command line – Adding a startup script on Big Sur

I’m wanting to install a startup item in OS X Big Sur which runs a shell script as a user on my machine and connects via ssh to a remote machine I maintain. I use ssh keys so no password is required for this script to succeed. It will linger in the background. How would I accomplish this in Big Sur? My understanding is that the old /Library/Startup Items/xxx.plist trick is deprecated. What is used in its place?

macos – How to delete a file from Time Machine backups in Big Sur?

I can’t seem to take a screenshot of Time Machine, but I’ll describe it. I go to the Time Machine menu and select “Enter Time Machine”. Then I see the view with the stack of windows. I browse to a file and select it. Now I want to delete it so it doesn’t exist and take up space in backups. There is no option to delete it – either the action menu in the toolbar, or the control-click context menu.

How do I delete a file from Time Machine backups? There used to be a way to do this.

mac os x – Mathematica 12 not compatible with Mac OS 11 (Big Sur)? Just updated to 12 for OS 10.15 (Catalina) compatibility

I just got an email from Wolfram, pictured below. A year ago I updated to 12.0 in order to keep running Mathematica under Mac OS 10.15, Catalina. Now I have to upgrade again in order to keep using the software? I don’t mind paying a reasonable price to use Mathematica, but my employer does not cover the cost, so everything is out-of-pocket. Am I the only one who sees this as unreasonable? I don’t think it is too much to expect a company would take better care of their user-base.

My understanding was that Wolfram knew versions prior to 12.0 would be incompatible with OS 10.15 and knew this for a long time, yet the only solution they offered was “you need to upgrade.” I would be much more agreeable to upgrading for continued functioning under OS 11 had we not gone through the same situation less than a year ago.

Wolfram email

big sur – Can’t set a folder to wallpaper

I’m now using Big Sur Beta 11 I can’t set a folder to make wallpaper through system preference. Are there any way to set wallpaper folder without using system preference?

I’ve try this :
tell application “System Events”
tell current desktop
set picture rotation to 1 — (0=off, 1=interval, 2=login, 3=sleep)
set random order to true
set pictures folder to file “/Users/mankuang/Desktop/ManKuang/wallpaper”
set change interval to 5.0 — seconds
end tell
end tell

but there is a error message:
error “「System Events」發生錯誤:無法將「file “/Users/mankuang/Desktop/ManKuang/wallpaper” of current desktop」設定成「file “/Users/mankuang/Desktop/ManKuang/wallpaper” of current desktop」。” number -10006 from file “/Users/mankuang/Desktop/ManKuang/wallpaper” of current desktop

How do I remove all the menu bar icons from MacOS Big Sur apart from cmd + dragging?

I want to remove all the menu bar items like wifi, spotlight, Bluetooth, etc. Command + dragging works but it’s not a feasible option since we have a lot of terminals. Is there any other way to do the same via the terminal?

big sur – macOS Big Sur not smooth

I’ve just installed macOS Big Sur 11 beta and whenever I open the notifications sidebar or any directory opening/closing effects are not smooth at all also whenever I scroll down in a folder.

I’ve checked my login items and activity monitor and nothing seems to stress the CPU


macos – What can I do to install Big Sur without wipe?

I would like to upgrade to Big Sur on a test system (MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019)) that already has macOS Catalina 10.15.6 installed.

Since this is to work in a company network, additional software has already been installed:

  • Zscaler Security
  • Intelligent hub
  • McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac

I quit these programs to avoid problems.

In order not to have to do this process again, I would like to perform an in-place upgrade.

sudo / Applications / Install macOS Big --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction

With 31% the installation aborts with a meaningless error message. What can I do? Are there logs? Or is wiping and reinstalling faster?

beta – macOS Big Sur : Menubar is Greyed out

after installing MacOs Big Sur, I disabled transparency from Accessibility and I noticed that Colour of dock is looking perfectly fine but menubar was greyed out and Accent was also changes to black as you can see in picture. And there is another issue. checking in ‘reduce motion’ option in Accessibility causes menubar to flash in full screen mode(without touching trackpad or keyboard).

greyed out menubar

wifi – Q: Cannot spoof MAC Address on Macbook Pro 2019 13.3 on Big Sur Beta 4

I usually change my MAC Address frequently and it worked perfectly on Catalina, however when I transitioned to Big Sur it didn’t seem to work correctly, at least for Beta 4.
I would run the command

sudo ifconfig en0 ether yourspoofedmacaddress

where I confirmed that en0 is my wireless device.
I would expect that after running ifconfig the en0 interface ether would display the spoofed mac address, and it does, but as soon as it connects to any wifi connection, the en0 interface reverts right back to the original MAC address.

This also happens after I try to spoof any interface MAC address including en1, en2, and en3. These interfaces aren’t used at all, but once en0 receives any type of network connection, all of the spoofing reverts.

Any ideas as to why it might not work anymore in Big Sur or any workarounds for that matter?

xcode – LLDB command line installation on macOS Big Sur edition (11.0) beta

I’m using the following command in order to install lldb without Xcode

xcode-select –install

However, the window that pops up with the progress bar gets halted on task “Finding Software”
Those are the relevant errors I could trace from log stream:

Code Block runningboardd: (RunningBoard) (
Error 45 setting darwin role to UserInteractive: Operation not supported, 
falling back to setting priority
runningboardd: (RunningBoard) ( 
Error 45 setting darwin role to UserInteractiveFocal: Operation not supported, 
falling back to setting priority

Any idea how to tackle this issue?