How is iOS to host communication with TCP to USB?

I'm looking for a good manual on information on how to access data transmitted from iOS devices to a host via USB. I have found that this is done through TCP, I think. But the concrete information is what I'm looking for.

Other questions would be:

  • How can I access or find out which addresses or ports are assigned to USB transmissions via TCP from iOS devices?
  • Which addresses / ports reach which USB streams?
  • Are the USB streams named?
  • Are their DNS names unusual to deal with USB transmissions?
  • How are the connections established?

Anything that details the communication between iOS and the host via USB (presumed with TCP) is useful. I currently have a vague understanding of this and I want to learn more. The more technical the better, but with a detailed explanation of a higher level of CS, things would be excellent.

Nmap scanning TCP and UDP ports

I'm trying to improve my nmap knowledge by doing a variety of exercises and I found a problem (I do not know much about nmap, so excuse me for any mistakes I make).

I'm trying to perform an nmap scan with minimal traffic and I need to scan a combination of TCP and UDP ports on a machine. Is there any way to specify the protocol for each port? Because I do not want to lose traffic using TCP traffic against an obvious UDP port.

Thank you

Windows: breaks a network printer (with port 9100 / tcp open) on network computers

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