what is the purpose of eav_entity_attribute table

in Magento i have seen entity table, eav_attribute table and attribute table, which has links.

But i don’t find any link to eav_entity_attribute. I want to know the purpose of the table

excel – Using ADO in VBA to query a nested List table

My List contains a “Person or Group” field, and I have figured out that this is a nested table, with fields of its own. But I am having no luck (de)referencing it. My field is named PersonID, and I’d like to run a query from Excel which includes a filter on one of its fields. I think I have learned that the “Person or Group” object may be different by organization, so my object’s fields may be different than yours, but so far I can’t even get into the object.

I am reasonably certain my RecordSet is configured properly, as I can successfully issue a query such as:

"SELECT * FROM (Table);"

And the PersonID field does come back populated with, I assume, a default field, which, again, I assume is its ID. On the List side, it does not seem to matter which field I configure the List to display… I always just get the ID back.

I specifically want to reference the “Work email” field of the object. When in the PowerApps GUI, I can examine the object, and the column is named “Email.” In the List browser settings, however, “Email” is not the name of anything. There is “Work email” and “OtherMail”. Again, though, I don’t think I’m even getting that far, because for example this throws an error:

"SELECT * FROM (Table).PersonID;"

Error: The Microsoft Access database engine could not find the object ‘PersonID’.

I’ve also tried these, based on something I found online and seemed sensible (if possibly Oracle-related):

"SELECT m.ID, n.Email from (Table) m, table(m.PersonID) n;" and

"SELECT m.ID, n.Email from (Table) as m, table(m.PersonID) as n;" and

"SELECT m.ID, n.Email from (Table) as m, table((Table).PersonID) as n;"

The error for these is: Syntax error in FROM clause, which does seem like I’m getting closer.

Has anyone had any luck dereferencing this object this way?

Webform: Remove UUID, Created, ID, etc fields from “HTML Table” Export

I want to know how can i remove the fields from the module “Scheduled Tasks” for Webform, so the exported Excel file doesn’t show the fields “Created” “UUID” “Serial Number” “Completed” etc. I can make it when i export manually but in scheduled tasks it sends all that information. I don’t have a clue how to make it. I would appreciate if anybody could help me.

These are the items i want to remove form HTML Table

Php code to show this query in a table?

I want to create a new Storefront template which shows the result from this query "select customer_id, sum(product_qty) from wc_order_product_lookup group by customer_id order by sum(product_qty)" in a table. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help!

One of the table of MySQL database is missing

One of the tables of my database is missing. I didn’t drop it but it just went missing.

If I make a query on that table of database. It says ‘Query 1 ERROR: Tablespace is missing for table courtData.Data.’

If I use the command ‘SHOW TABLES’ it shows me all three tables. When I go to the DB folder, It has only 2 files.

The disk size used on the drive is 15GB. I don’t have much going on the server other than DB so I am guessing that the db is still there somewhere on the disk.

python – how to draw rectangle on cell of matplotlib table

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operating systems – How to determine memory allocation for single level table

I received this problem on my study guide but I have no idea if I’m doing it correctly:

How much space needs to be allocated for a single-level page table for a machine with a 32 bit virtual memory address and a 4K page size?

I understand that the last 12 bits of the address is the offset but how would I determine how much space is needed?

sql server – partitioned table – replication reverted to primary filegroup, can i re-link to the partitions?

So we have 2 servers

Server A. production (no partitions)

Server B. New Server (partitions and compression)

we restored a backup to the new server, partitioned a large table by datetime and turned on compression, and we were happy

Trying to be clever we turned on replication to update the new server with the latest data on the large table, but that broke the partitioning and compression.

We cannot query any old data on the new server, only data from when we turned on replication
The clustered index is the old one, and compression is not on, and no partitions to be seen in SSMS, Its using the PRIMARY filegroup (same as the current live server is using)

On the physical disk I can see the partition files, and they are still massive with GB’s of data, so i know the data is there, but it appears the table has lost the link to it

It appears turning on replication replicated the filegroup side of things, is there a way to point the table back to partitions and all the work we did getting it ready for switch over

Its a pretty large database, this one table is 11TB on the production server.

Sql Server 2017 enterprise.

from binary search tree to table representation

How can binary search tree be printed in form of table?
In db exist a table representation of data and other data rapresentation as binary search tree.
If I insert some data from array 3 row * 5 column = 15 elements, I want print from binary search tree rows,columns basically cells of table.
How can I get this goal?

note taking – OneNote 365 – Default table cell shading/colour

I am using OneNote for 365 to take notes while learning to code, and the best way for me to visually see the code blocks (other than to use another note-taking app specifically for coding/programming) is to use a 1 table cell and change the shading of that cell.


I have added “Add Table” to my Quick Access Toolbar, which I can quickly create a new table.
But then I need to go in and separately change the colour of the cells, which I am doing maybe 50 times a day.

Is there a way to change the default shading of table cells?
Is there a way to add these options as a shortcut?

Thanks in advance.