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Submission OF I-539 procedure

My wife and I want to extend our stay in the USA because of COVID-19. We are currently on B2 visas. I think that if we file online, we will each have to pay the $370 application fee and $85 biometrics fee, for a total of $910, but if we file by mail, we can pay the application fee only once, but the biometrics fee for each of us, for a total of $540. Is this true?

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I will do 500 high web directory submissions

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500+ Social Bookmarks SEO Backlinks Submission for your Website

500+ Social Bookmarks SEO Backlinks Submission for your Website

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confirmation dialog after form submission

Hey guys,
I am not a Javascript wiz so need some help with the following. I have a popup asking people to type in their email address. Right now the popup just closes after submission, which isn’t a nice user experience. Ideally, the text bar and the submission button would disappear, and be replaced by a short comment such as “Thanks, we’ll be in touch”. On top of that, I’d like the popup to close automatically “N” seconds after submission.

Here are the codes:

<div class="banner subscription-dialog">
    <span class="header">(( headerText ))</span>
    <span class="text">(( bodyText ))</span>
        <input name="email" type="text" class="input" placeholder="email@example.com" pattern="^S+@S+.S+$" title="email address in form 'email@example.com'">
        <input type="submit" class="button" value="(( buttonTitle ))" />
    <span class="lose"><span class="close-cross"></span></span>
<div class="banner-backdrop"></div>

Code (markup):


var self = this;
var showDelay = parseInt('(( bannerShowDelayInMilliseconds ))' || '0', 10);
setTimeout(function () {
    requestAnimationFrame(function () {
        if (!self.inPreview && "true" == "{{ 'true' if customer.email else 'false' }}") {
        self.sdk.track('banner', getEventProperties('show', false));
        document.body.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', self.html);
        var banner = self.banner = document.querySelector('.subscription-dialog');
        self.backdrop = document.querySelector('.subscription-dialog + .banner-backdrop');
        banner.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', '<style>' + self.style + '</style>');
        var form = banner.querySelector('form');
        form.onsubmit = function () {
            var eventProperties = getEventProperties('subscribe');
            var email = (form.email.value || '').toLowerCase();
            eventProperties.subscription_email = email;
            self.sdk.track('banner', eventProperties);
            if (validateEmail(email)) {
                    email: email
            return false;
        var btnClose = banner.querySelector('.close');
        btnClose.onclick = function () {
            self.sdk.track('banner', getEventProperties('close'));
}, showDelay);

function getEventProperties(action, interactive) {
    return {
        action: action,
        banner_id: self.data.banner_id,
        banner_name: self.data.banner_name,
        banner_type: self.data.banner_type,
        variant_id: self.data.variant_id,
        variant_name: self.data.variant_name,
        interaction: interactive !== false ? true : false,
        location: window.location.href,
        path: window.location.pathname

function removeBanner() {
    if (self.banner) {
    if (self.backdrop) {

function validateEmail(email) {
    return email && /^S+@S+.S+$/.test(email);
return {
    remove: removeBanner

Code (markup):



plug in recommendation – WP plug in to duplicate form submission

I Am seeking to know if anyone know a specific plug in or the type of plug in that I would use to enter something like a zip code at the top of a page and then I hit submit. It would add that zipcode to the search form below and display the results. Think of it like a remote control for the actual form.

Regarding submission of multiple target URL.

I have a query about submission. Suppose I am adding more than 1 URL an instance 10 URLs. And I am not choosing option “RANDOM submission from the above list”.  I have a list of 1000 web directories in my ser list then what would be the result? Are 10 URLs submitted to 1000 directories or each 1 URL will be submitted to 1000 directories?

javascript – Range Input Slider with Custom Labels/Options for Form Submission

I have a form on my website that allows the user to search for results based on different search criteria that the user enters. For example, searching for recipes based on cooking time or tv shows based on genre(comedy, drama, etc…). They used to be individual input radio-boxes that the user could check off, but I want to switch it to a more user-friendly UI of an input slider. Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean in concept:

enter image description here

Im having trouble trying to code this up using the input range HTML element. One thing Im struggling with is I’m not sure how to override the numeric parameters of the inputs to be strings(color, cooking-time, grade) rather than 0 – infinity. This is key because I will need to capture the user’s input selection and send it to the GET request while processing the form submission.

javascript – Write gravity forms field values to server file before submission

I have a gravity form and I want to write the values of the fields to a server file, before submission, to capture people who don’t finish the form. I know there is a partial entries add on but I wondered whether this would be possible using node js?

I was thinking of an onblur event that writes the field value to a file.

If this is possible, how would I link this to the gravity form itself ? Where do I place the code? Can’t put js in functions.php so maybe use the css class option on the fields ?

Any advice appreciated.

I can do 500 directory submission/bookmarks for your website for $5

I can do 500 directory submission/bookmarks for your website

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