macbook pro – Is there a way to change colour of active tab in finder?

macbook pro – Is there a way to change colour of active tab in finder? – Ask Different

Is it normal that in Apple Photos inside "Imports" tab Photos are not in chronological order?

Is it normal that in Apple Photos inside "Imports" tab Photos are not in chronological order?
In "Library" photos are in chronological order, but in "Imports" not, is it normal?

Is there a way to add a new sheet tab to a Google Sheet based on the timestamp date?

For form responses received in a spreadsheet, you want to automatically generate a new tab based on the timestamp so that each week has its own tab.

To do this, it is first necessary to identify the week number. You haven’t declared a preference for this, so we’ll use the ISO week date where January 4 is always in week 1. We’ll combine this with the methodology described in Copy submitted form data to new automatically generated Google sheet to append a copy of each response to the relevant sheet.

function copyData(e) {

  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
  var responsesheetname = "Form responses 1"
  var responses = ss.getSheetByName(responsesheetname);
  // get data and make it a 1D array
  var response = e.range.getValues()(0);
  // get the time stamp and set hours to zero
  var time = response(0);

  // set the hours to zero
  time.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);
  //get the year
  var thistimestampyear = time.getFullYear();
  // get the ISO week
  // January 4 is always in week 1.
  var week1 = new Date(thistimestampyear, 0, 4);
  // Logger.log(week1); //DEBUG
  // Adjust to Thursday in week 1 and count number of weeks from date to week1.
  var isoweek =  1 + Math.round(((time.getTime() - week1.getTime()) / 86400000 - 3 + (week1.getDay() + 6) % 7) / 7);
  //Logger.log("DEBUG: The ISO week for this timestamp is = "+isoweek)
  var sheetName = isoweek.toString();
  //Logger.log("the projected sheet name is "+isoweek)
  var sheet = ss.getSheetByName(sheetName);
  if (!sheet) {
    sheet = ss.insertSheet(sheetName);
    var headers = responses.getRange(1, 1, 1, responses.getLastColumn());
    headers.copyTo(sheet.getRange(1, 1));

Create a “on Form Submit” trigger for the function.
From the Scrip editor menu: “Edit” -> “current project’s triggers”.

  • Function to run: copyData
  • Select event source: From spreadsheet
  • Select event type: On form submit


How to get the week number from a date

Permissions tab is disabled for the owner

I am the owner of an SP online site and the permissions tab has been disabled for me.
enter image description here

but I can still add users to the documnet library through the right-hand side menu as shown below:

I do not know how this has happened or how to fix the issue.

data recovery – Missing photos after inserting external sd card into Samsung galaxy Tab s6 lite

I want to appologize in advance if this is the wrong forum.

Whats the problem?

I am photographing on my fuji xt4 and wanted to transfer all photos to my Samsung galaxy S6 Lite (using a basic card reader). The storage is correctly recognized and mounted. The first few times were no problem. However now all photos up from a certain point are not displayed/lost. Once inserted into the tablet the new photos and Videos are permanently gone (the camera doesnt displays them either).

  • Sony tough sd card 64gb (exFat)
  • Fujifilm xt4
  • Samsung galaxy tab s6lite (Android 11, not rooted)

What i tried

  • rebooting the tablet
  • reinserting the sd card
  • different card reader
  • accessing the photos by connecting to the camera via ptp is no problem
  • using more powerful file browser did not reveal anything new

I have currently no access to a normal computer and therefore cant properly investigate the problem further. I tried nearly all recovery android Apps but none scanned extertal USB storage. My last idea was to mask the card reader as internal sd card but Samsung seems to Block adoptable storage and any further advances in included formating the sd card.
My best guess is that my tablet is resetting the block-bitmap from the sd card to the state of the last time it was mounted.
Has anyone an idea on what is happening and what the best approach in recovering the lost data may be?

How to create custom tab and load grid in Magento 2 Customer Admin Edit Page using ui-component

I have used layout method but it’s not working.Tab only showing but the grid is not showing.

I forgot my pin to my Samsung Galaxy Tab E. How can I open it?

I just changed my pin to my tablet, and I can’t access it, or turn it off completely, without the pin. Please help!!!

unity – Lean Touch does not detect input on the Game tab in-editor

I am using the lean touch asset to get input in the game. My problem is: I can get input on the simulator and the phone without any problems, but I can’t get any input on the unity editor game screen. What could be the reason for this, and how can I fix it?

sharepoint online – Create OOTB Tab structure for Different Views

I want to implement a functionality where there are different tabs/buttons and on each tab click a specific ListView will be displayed to the user.

It is a modern Communication site. We have a total of 5 views on the list. so plan is to have 5 buttons that will display the respective view below the button. something like this.

With the help of quick links, I can create the buttons as below but how to render the view on each button click and hide the rest of the views?

enter image description here

How to associate tag products to additional information tab

I use woocommerce for property products.

Then I installed the Yith product compare plugin in order customers can compare one product to another.

The examples that I compiled in the comparison table are starting from the price, land area, building area, city, district, and sub-district.

The problem is data sub-disctrict amounts over 70,000

While on the other hand, I also add sub-disctrict using tags.

Is it possible to display product tags (sub-districts) on additional information (join with attributes) so that when customers compare, sub-districts they can also appear.
Other than that, so that I don’t repeat the same job.

Or if there is another solution please give me a hint,

Thank you

Setting on YITH
On additional Information
Comparison Table

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