sharepoint online – Creating a channel on microsoft teams with site design schema

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sharepoint online – Column default value settings on folders created when creating Ms Teams channel

I am migrating sites from SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online/Ms Teams. We have not been using folders in our document libraries, instead we have relied on managed metadata. For one of the new sites, I created the site as an Ms Teams, and then I set up a number of channels, one for each sub-process (that we have metadata for). So I got the corresponding folders in my SharePoint library, one for each channel.

I would now like to have the files added to the folders tagged with the sub-process metadata for that folder automatically. But when I go to “Column default value setting” I can see none of the folders that exist in the library. I can just set default values for the document library.

How can I get the folders created by Ms Teams to display in “Column default value settings”?

Does anyone how can I share my tablet’s whiteboard app in Microsoft TEAMS?

I have an exam in the upcoming days and I would like to know how can I share the screen of my tablet in Microsoft Teams,in which I will have opened a board app,and at the same time I want to share the camera of my notebook though Microsoft Teams

views – Workflows within teams or groups

How I go about implementing editorial workflows within a group of users?
I have user identified with a taxonomy term, for example, a per country or per team-based group.

To simplify configuration and avoid adding more extensions, I went about creating a taxonomy, e.g. “Groups”, within that I have the groups, e.g. “Group A” and “Group B” and then each user is related to that group through a field in the user Account Settings.

Team A

  • John Doe – role: Author – taxonomy: Team A
  • Jane Doe – role: Reviewer – taxonomy: Team A

Team B

  • Jake Ryan – role: Author – taxonomy: Team B
  • Joane Ryan – role: Reviewer – taxonomy: Team B

My objective is that when John Doe creates content, the workflow only emails the Reviewer of that group: Jane Doe.

I do struggle to understand the group module. From what I’ve heard about it, I guess it would solve all my problems, but I’m having a lot of difficulties finding information (tutorials, documentation) that would allow me to grasp all the concepts this module introduces.

windows – Limit Microsoft Teams video bandwidth

Microsoft Teams use all bandwidth available to maintain maximum video quality.
I’m monitoring bandwidth with Centreon : if 6Mb is available, it will use it.
Of course, it cause problems.
I want to limit video bandwidth to 1.5Mb
I’m with O365 enterprise contract.
I can’t find GPO for doing that.

agile – Effectively running large front-end platform with multiple teams contributing

I work at a company where we have built much of our own e-commerce platform from the ground up. We have a growing number of teams who effectively operate as stream-aligned teams, based on functional areas (Growing x capability, improving customer retention, etc etc). We have 10-15 teams containing a Product owner, delivery manager, business analyst, software dev in test, and engineers to give an idea for the size of the engineering department.

Our estate is made up of a number of large services built by the teams to meet the needs of the business. We have a target architecture within the business, however, the teams are given a lot of autonomy as to how they would like to work within this architecture and which tools they want to use. This works really effectively in the majority of cases – bar one area.

Our front-end platform, which is a mono-repo React application, is a large and growing project that houses the business’s front-end website. This project is contributed to by a number of different stream-aligned teams, who may not be working even within the same functional area. An example being one team working on my account feature, whilst others work on an improved search capability.

The project is version controlled via GIT and has a working pipeline with volatile environments for feature branches to allow for testing. Our teams all operate using either scrum or kanban and we do our best to invest in agile practices.

The issue we are having is this project does not have a clear owner, and is rapidly growing in complexity and diverging in standards of code, approach to e2e testing, etc. This is having an impact on our ability to release frequently and with confidence, as we are now frequently having issues.

I think Conway’s law is playing a large part in this, but it would be really interesting to see how others have managed this problem (open-source projects could be a good inspiration for a model we could use potentially).

I’d appreciate any suggestions for patterns or practices we can implement to better manage this repo. The engineering department has grown quite rapidly over the last two years, so some mistakes have been made along the way and I’m keen to address them.
Thanks for reading my question!

sharepoint online – Can I show another folder beside the General folder inside MS Teams

We have a SharePoint team site and inside MS Teams we can view the General folder as follow:-

enter image description here

Now inside the sharepoint site I added a new folder named test beside the General folder, as follow:-

enter image description here

but this new folder did not appear inside Ms Team.. so is there a way to automatically show any folder added to the root of the document library inside MS Teams? If not then can i do it manually?

Stop microsoft teams from automaticaly booting up

I’m using Microsoft teams on Ubuntu 18 and don’t want it to automatically pop up when I boot up my computer. I couldn’t find any information about this on the internet. I hoping somebody can help me.

office 365 – SharePoint Online site and Microsoft Teams Team Relationship

No, it will not create a Microsoft teams team automatically.

When you create a SharePoint online team site it will show you option to create a Microsoft teams and connect the SharePoint site to it in the lower left corner of the home page of your team site:

enter image description here

Or you can find the Add real-time chat entry point in the “Next Steps” panel which is accessible from the top right section of your team site.

enter image description here

Team sites that are connected to a Microsoft 365 group in SharePoint can easily add Microsoft Teams. Team sites that are not already connected to a group will first need to connect to a Microsoft 365 group before they can be added to Microsoft Teams.

Reference: Create a Microsoft Team from SharePoint

Is there a way to zoom in camera in Teams / Webex / other Online meetings

I used to use the camera integrated in the laptops’ display: As Laptops are usually quite near my face almost completely filled the picture of the cam in online meetings.

Now I have an external monitor attached and a camera on top of it. This camera (brand: aukey) is much further away and now shows almost the complete room, and my face is only a small spot in the camera image.

I tried and search but could not find any setting, to “zoom in” on my face.

Is there any software / setting / etc. to zoom in the camera image indepdendant of the brand of the camera?

If it only works for MS Teams then I am already satisfied, as 90% of my meetings is teams…