germany – How to register with the ALDI talk mobile app?

I write this answer as it might help someone in the future – this is slightly weird. My Apple account is created in the USA, so, I assumed if I changed that to Germany, it will surely work out. This turns out not to be true.

Then I used the link posted an earlier answer for the iOS German ALDI talk app. The link is here and I was not able to open it in the iPhone app store and it provides the message as the app is not available in my region or country. Mind it the iTunes account is set to Germany at the time. I don’t get this.

enter image description here

Finally, I did a Google search and ended up in the page The page link is provided here.

enter image description here

I clicked the link and it downloaded and opened the same German app provided earlier. This time I was able to install it in the iPhone and rest of the process went seamlessly.

The app has a rating of 2.5 but it works just fine. Only the process of installation is not very convenient.

What research level mathematics do you talk about? [closed]

I am new to this sort of thing.

Talk to random people algorithm (like omegal)

I am working on an application where I need to connect users with other users randomly(like omegal). I was just wondering what is the optimal design to implement this requirement?

The user’s status(online/offline) will be stored in the database, and the user will be connected to other online users. And no two users will be connected more than once.

Challenges like handling concurrent requests and delay in updating user’s status in the database are to be considered. We don’t want to ring multiple online users simultaneously for the same connection. We should also consider the case where one user rejects the connection.

Basic Approach:

  1. Fetch the list(array) of user-ids that are online (top 100 for example), select the first element and check if this user-id is already in the cached data(key-value data structure where userId is the key and date of last connection is the value).
  2. If not available, Update the status of that selected user and the user sending a request to busy right away before connecting. This will lock both the users and avoid concurrent requests. Goto step 4.
  3. If userId is available in the cached data, go to step 1 with the next online user.
  4. Then send the connection request to the selected request.
  5. If the request is accepted, establish the connection. Add the userId in cached data.
  6. If the request is rejected, then update their status to available again, and repeat step 1 with the next online user.

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pathfinder 1e – Can skeletal champions or other intelligent skeletons talk?

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Is it possible to talk to bitcoin RPC API with Javascript and WITHOUT using a node server?

I am planning on building a Wallet and want to know if I can hook something like an Electron native JavaScript app to Bitcoin RPC without running node.js for the server calls, so using something like AJAX or XMLhttprequest.

halting problem – What is meant by a formal system able to ‘talk about Turing machines’?

I’m reading this popular blog post which describes a proof of Gödel’s theorem from the point of view of computability, using a variation on the halting problem. The original proof of the theorem concerns first-order theories capable of ‘some amount of arithmetic’ (e.g. Robinson). The blog post on the other hand words this as ‘a formal system which is powerful enough to talk about Turing machines’.

What is meant here, by talking about TMs? Is this statement referring (‘in disguise’ I suppose) to using arithmetic on $mathbb{N}$ as described in the original proof, with ‘talking about TMs’ meaning ‘TMs are encoded as natural numbers’ + ‘system manipulates TMs by manipulating natural numbers’ in a suitable way?

It wasn’t clear to me how to establish a clear relation between both formulations, I would be grateful if someone could clear this up!

mathematics education – Math Talk for All Ages

I’ve been asked to give a talk to the winners of a recent math competition. The talk can be entirely congratulatory, or it can contain a bit of actual mathematics. I’d prefer the latter. I’d also like to keep the whole thing to 15 minutes or less.

But here is the hitch: The competition was divided into age groups. The youngest are about nine years old; the oldest are college students. I’ll be speaking to the winners in all age groups at once.

Apparently a speaker in a previous year found a way to talk a little about the Gauss-Bonnet theorem to this diverse crowd. I don’t know what that way was.

I’ve thought about the following:

  • A few examples of apparently “pure” mathematics that turned out to have important applications. Graph theory informs the design of printed circuits. Hilbert’s program to prove the consistency of mathematics led to the need for a precise definition of “proof”, which led to Turing machines, which led to the existence of universal Turing machines, which eventually informed the design of computers. Of course there’s also elliptic curve cryptography….
  • A few words on the theme “mathematics is the only subject that stands on its own” in the sense that to really understand psychology, you have to learn some biology; to really understand biology, you have to learn some chemistry; to really understand chemistry, you have to learn some physics; to really understand physics, you have to learn some math, but to really understand math all you need to think about is math. (I think I will not pause to acknowledge and refute those who say that to really understand math you need to really understand philosophy….). And a few words about why this is a really cool thing about math.
  • Just some words on math as a lifelong adventure, something you can think about whenever and wherever you are, something you can share with people of all cultures and backgrounds, and wishing them a bon voyage as they set off on this journey.
  • Any comments on the above, or any alternative suggestions?

    dungeons and dragons – Is there any specific order to the four Elements when people talk about them?

    In Dungeons and Dragons, the four elements are Air, Earth, Fire, and Water (like the planes and the elementals). In the lore, is there any specific order to these elements, for example the order people might use in casual conversation when discussing them? Or is the order just usually alphabetical and has no lore? For example, in Avatar: the Last Airbender, people might talk about the elements in the order of the Avatar cycle (water, earth, fire, air), although people might do that differently (or not at all) in D&D worlds.

    Talk to me about digital credentialing

    I searched the forum and this topic does not exist. Therefore I will create the discussion surrounding it. I want to talk about digital badges and credentials used for marketing. What do you know about them? How do they work for you? How can they be applied? How do you show them off? I have an example but it is of my own and I don't want to be flagged for self-promotion – so I won't share my own. But I think you guys know of these things called digital credentials and/or digital…

    Talk to me about digital credentialing