dnd 5e – If your target has an enemy within 5ft, can you sneak attack without using a finesse or ranged weapon?

The right interpretation is your second one.

The Sage Advice (pag 8, first column) says

Can a rogue/monk use Sneak Attack with unarmed
The Sneak Attack feature works with a weapon
that has the finesse or ranged property. An unarmed strike
isn’t a weapon, so it doesn’t qualify. In contrast, a rogue/
monk can use Sneak Attack with a monk weapon, such
as a shortsword or a dagger, that has one of the required

Since it is stated that an unarmed strike is not a weapon, the rouge can not use its Sneak Attack.

Moreover, the above writings remarks that the Sneak Attack feature works with a weapon that has the finesse or ranged property: hence you can not use a martial weapon to do a Sneak Attack.

Looking at other sections of the SA, one can find also the following, under Can you use green-flame blade and booming blade with
Extra Attack, opportunity attacks, Sneak Attack, and
other weapon attack options?
(pag 17, emphasis mine):

Third, these weapon attacks work with Sneak Attack if
they fulfill the normal requirements for that feature
. For
example, if you have the Sneak Attack feature and cast
green-flame blade with a finesse weapon, you can deal
Sneak Attack damage to the target of the weapon attack if
you have advantage on the attack roll and hit.

Again, it is remarked that the requirements of the Sneak Attack must be met, including the finesse or ranged property.

dnd 3.5e – What are the spells that have a target other than self (and a target entry) that deals damage?

I asked the question Does Ocular spell make every eligible damage spells have a critical chance since it becomes a ranged touch attack (ray)?
and I realized it was a bit hard to find spells that were eligible for Ocular spell that weren’t already touch spells or rays.

@Hey I Can Chan told me about Finger of Death (when the save is successful)

@Erik made me realize Chain lightning was indeed in my requirements.

Even though Magic missile would be worse using this tactic it is indeed valid.

What other spells meet those requirements?


-*Spells that do damage,ability drain or level loss since only those can benefit from criticals.

-I’m not sure if Healing spells that hurts creatures like undeads would work because I think they normally don’t score a critical even on a natural 20. Correct me if I’m wrong. But would they if they were cast as a ray?

dnd 5e – would Sacred Flame hurt a person the target is holding as hostage/human shield?

Sacred Flame PHB p.272: (Emphasis mine)

Flame-like radiance descends on a creature that you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d8 radiant damage. The target gains no benefit from cover for this saving throw. (…)

The spell hits the target, and the cover has no effect on the attack. If an creature was
using cover, and attacks were liable to hit that cover (as you said the ranged weapons would in this example), Sacred Flame would ignore the cover and potential damage to the cover.

terminology – Is there a term for vulnerabilities the need ‘help’ from target vs vulnerabilities that can be exploited with no actions from the target?

I’m making a guideline for a bug bounty program and want to distinguish between bugs that require some kind of action on the target’s behalf (eg clicking a suspicious link), vs vulnerabilities that can be exploited without any actions from the user (eg, SQL injection that gives you users’ credentials).

I don’t necessarily mean phishing, just any vulnerability depending on action from the user rather than one that can be done ‘cold’, if that makes sense.

Does such terminology already exist?

Is it possible to target Twitter ads to the followers of given person?

When marketing my website through twitter ads, is it possible to target followers of a given person? So as ad will be displayed to those specific people.

If so, how would I do so?

How to target Right Audience in Social media websites

Hi friends, help me to reach out.

Twitter: Is it possible to target followers of given person?

I have question about marketing through twitter ads. Is it possible (and how) to target followers of a given person? So as ad will be displayed to those specific people.

dnd 5e – Can the Heat Metal spell target a set of Dragon Scale Mail made from metallic dragon scales?

Probably not.

There is no strong reason to believe that metallic dragon scales are actually made of metal rather than just colored that way. In the absence of a specific statement that dragon scales are in fact made out of the metals they resemble, the default position should be that they’re no more metal than red or white dragon scales are.

Metallic coloration is relatively common in real-life fish, insects, and even some reptiles*; and the Monster Manual sections for the different metallic dragons often talk about how the dragon’s scales start out dull as a wyrmling and only develop a metallic sheen after many decades or centuries of life. This slow change suggests it’s mere coloration.

*The silvery color associated with fish scales and some insects is actually crystals of the amino acid guanine, a completely non-metallic substance!

dnd 5e – Can the spell Heat Metal target a metallic dragon’s scales?

Heat metal targets a manufactured metal object.

Heat metal (PHB, pg. 250) says (emphasis mine):

Choose a manufactured metal object, such as a metal weapon or a suit of heavy or medium metal armor, that you can see within range.

A dragon’s scales are not manufactured, rather are entirely natural, so are not eligible to be targeted by heat metal.