it should not fail compiling
    protected getBaseUrl(): string {
        return this.configService.get('apiUrl');

    private getConfig(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT): ApiConfig {
        const apiConfigEndpoint = API_CONFIG.find(e => e.endpoint === apiEndpoint);
        if (apiConfigEndpoint === undefined) {
            const error = `BaseService: Endpoint (${apiEndpoint}) not configured`;
            throw new Error(error);
        return apiConfigEndpoint;

    private buildURL(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT) {
        return `${this.getBaseUrl()}${this.getConfig(apiEndpoint).url}`;

    private get(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT): Observable<any> {
        return this.httpClient.get<any>(this.buildURL(apiEndpoint));

    private getWithParams(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT, params: HttpParams): Observable<any> {
        return this.httpClient.get<any>(this.buildURL(apiEndpoint), { params });

    private post(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT, body: any): Observable<any> {
        return<any>(this.buildURL(apiEndpoint), body);

    private postWithParams(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT, body: any, params: HttpParams): Observable<any> {
        return<any>(this.buildURL(apiEndpoint), body, { params });

    private patch(apiEndpoint: ENDPOINT, queryParams: string, params: HttpParams): Observable<any> {
        return this.httpClient.patch<any>(`${this.buildURL(apiEndpoint)}?${queryParams}`, params);

Since the call method returns an Observable it can be used in the same places and in the same way as when calling httpClient get or post methods

loadMenu$ = createEffect(() => this.actions$.pipe(
        switchMap(() =>, {})
                map(response => actions.loadMenuComplete({ menu: response.result })),
                catchError(() => of(actions.loadMenuFailure({ error: 'fail' })))

technical seo – Does switching subfolder matters for SEO?

Let’s say I have a blog on and now I decide to create another blog inside

If has been out there for 7 years and its content has been indexed for much longer, would it be better for SEO to keep posting blog posts on it instead of moving some away to some other folder?

Do “folders” of a domain have their own kind of “internal ranking” to the point that it matters what “folder” we use to publish our content?

magento2 – Technical review failed on module submission

I am new in Magento and have a project for building a custom shipping carrier module with PHP and Magento, in which I have. Now when going for submission in the Technical Review section, I always get an error in the Manual QA part. I am running using PHP 7.4 on my machine and installed magento 2.4.1. From their side (Logs) after installing the module, it doesn’t appear in the Admin dashboard under the delivery methods tabs, but on my side, it is working just fine. I have converted the module into a composer installer: and still gets rejected. Please see the report below.

        "date":"2021-05-30 15:07:16",
            "message":"<p>Test Environment Used:</p>n<p>Magento Ver. 2.4.2 Community Edition (PHP 7.4.13)</p>n<p>&nbsp;</p>n<p>Reason for failure:</p>n<p>Unable to configure the extension as per User Guide - Unable to find Droppa Shipping module.</p>n<p>&nbsp;</p>n<p>Steps:</p>n<ol>n<li>Login to Admin</li>n<li>Navigate to Stores &gt; Configuration</li>n<li>Go to Sales &gt; Delivery Methods</li>n</ol>n<p>&nbsp;</p>n<p>Expected Result: There must be Droppa Shipping module under Delivery Methods</p>n<p>Actual result: Droppa Shipping module is missing under Delivery Methods</p>n<p>&nbsp;</p>n<p>Tested browser: Google Chrome Version 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)</p>n<p>&nbsp;</p>n<p>Video: Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p>n<p>Logs: No</p>n<p>Screenshot: Attached</p>n<p>Other attachments, notes, etc.: No</p>",

enter image description here

I have also added my composer.json file.

    "name": "droppa-2020/droppashipping",
    "minimum-stability": "stable",
    "description": "Custom Droppa Shipping Module",
    "keywords": (
        "Magento 2",
        "Magento 2 Courier",
        "Magento 2 Shipping",
        "Magento 2 extension free"
    "require": {
        "php": "~7.1.3||~7.2.0||~7.3.0||~7.4.0"
    "type": "magento2-module",
    "license": (
    "autoload": {
        "files": (
        "psr-4": {
            "Droppa\DroppaShipping\": ""
    "authors": (
            "name": "Jack Manamela",
            "email": "",
            "role": "Developer"
    "support": {
        "email": "<work_email_goes_here>"
    "archive": {
        "name": "../DroppaShipping",
        "skip-dev": false
    "version": "1.0.0"

Where could I be going wrong? Kindly assist. Thanks in advance.

blockchain – Some technical questions about Bitcoin

blockchain – Some technical questions about Bitcoin – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

att – Is there any technical advantage to ordering the Google PIxel 4a 5G from AT&T as opposed from the Google Store if I use the AT&T network?

Years back, I remembered that AT&T didn’t support a bunch of features (like Wifi calling and some others) when you purchased the generic version of a Samsung phone. These features would be supported on the AT&T version of the Samsung smartphone.

Is that the case when I use the Google PIxel 4a 5G purchased from the Google store on the AT&T network or is there no difference?

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