How to scroll two panes in sync in tmux?

In my scenario I have two panes side by side: (pane 1) | (pane 2) and I want to scroll in both of them in sync, how can that be achieved?

I have tried setting synchronize-panes which will sync normal keystrokes like text input to the panes, but scrolling which I do with prefix+( followed by PgUp/ctrl-y does not get synchronized. In fact as soon as I do prefix+( the synchronization seems to go off until I exit scroll mode. Is there some way to keep sync in scroll mode?

I’m using tmux version 2.6

Does Microsoft edge support sync chrome extensions?

I installed the Microsoft Edge browser on my new machine(macOS system) to synchronize, but the extension I installed in the chrome extension store was not synchronized.

Is there any solution for this?

Time clock SYNC and time clock server to be used by panasonic PBX

Ok, per accepted question procedures.

I am looking to set up a UBUNTU 20.xx server with an automated Time Sync task to keep it’s clock current, but also want to set up the server as a time server for my customers Panasonic PBX systems to sync their time clocks too.

The changing of the way pools work and the way they are accessed has made these PBX time sync options difficult to do on these PBX systems.

So I would like to sync my own server that is internet facing with a domain name, then have all my customer’s systems sync to my server.

The PBX uses SNTP and I can put a port number in the PBX.
All of this is being setup from the command line.

sync – Best way to share Shortcut to File stored in SharePoint – Can’t access URL in File Explorer without Opening IE First

I’m trying to find ways to share a shortcut to a file (Excel Add-In) I have stored in MS Teams/Sharepoint.

So far I’ve gotten it to work via “Sync/Shortcut” and by opening the files in explorer and creating a shortcut then copying it.

I looked into opening files via “File Explorer” without using a shortcut/sync feature by using “Classic Mode” in IE to open files, but I noticed that FE wasn’t able to get back to the FE URL unless the user has first opened it via IE and even then, it must be done each restart of the computer! So, that method seems out unless somebody knows a fix for that.

I tried using:

start "" "%systemroot%explorer.exe" "\"


"%systemroot%explorer.exe" "\"

Today I resigned to at least get it working, and setup instructions on how to use “Sync” which is the reccomended method by microsoft, but then I found when I tried to hyperlink the “deploy” script, that MS Word doesn’t allow Environment Variables (%USERPROFILE%Sharepoint...) inside Hyperlinks in a word document!

Now I’m wondering if there is a way I can prevent users from accessing/downloading files unless access via “Sync”, but I don’t like how “Sync” doesn’t make a shortcut under File Explorers “One Drive”.

I see now that if I add a shortcut AFTER sync, it won’t place a shortcut under “One Drive” in FE, but I’m wondering if I add a shortcut, then sync, do I get the benefits of Sync and it’s under File Explorer? Note: I just tried to sync after shortcut and it says “You’re already syncing a shortcut tot a folder from this shared library”.,general%20availability%20in%20September%202020.

As it stands now, I think I’ll direct users to hit “Add a Shortcut”, then navigate via “File Explorer” as I can’t use Hyperlinks still to reference “One Drive” in the MS Word document that details this process and then create the shortcut/run the deploy script.

Does anybody have suggestions on a best approach for this?


macos – Sync manually mounted folder from Vagrant box to host

I am using Azure ML to mount a large data set on my Ubuntu Vagrant Box. It creates a new mount point and mounts all the remote files (using fuse) without downloading them.

The problem is that the mounted files are not shared with the host machine (Mac OS). Although my mount point is inside my shared folder (i.e. /vagrant), I believe I need to share the newly mounter folder as well in order to see the newly mounted file on my hose machine.

In short, I was wondering if I can share the folder (that’s mounted in my Vagrant box after the box is provisioned) with the host machine.

plugin ninja forms – Sync data from google sheets to wordpress

I’m using a wordpress plugin Ninja Tables to sync my data over to my wordpress site. How can i sync data whenever my randomize function is executed in google sheets? I’m using the Data > Randomize Data Macro to execute every hour. If there’s any option available to sync data whenever my data is randomized in google sheets, please can anyone tell me about it?

Ubuntu 20.04 Intel Quick Sync Mac Mini 2011

i915 module loads and gets used ONLY with acpi=off:

Kernel modules: i915
Kernel driver in use: i915

Unfortunately USB is no longer available.

How do I get i915 to get used without acpi=off

Sync MySql Replication from Master2 to Master1 after failover

Due to Disk space issue Master2 server crashed and it was rebuilt again using mysqldump of Master1.
Both Master 1 and Master2 are in sync and Master2 is in Read_only mode.
During the crash, I stopped the Slave instance in Master1 and it’s been over a week now. Now how to restart replication from Master2 to Master1.
Can changing the Master Log position in Master1 to current Master2 status works?

Sync company calendar to google calendar

I would like to view my company calendar (Hosted on BlueHost) on my Google Calendar. Is there a way that I can do this?

sync – Syncthing does not work with AFwall+ activated

The solution was to disable wireless (WLAN) in AFwall+ and activate LAN.
This does not make sense for me, but it works…
It still works if I activate wireless as well, but it is not necessary.

Activate LAN

Even if I disable wireless access within AFwall+ I still need to be connected to a WLAN within Android (what makes at least some sense).