Hotel GDS Chain Code mapped to Hotel Chain or Supplier Code

I have Company Codes (first field in table) that appear to be consistent with the coding outlined here. I am looking for a mapping that links these to any of the following fields on the table. Does anyone know if this mapping exists somewhere?

| Company Code | Super Chain Code | Super Chain | Hotel Chain Code | Hotel Chain Name             |
| EM           | MAR_S            | Marriot     | AUT              | Marriot Autograph Collection |
| EM           | MAR_S            | Marriot     | SHC              | Sheraton                     |
| EM           | MAR_S            | Marriot     | MOX              | Moxy Hotels                  |

Product / Supplier association – the same product with different price per supplier

I’m trying to build a store that has different suppliers that provide the same products but with different prices. Target is analyzing prices and show products with min prices to the customers.

Can anyone point me in the direction?

Those doing Dropshopping you using Paypal or Debit card to pay supplier?

Some folks told me , come Aliexpress, while doing drop shipping
use debit card better as the rate is lower than Paypal

Instead pay via Paypal.

wonder is true?

Looking for a supplier that can provide US registered IP

Looking for a supplier that can provide US registered IP,

My request,
1. Supplier(s) are from the United States, Canada or Europ… | Read the rest of

Where Can I Find A Reliable Metal Supplier?

QUOTE(swipka777 @ Oct 30 2020, 07:45 AM) *

Where can I find a reliable metal supplier?

I can say that there are a plenty of different metal suppliers around the web but it is really important to find the right one. I was using which is producing and supplies only high quality metal parts for any field. I also want to admit that they are working in this sphere for a long time and it is really important for the further cooperation.

Free forum supplier recommendations | Forum Promotion

I’m considering moving from tapatalk as tapatalk has very limited support, limited add ons, limited theme control and well, limited everything it seems.

Plus a lot of people seem to hate it. Don’t know why.


I’ve tried jcink but that seems to have broken add ons and some basic features are missing. Plus it requires you to edit a lot of code for simple things and then put those codes in each individual theme. I’ve been looking at mybb but can’t find a free host to even try out the software.

Basically I’m looking for a forum provider that has the following in built or available with plugins:

Free (I can’t afford paid forums)
Mobile friendly option.
Likes system.
Awards system.
Multiple themes option.
Styled usernames.
Uses plugins as opposed to coding.
Non rude and power hungry support staff.

Not necessary but would like the option;


Also, preferred is not requiring a separate host but if a host is required it needs to be easy to install on that host (free hosting at that – with possible option to upgrade for a cheap price). Not a software that requires extensive knowledge in coding and web based hosting.

Note: can’t be proboards.


googlebot – How will copy-pasting articles from my supplier affect my SEO?

If the goal is to improve your own website’s SEO, copying another website’s content probably won’t help even if you have permission from them to do so. There isn’t any magic that a canonical tag can do about that.

Google tries best to only index one copy of each article it finds on the internet, and it’s very likely to index the supplier’s version if it was published there first and the supplier’s page has high link equity.

However, if you just want the content on your site for reasons other than directly improving SEO (say, to link readers to for informational purposes), you shouldn’t be penalized for copying those articles onto your site. Just be prepared for those pages to not show up in Google search and not contribute to your website’s SEO.

And do attribute with a link to the original page where you got the content, that way Google is less likely to think you are trying to spin it as your own original content.

More info here:

What is duplicate content and how can I avoid being penalized for it on my site?

magento2: How to configure Magento to consult the supplier before confirming the order?

  1. On our website I want to have 30-40 products commonly ordered in
    monitor. These are very fast moving consumer goods in both the online and offline world.
  2. We will also have between 100 and 200 suppliers, all of whom will sell those
    products, but sometimes they can be sold out.
  3. We can not have
    those vendors load their inventories and that information will be out of date instantly. These are very small stores.
    With very little infrastructure.
  4. The customer can select the item.
    and quantities for each and "place" the order (but it is not "confirmed").
  5. Once the order is "made", from our module, we want to redirect the order to provider # 1,
    and checking with him if he has those products and
    quantities. If so, you must have a link or something that causes Magento to assign the order to you and the order is "confirmed".
  6. If provider n. ° 1 rejects
    the order, our system will redirect you to supplier # 2, etc. until
    the order is accepted or not fully available from a set of (say) 10 suppliers (that sequence and logic is determined by us). If that happens, the
    The order is canceled.


A. Can I configure Magento to consult providers, asynchronously, before the order is confirmed to the customer?

B. Can I configure Magento to query multiple providers in sequence as described above?