javascript – Get the value of a td by means of x column and x row

I have the following code that returns the index of the row and column

function onDataBound (e) {
            var grid = $ ("# presidentialistas"). data ("kendoGrid");
            $ (grid.tbody) .on ("click", "td", function (e) {
                var row = $ (this) .closest ("tr");
                var rowIdx = $ ("tr", grid.tbody) .index (row);
                // var colIdx = $ ("td", row) .index (this);
                var colIdx = 0;
                // alert (rowIdx + '-' + colIdx);
                var index = value ();
                return index;

The result for example is the following Ej 3-0

What I need is to get the value or text of the field that is in that position

any ideas

Background td datatables from mysql

I'm looking for a way to change a td in datatables with data coming from mysql.
So far I have this:

createdRow: function (row, data, index) {
    var iduser = data['usuarioid'];
    var color = data['color'];
    if (data['usuarioid'] == iduser) {
        $ ('td', row) .eq (1) .css ('background-color', '# 80ffff');

Which works, but what I need is to load the color from the variable color (var color), since each user has a color defined since its creation.
If I put the color manually it works, but when I want to call the variable color, it just does not show the color.
Any idea how to do it?

Greetings and thanks for your help or guidance.

html – JQuery – How to activate user selection: text in each td element within a table?

I wanted to highlight all the text within a table.
I have put User selection: text in my css and I can manually highlight the text inside the td.

td {
User selection: text;

But how can I automate the highlighting?


  • There is only text in each cell of the table, there are no images, etc.
  • I wanted to be able to copy all the text in the table.

php – Change the color td in the value of certain variables

I am creating a page where I need to list in a html table the various values ​​I have in a database for approximately 60 rows.

I want to change the color of a certain td (cell) in my table depending on the value returned by one of my type variables (variable party_1 to party_60)

What I have done is still this (I only show here the first 2 rows but it is the same principle for the 60)

    <td >
    <td >

etc …

I have more than 60 variables of the type party_XX, so I think there could be a better / smart / lightweight solution to not do 60 times this if / else if.

Thank you for your help in that purpose.

Best regards.

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