apache 2.4 – Apache2 / Redirect to subfolder with ReverseProxy

I am trying to redirect / to a subfolder on a reverse proxy server of Apache2 vhost for a server behind it. What would be the best way to do this? I cannot configure the web server behind the proxy to redirect.

# vhost *:80 > *:443 redirect

        RewriteEngine On
        RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
        RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 (R,L)

        ServerName hostname.domain.org
        ProxyPreserveHost on
        ProxyRequests off
        ProxyVia off
        SSLEngine on
        SSLProxyEngine on
        SSLCertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/cert.pem
        SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/ssl/private/cert.key
        **Redirect / hostname.domain.org/subfolder/**
        ProxyPassReverse / https://hostname.domain.org/
        ProxyPass / https://hostname.domain.org/
        Header set X-Content-Type-Options: "nosniff"
        Header set X-Frame-Options: "sameorigin"

8 – Drupal Hosting in Angular Subfolder

I have an Angular 2+ application running. I would like to install Drupal in a subfolder and have my Angular application to iframe the contents.

Ideal folder structure:

/             - Angular  
/content      - Drupal  

I have an existing rewrite rule to rewrite in all index.html URLs. Drupal works well with pages like http://myapp.com/content/admin, but if I am accessing pages with the language in the URL http://myapp.com/en/page, will be rewritten to index.html of my angular application.

I would like to know how to configure Drupal to know that it is hosted in a subfolder and will always be added previously /content in the url. Or maybe there is a better approach to this.

By the way, I am hosting them in IIS. These are the rewrite rules I have now.


online sharepoint: MS Flow to move the file inside the subfolder in the document library dynamically

I am creating MS Flow to move files between libraries.
The source and destination libraries contain the same folder structures and subfolders.
When the file is created in source subfolders, it must be dynamically moved to the respective subfolders to the Destination Library based on where they were created at the source.

In Move File Scope, I chose Destination Folder: FolderPath / FileNamewithExtension

But I received an error.

Please let me know about this.

Call the file batch in each subfolder recursively, then delete it?

So here is my dilemma …
I have several subfolders in a directory.
I need to go through those subfolders and start a batch file in each one.
The necessary batch file will be copied to each subfolder that has an .ini file.

I'm working with JREPL.bat that will replace the text in each .ini file in each subfolder and it will be called from the replace.bat file.

The problem is that it only works for 1 subfolder and not for all.
The names of each subfolder are different. How to get it to work with everything?

Here is what I am working

@made in
SET "curentdirectory ="% CD% "
for / r "% CD%" %% i in (.) do @copy "% CD%  JREPL.bat" "%% i"
for / r "% CD%" %% i in (.) do @copy "% CD%  replace.bat" "%% i"
for / r %% F in (* .ini) do @for %% A in ("%% F  ..") we call replace.bat "" %% F "

Any help is really appreciated!

Importing the last post to the home page of the blog that is in the subfolder


My website is in WordPress CMS.

I want to know if it is possible to show the last post on the homepage of the blog that is running in the subfolder.

redirect – How to hide the subfolder of static pages in WordPress using htaccess

I need help please because I can not find a solution to my problem.

I need to hide a subfolder in the url of my wordpress site.

I created a subfolder where I uploaded some static pages in php

Example: domain.com/subfolder/file.php

What I need is to remove / hide "subfolder" to get the following:


I tried many htaccess codes that I found here, but I always get a 404 error.

Thanks in advance for your help.

php: configure Nginx to run PhalconPHP in a subfolder

I want to run a PhalconPHP application in a subfolder like this http://stg.example.org/simon/apps/phalconapp/

A fragment of my Nginx configuration is the following …

location ^ ~ / simon / apps / phalconapp {

root /var/www/stg.example.org/simon/apps/phalconapp/public;
index index.php index.html index.htm;
try_files $ uri $ uri / @rewrite;

location ~  .php $ {

fastcgi_index index.php;

includes fastcgi_params;

fastcgi_split_path_info ^ (. + . php) (/.+) $;
fastcgi_param PATH_INFO $ fastcgi_path_info;
fastcgi_param PATH_TRANSLATED $ document_root $ fastcgi_path_info;
fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $ document_root $ fastcgi_script_name;



location @rewrite {
rewrite ^ / (. *) $ /index.php?_url=/$1;

However, I get a file not Found Error trying to access the application. What could I be doing wrong?

service worker – navigator.serviceWorker.ready does not fire when it is placed in the subfolder

Our application is served (by IIS in a virtual application) from https://myserver.com/myapp

The HTML returned from https://myserver.com/myapp is:


To register the service worker, I need to add the subfolder as shown below

// This does not work since the application is served from / myapp
navigator.serviceWorker.register ("/ sw.js") // Fail, will try to load https://myServer.com/sw.js

// This works (successful registration)
navigator.serviceWorker.register ("/ myapp / sw.js") // This will register the sw.

The problem occurs when I try to use the service worker, who is waiting for the ready event:

// Inside file.js
navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then (...) // Will not fire

I guess what is happening is that the ready event does not trigger because the service worker "thinks" that it is being installed from a subfolder called "MyApp", but when the .js file is executed and tries to use the service worker, it looks like the .js file is served from the root and, therefore, is beyond the reach of the service worker.

Any ideas on how to handle this? I tried to use the scope parameter, but I think it's only used to limit the scope, not to expand it.

{scope: & # 39; / & # 39;} // Fail with an external root error
{scope: & # 39; / MyApp & # 39;} // It works, but there's still no event ready

I'm sure I'm missing something here, but I have no idea what it is.

Thanks for any help


.htaccess: How to add / ignore a subfolder in the htaccess file?

I have built an application in http: // url / sdf19 /

I have a .htaccess placed in / sdf19 / containing RewriteRule for clean URLs.

But I have built a PDF generation tool, which is in a subfolder / inc / tools.
I need to link it directly to run before the headers.

Despite some hours of searching, testing fragments, generators, etc. I can not get any request for http: // url / sdf19 / inc / tools to be allowed, without the existing RewriteRule set taking control

Here is my home file


RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 [NC]
RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  / ([0-9]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 & id = $ 2 [NC]
RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  / ([a-z]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 & action = $ 2 [NC]
RewriteRule ^ ([a-z]+)  / ([a-z]+)  / ([0-9]+)  /? $ index.php? page = $ 1 & action = $ 2 & id = $ 3 [NC]


I have tried adding this on line 4;
RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI}! ^ Inc / tools / [NC]

This gave RewriteCond: bad argument line error

I have tried adding this to line 2;

RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI} ^ / inc / tools /(.*)$
RewriteRule ^. * $ - [L]

I have tried adding a .htaccess in / inc / tools with RewriteEngine OFF, it did not work.

I have tried the linked .htaccess tester in the top post, but its file (above) works IRL, it produces a & # 39; rule that is not met & # 39; for everything it contains!


The desired result is that I can allow direct access to http: // url / sdf19 / inc / tools > everything I've tried so far redirects me to the base http: // url / sdf19 /

How to list the total files for each subfolder in Google Drive?

In Google Drive I have a directory with more than 1000 subfolders. I want to list all the subfolders with the total number of files for each subfolder. This is the script I received so far, but it does not work because it only has a list of 0 for all subfolders

// replace your folder below with the root folder for which you want a listing
function listFolderContents () {
var foldername = & # 39; CC-Part2 & # 39 ;;
var folderlisting = & # 39; folder list & # 39; + folder name;

folders from var = DriveApp.getFoldersByName (folder name)
folder var = folders.next ();
var contents = folder.getFolders ();

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.create (list of folders);
sheet var = ss.getActiveSheet ();
sheet.appendRow ( ['name', 'size'] );

subfolder var;
name var
size var
row male
while (contents.hasNext ()) {
subfolder = contents.next ();
name = subfolder.getName ();
size = subfolder.getSize ();
sheet.appendRow ( [name, size] );

Can anyone help me fix this script?