Can the world survive without oil and gas?

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Can the world survive without oil and gas?

dnd 5e – In the current era, do magicians survive since 1372 DR?

The D & D 3e Configuration of the campaign of the forgotten realms puts its base year in 1372 DR. Someone once told me that, at a point between this and the year of current D & D 5e products, a spellweave sundering killed Toril's magicians en masse.

Did any of the magicians survive this event and did any of the living magicians survive in 1372 DR to the "current" era (D & D 5e)?

[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: How to survive a labor cult?

Before any of your smartalics responds with "leave", that is not an option. I am an independent thinker and strong will. I have to build my resume and I can not leave this position, which unfortunately is part of a cult. People are really false and do not want to hear the truth. I can not hide the answers in my mind that are expressed in my face. I can not act. How do you survive a labor cult? .

explorer: how does one prepare to survive a murder?

I am playing a Life Oracle of Pharasma of 9th level and I am the healer of the party. A member of the party has a greater madness (given by the DJ) that has led her to believe that Pharasma wants me dead.

My GM has created NPC to try to kill me and is very serious now that the rogue of our group murders me at some point in the adventure (strange eons).
I do not want to metacarry, but I would prefer not to die; It is not like that anyway. So, please, how can I prepare myself to survive an assassination attempt?

dnd 5e – Do buildings need air to survive?

I am playing a craftsman and he has just reached level 6, unlocking the function of Mechanical Server. I was looking for some big beasts CR 2 and I found the Plesiosaurus. It has a sustained breathing feature that allows you to hold your breath for an hour. This made me think if the constructions need air, or more specifically, if the mechanical servant needs air or not, mechanics speaking mechanically have the following features:

• It is a construction instead of a beast.

• It can not be enchanted.

• It is immune to poison damage and the poisoning condition.

• Win Darkvision with a range of 60 feet if you do not already have it.

• Understand the languages ​​you can speak when you create it, but you can not

• If you are the target of a melee attack and the servant is within 5 feet of the attacker, you can use your reaction to order the server to respond, using your reaction to perform a melee attack against the attacker.

It says nothing about the servant being able to survive without air, but in reality, a robot does not need air. So, do the constructs need air?

In general, to survive in this volatile trade,

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dnd 5e – Can a player survive suffocation with a wound closure?

What happens to a PC that uses Periapt of Wound Closure while it is suffocating? I would like to be transported using a homunculus and a waiting bag, but I am worried that I will drown during the trip.

If I put on a wound periaptum closure and go into a waiting bag, will I drown while I'm inside? Or will Periaptus keep me alive?

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