language barrier – Planning to travel to South Korea for voice surgery, do you know of any good phrase cards?

So, once this COVID-19 situation dies down, I’m hoping to travel to South Korea to get voice surgery. Now, I remember hearing of these laminated cards that you could use to point to a phrase or something in order to help communicate. Do you know what these are called? (I called it a phrase card in the title of this post, but since NOTHING is coming up when I look for Korean phrase cards, I’m thinking it might be called something else). It might look something like this (but include a bit more information):

A picture of a page including phrases in English and Korean. On this particular page, it is a picture of phrases to use at restaurants and at the airport

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Confused with A. Kosinski's description of surgery in his book "differential varieties"

Excuse me, if MO is not the right place for this question. I asked the same question about M.SE

but I'm not sure, if MO is not the best place to address this. I am really struggling to understand the description of Kosinski's surgery in a variety.

On p.112 in Kosinski's "Differential Manifolds," he introduces Surgery on a $ ( lambda-1) $-Sphere in a collector $ M ^ m $. He says

Surgery in a $ ( lambda-1) $-Sphere in a collector $ M ^ m $ it's a special
Paste case. We hit $ M $ Y $ S ^ m $ along $ S $ Y $ S ^ { lambda-1} $.
The resulting multiple will be denoted $ chi (M, S) $. (…) can be
described as follows:

Leave $ T & # 39; = {x in S ^ m mid x_ lambda ^ 2> 0 }; $ we see $ T & # 39; $ as a
tubular neighborhood of $ S ^ { lambda-1} $ in $ S ^ m $. Leave $ h: T & # 39; a M $ be
a difeomorphism $ h (S ^ {λ-1}) = S $. Then $$ chi (M, S) =
(M setminus S) cup_ {h alpha} (S ^ m setminus S ^ { lambda-1}) $$

observation: $ alpha $ is the composition of diphomorphism $ D ^ m setminus S ^ { lambda-1} to mathring {D} ^ lambda times D ^ {m- lambda} $ and the involution in $ ( mathring {D} ^ lambda setminus boldsymbol {0}) times D ^ {m- lambda} $

Then continue:

Note that the operation of attaching a $ lambda $drive $ S $
becomes, when restricted to the limits, precisely surgery in $ S $.
This can be conveniently established as follows. To consider $ h $ as a
inlay $ T & # 39; $ in $ M times {1 } subset M times I $ and attach a
$ lambda $-manage to $ M times I $ along $ S $. Leave $ W = (M times I) cup
H ^?; $
$ W $ is named The trail of surgery.

My question: every time I read about surgery in a $ m $-Manifold $ M $, is always described as cutting $ S ^ n times D m-n} and paste in $ D n + 1 times S m-n-1 $ (see Ranicki Theory of Surgery) or any other source on the theory of surgery.

I simply cannot understand how Kosinski describes this procedure. Where do we eliminate exactly $ S ^ n times D m-n} and paste $ D n + 1 times S m-n-1 $ ?

The way I understand Kosinski's approach is that we eliminate the embedded $ ( lambda-1) $-sphere of $ M $ Y $ S ^ m $ simultaneously and pass them along the tubular neighborhoods of the embedded sphere $ S ^ { lambda-1} $… while I recognize $ S ^ m $ being $$ S ^ m = partial D ^ m + 1} = partial (D ^ lambda times D ^ {m- lambda + 1}) = S ^ { lambda-1} times D ^ { m- lambda + 1} cup D ^ lambda times S ^ {m- lambda} $$

I still can't see the link between Kosinski's definition of surgery and the common definition (from Ranicki) that I have stated.

On p.142 Kosinski even mentions himself:

"Surgery is informally described as" taking out $ S ^ k times D ^ + 1
and paste in $ D k + 1 times S ^ n $".

But I don't see how this relates to its definition that I have stated.

Can anyone help me understand how they are related or what I might not see here?

Thanks a lot

Why do the cons invent the story that people from Canada leave Canada to undergo surgery in the United States?

Are two things

1. The United States really has the best health care system for those who can pay out of pocket. People with a lot of money come from all over the world to avoid waiting and limits integrated into other systems.


2. The Canadian health system believes in avoiding "excess capacity." They have enough clinics and hospital beds for your expected need. If the need increases and there is not enough RUP to send, patients will be sent across the border where we have a LOT of costly excess capacity.

The cons of OTOH often repeat the lie that people in Canada have long waits for desperately needed services and come here desperate. Cons LOVES lies, and they try to make them "true" by repeating them again and again. You see a lot of this right here on Yahoo Answers.

I have relatives in Canada and have spent a lot of time there. Canadians are very friendly and love Americans (for some reason), so it is very easy to talk with them. I must have asked 100 Canadians, over the years, how they like their health care system. And in particular, I ask them if they have any "horror story" of people who needed some service and had to wait a long time. I have never heard a horror story. Statistically, their health system works as well as ours (according to the results), and they pay approximately half of what we do.

[ Politics ] Open question: So, apparently, an old man who had a heart attack and an old man who underwent brain surgery are more desired than a woman?

I guess anything is better than having a woman for president, right? Any man regardless of age and poor health is more desirable than a woman. If that is not a male privilege, I don't know what it is. There is no reason not to support Liz Warren. Shame for sexist voters.

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[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Democratic politicians undergo plastic surgery?

Hillary Clinton's botox, Maxine Waters 'cheek fillings, the creepy "Uncle Joe" and her veeners (fake teeth) and face lift … these people get rich with taxpayers' coins to spend on cosmetic surgery. . (tagsToTranslate) yahoo (t) answers (t) questions (t) Politics and Government (t) Politics

Is eyelid surgery dangerous? Everything else prestigious eyelid removal in Hanoi – Everything else

Is eyelid surgery dangerous?

In fact, eyelid surgery is just a small form of minor surgery that interferes with the upper or lower eyelids to create eye folds and eliminate eye fat, excess skin and loose skin caused by aging. … Cutting your eyelids is dangerous?

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<p style= The eyelid removal method is quite simple, less invasive, so it does not cause health effects. However, this will depend on the direction of eyelid surgery you choose, as well as the skill of the doctor.

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Therefore, customers can be completely sure when using the eyelid cutting service here without worrying about safety issues or aesthetic effects. So is eyelid surgery dangerous?

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<p style= See also:

>>> Causes of enlarged eyelids: the phenomenon of damaged eyelid surgery is not uncommon in recent years due to surgery in unreliable sites. Cut eyelid Make your eyes severely deformed.

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