Someone who offers fully managed AWS support?

Someone who offers fully managed AWS support? | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Someone who offers fully managed AWS support?

    I need a good company that offers fully managed AWS services … most of the ones I found have some serious criticism.

    Thank you…

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ASVhost is a real power with quality support and low prices! |

ASVhost has had a great presence in the web hosting market since 2017. All our staff is internal and we take pride in operating our own networks and infrastructures. ASVhost is committed to providing our customers with semi-controlled support that has no equal in the industry and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 99% of the tickets we receive are answered within a period of 30 minutes!

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Linux VPS 16
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Windows VPS available here:

Dedicated server:

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Is the call number needed for support?


If a hosting provider has support by email, dial-up and chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is the call number necessary to receive support?

Only support is provided … | Read the rest of

35% recurring discount + free upgrade ◄WHMCS ★ Brand videos ★ SSL ★ End user support ★ United Kingdom / USA UU ★

35% Recurring discount + Free update WHMCS Brand videos SSL End user support UK / USA


InnoHosting is an established company of more than 13 years with a consistent Tracking history, known for providing reliable and predictable business hosting services. We provide you with a solid and solid foundation that gives you the confidence and time to really focus on growing your business. That's why more than 95% of our clients have said that they believe InnoHosting has contributed to its success.
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8 quick reasons to join InnoHosting

one. Proven history – We are a fully established hosting company with proven experience and a verifiable history.

two. Business intelligence comes naturally – We have worked in innumerable industries to provide a fully managed accommodation.

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Fully managed migration

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InnoHosting activGuard Web Site Security – Exclusive for InnoHosting.

InnoHosting activeGuard will protect and protect your web hosting automatically. No configuration is required and there is no need to upload files. InnoHosting activeGuard runs on the server level and is not intrusive. Continuously monitor your website, protect against online threats and defend against intrusion attempts. Using real-time visitor behavior analysis and the virtual application patch "Just In Time", activeGuard ensures that your web applications are fully protected and equipped with the latest security technologies to defend against common threats that they face today. Make WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS and other exploited applications a thing of the past with activGuard Security.

NEW: Brand video tutorials

A great complement to our knowledge base articles (previously written articles that are directly incorporated into your WHMCS), our web hosting tutorial videos can be marked with your company logo and will completely improve your customer experience. Reduce support tickets and reduce dropout rates by making sure your clients can use their hosting to their full potential.

End user support

End user support allows you to outsource your support requirements to us. We will respond to your customer inquiries 24×7 and all under your brand. But it does not stop there: our end user assistance system is the most advanced end user assistance system in the industry. Developed from scratch internally by InnoHosting, we can offer a quality of support that is not matched by any other company.
Some of our advanced features include:

1. Programming: turn it on / off instantly or set a schedule to turn on / off automatically.
2. WHMCS Integration – Includes full support for WHMCS v7

3. Direct URL for WHMCS7 +
4. Advanced API: integrates the system in virtually any application
5. Profile creation: send your company profile so we can customize the answers to your clients.
6. Real average response time of 30 minutes
7. See our answers and notes
8. Level 3 support technicians

This system is exclusive to InnoHosting and is not available anywhere else. Built from scratch internally and based on direct comments from our customers.

Fully loaded reseller accounts

Our reseller accounts have everything you need to get started quickly. We've talked to our customers and collected feedback on the things that are most valuable and expensive during the early stages of setting up and running your business and have created an exhaustive list of gifts that we include in all of our reseller accounts:

Free support for the end user (technical support, billing and sales)
ActivGuard Web Security free – Exclusive for InnoHosting
Free custom branded video tutorials with your logo
Free articles from the 100x knowledge base that are injected directly into your WHMCS
Free fully functional commercial license from WHMCS
Free SEO tools that will generate traffic.
Free Comodo SSL Certificate
Free account with payment processor compatible with PCI by 2Checkout
Free domain reseller account – Sell domains at wholesale prices
Free legal documents templates
Free Softaculous automatic installer
Free distributed failover DNS
Free daily backups that you can access and restore
Free web server LiteSpeed
CloudLinux free
Free PHP Selector (select your own version of PHP)

Powerful servers + stable platform = Rock Solid Service

We use 24 central CPU (HT), 32 GB of RAM and a RAID10 storage configuration. The servers are overloaded and underutilized to ensure that when your site needs more power, it is available. This, in combination with CloudLinux, ensures that servers can handle sudden load spikes gracefully. In conclusion, you receive a solid, predictable and stable service. HTTP is further accelerated with the powerful web server, LiteSpeed, which gives your websites a significant boost in page load and performance.

Servers of UK and USA

We have servers in the USA UU (Los Angeles) and the United Kingdom (Maidenhead) in data centers with state-of-the-art technology and network redundancy. We use only premium bandwidth providers, carefully chosen to provide the fastest response times and routes to the rest of the world. No matter what your visitors are based on, there is something you can be sure of: your websites will be uploaded quickly and reliably.

Hosting plans

If you think it is time to seriously commit to your business and take it to the next level, register below in one of our managed hosting plans. For less than a cup of coffee per day, you can have your websites and applications hosted on a real server-level premium hardware, along with our rapid response support.

•••••••••• Standard ••••••••••

• Web space: 20GB Now upgraded to Premier with promotion

• Bandwidth: 200GB per month
• Unlimited additional domains, parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, mail forwarders, automatic replies, FTP accounts and much more
• 25 Account limit (create up to 25 cPanel accounts)
• Overselling Enabled (sell more than what you have been assigned)
• Powered by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server
US Server Prices

USD From: $ 16.95 / month
GBP From: £ 12.71 / month


Server prices in the United Kingdom

USD From: $ 22.06 / month.
GBP From: £ 16.55 / month


•••••••••• Premier •••••••••••

• Web space: 40GB Now updated to executive with promotion

• Bandwidth: 400 GB
• Unlimited additional domains, parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, mail forwarders, automatic replies, FTP accounts and much more
• Limit of 100 accounts (create up to 100 cPanel accounts)
• Overselling Enabled (sell more than what you have been assigned)
• Powered by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

US Server Prices

USD From: $ 24.95 / month
GBP From: £ 18.71 / month


Server prices in the United Kingdom

USD From: $ 30.56 / month
GBP From: £ 22.92 / month


•••••••••• Executive •••••••••••

• Web space: 60GB Now updated to corporate with promotion

• Bandwidth: 600GB per month
• Unlimited additional domains, parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, mail forwarders, automatic replies, FTP accounts and much more
• Overselling Enabled (sell more than what you have been assigned)
• Powered by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

US Server Prices

USD From: $ 42.95 / month
GBP From: £ 32.21 / month


Server prices in the United Kingdom

USD From: $ 47.56 / month
GBP From: £ 33.57 / month


•••••••••• Corporate •••••••••••

• Web space: 80GB – Now 100GB with promotion.

• Bandwidth: 800 GB per month – Now 1TB with promotion

• Unlimited additional domains, parked domains, subdomains, email accounts, mail forwarders, automatic replies, FTP accounts and much more
• Overselling Enabled (sell more than what you have been assigned)
• Powered by LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

US Server Prices

USD From: $ 49.95 / month
GBP From: £ 37.46 / month


Server prices in the United Kingdom

USD From: $ 47.56 / month
GBP From: £ 33.57 / month


Speed ​​test files:

Server of EE UU (Los Angeles):
Server of the United Kingdom (Maidenhead):

Network information:

•••••••••• Everything else ••••••••••

Additional resources:

Web space: $ 1 / GB
Bandwidth: $ 1 / GB for the first 5GB, then $ 0.50 / gb thereafter.

Bulk discounts available. The minimum order is 5GB.

Dedicated IP address:

$ 2 / month + $ 5.99 single rate for IP
$ 6 / quarter. Free configuration
$ 18 / year (costs $ 1.50 / month). Free configuration

Enterprise Anti-Spam By SpamExperts:

$ 2.50 / domain per month

•••••••••• Contact InnoHosting •••••••••••

Take the first step towards a better reseller service without problems. Contact us today for any questions you have at and we will be happy to answer any questions.

•••••••••• Still not convinced? •••••••••••

Our focus on solid reliability and constant support does not go unnoticed. Below is a random selection of positive posts made in less than 12 months with only WebHostingTalk alone. Feel free to look for our reviews covering more than 12 years here at WHT:…29#post9691029…43#post9689043…20#post9561520…89#post9688989…57#post9676157…60#post9676060…15#post9689015…12#post9676012…80#post9463280…69#post9551369…35#post9541135…15#post9524815…66#post9524666…33#post9518433…97#post9518397…48#post9498948…36#post9530536…99#post9420299…05#post9420605…64#post9424864…04#post9376704…18#post9354118…38#post9353738…26#post9353426…38#post9353138…26#post9348626…58#post9348058…64#post9347264…41#post9347241…35#post9346835…45#post9346445…99#post9346399…86#post9346386…73#post9341273…68#post9336068…66#post9336666…70#post9338070…93#post9329393…82#post9321482…73#post9317073…53#post9316953

– Promotion conditions –

Promotion valid only for new or old customers.
Returning customers must not have had an InnoHosting account within 45 days of registering.
Returning customers must not have had an InnoHosting account that has closed with a bad reputation.
Promotion valid for the life of the package you have signed.
InnoHosting reserves the right to withdraw or reject this promotion at any time.
Free 2Checkout account subject to acceptance.
The promotion does not apply to semi-designated accounts.
Full terms and conditions apply.

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