Tasker: Task after receiving email

Can I in any task in tasker application yes i receive email From specific identification with a particular theme as we do in case of sms.

Help translate the Android shortcut code into the Tasker action of sending intentions

I want to start the integrated shortcut (Join) of an application (remote SMS) using Tasker. I could do it using a third-party add-on, but for my purpose, I must do it directly in Tasker using the Send Intent task.

I was able to obtain the following as the "code" that executes the shortcut: #Intent; action = com.joaomgcd.join.action.SMS; launchFlags = 0x10008000; component = com.joaomgcd.join / .activity.ActivityMain; S. EXTRA_TAB = Remote% 20SMS; final

What it basically does is open the Join application, but instead of opening it to the main page, it opens it specifically on the Remote SMS page of the application.

I do not know how to analyze that command information in the Tasker Send Intent fields. I have tried many different things, but there are many options. So far nothing has worked.

Why Tasker can not recognize the WIFI SSID

After I changed my device and imported the user profiles from the old Samsung to the new one (Huawei), the "Wifi connected" status can no longer recognize the SSID.

I can confirm that it is related to the SSID, I have created a simple profile that only detects the status of WIFI, and if I do not put any name in the "SSID" field, the profile turns green when the wifi is connected and the profile with SSID still gray.

And it's also strange that, sometimes, while the wifi is turned on, the profile turns green, and maybe a second or two, it turns gray again.

wi fi – Help automate Wi-Fi or airplane calling mode with Tasker

I am absolutely 100% new to Tasker. I bought and installed this application to automate some things that IFTTT simply can not.

Here is the situation:

My room is in an apartment in the basement and, therefore, I do not receive a good cellular service reception while I'm there, and since it's my office space (on the days I work from home) and my playground , I tend to spend a decent amount of my time in my room. Having said that, I have an LG V30 ThinQ with Oreo android 8.x and my current service provider offers a Wi-Fi calling service. Naturally, I turned it on and the bingo … The calls are now clear and the text messages are sent without problems! Well … that's at home at least. You see, in my work the opposite is true: Wi-Fi is crap, but the reception of cellular service is always very strong. Yes, my phone has a configuration for using Wi-Fi calls as a second priority for my cellular service (which means it will use my cellular service before using Wi-Fi calls) but instead of changing intelligently based on the strength of the strength of the cellular service reception, it only changes to Wi-Fi calls once I no longer have the cellular service reception period. Which does not work well in the basement, since at some point I get enough signal to go back to the fucking cell phone to call!

Therefore, I would like to create a task with Tasker that, once it is connected / disconnected from my home network, would allow to alternate the Wi-Fi call; or to change the airplane mode. That way, while connected to my home network, my phone will use Wi-Fi calling capabilities, without having to turn them on and off manually.

The problem is that, as I am new to this, I do not know the first thing about scheduling a task in this version of Tasker. All the tutorials I found were very unhelpful.

Could someone help me set something up in that sense?

Thank you,

Nikolas Desforges

Open a file in the root directory with Tasker

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How to use the status of the play button of a music player notification as an event for Tasker

Is it possible to read the status of the "play" button within the notification of a music application and use it as an event to activate / deactivate the profiles of a Tasker?

I need to execute certain commands when the playback starts or stops in a music application. I think Tasker can use notifications of specific applications as events to activate their profiles, or even search for specific text in notifications. But can you answer the multimedia buttons in the notification of the music player, or in the music application itself? I can not use the% atmusicplaying variable of the Autotools plug-in or similar approaches to verify if music is playing, because I use the device to stream music through DLNA and, for some reason, the device does not return the status of the music as "playback "in this case (see another question and the comments of his answer).

Start the task in the game in specific time with tasker

I'm interested in this and it's very important that someone explain to me and tell me if it can be done and if you can, how?
Game to the game BOWLING KING and occasionally I use the application BOT MAKER FOR ANDROID (ROOT). It works very well I wonder if you can … "A party lasts approximately 180 years, then it ends, and after the PLAYER SEARCH is opened, what interests me here is if it is possible to configure BOTMAKER to start looking for a player after 180 ". , and it's not that I have to do it. If possible, how to do it or in another application related to a bot, or with the help of a tasker plugin.

Do you want to clarify me and tell me how to set up a tasker or a game to look for a player after the finished game, because after finishing I have to click on the search player? I am very interested in knowing if he can search for it himself when he finds that this other application is a bot maker to start with. I think you should connect a bot maker and a tasker. Thanks for the help in advance.