Mathematical optimization: optimize a nested function in Mathica to get stuck to the local maximum and give an incorrect answer

I am trying to maximize this function on the "p" value:

    g2ces(p_, theta_, I_, a_, c1_)  := 
    a*p^c1) + (theta*
     theta)*(((I - Min(I, a*p^c1))/a)^(1/c1)*(I - 
        Min(I, a*p^c1)) + ((I/a)^(1/c1))*I)

In the following values ​​of other parameters (which I take as an example), we obtain:

FindMaximum({g2ces(p, 0.5, 2, 2.5, -2)}, p)

p = 1.25. This is the right solution.

And plot this on several "p" values ​​gives:

  Table(g2ces(p, theta, 2, 2.5, -2), {theta, 0.5, 0.5,1}), {p, 0, 5})


This solution is derived analytically and is a special case. This function is equivalent to the following function, "VDPces", which is easier to generalize (and, therefore, I want to work with this version of the function instead of the "g2ces"):

Rev(p_, I_, a_, c1_) := p*Min(I, a*p^c1)
V2ces(I_, a_, c1_)  := MaxValue({Rev(p, I, a, c1)}, p)
VDPces(p_, theta_, I_, a_, c1_) := 
 theta*(Rev(p, I, a, c1) + 
     theta*V2ces(I - Min(I, a*p^c1), a, c1)) + (1 - theta)*(0 + 
     theta*V2ces(I, a, c1))

When I maximize this function, I get a different solution:

FindMaximum({VDPces(p, 0.5, 2, 2.5, -2)}, p)

p = 1,111803 (incorrect)

and a different plot

  Table(VDPces(p, theta, 2, 2.5, -2), {theta, 0.5, 0.5, 1}), {p, 0, 

That seems like:

enter the description of the image here

Obviously something goes wrong with the optimization.

I'm stuck in the console indicator

[! [I am stuck on the console indicator. I want to install Android Oreo on my VM. I even followed each step accurately and also added vga boot modes for screen resolution in the menu. Lst fil. I don't know what to do Hagan now. ][]][]

Resolution stuck on 640×480

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.3. I tried to install WINE using the Ubuntu software. After it was installed, nothing happened when I clicked start. Then I restarted my system and discovered that my screen was stuck on 640×480. I tried to delete WINE but this did not solve anything. When I'm going to change the resolution in my settings, there are no options.

Samsung A30 firmware flashes through Odin..Odin stuck in Product.img.lz4

Samsung A305f
The firmware of the Samsung A30 flashes through ODIN.
Odin stuck in Product.img.lz4
Someone please help solve this problem

SharePoint Online workflows stuck in internal status "Not started" and anonymous initiator

I experience a very strange problem with SP designer workflows only in a subsite of the entire site collection in SharePoint online. All created workflows suddenly stopped working and new ones don't work too.

  • If the workflow is set to automatically start on the creation / update of the item, it does not
  • If started manually, it remains in the internal state "Not started" and anonymous initiator.

The workflow history list is empty. The workflow columns in the list are not updated with any status.

I found similar problems in the forums but with the local version. Like here and here.

Here too there are more detailed steps to solve a similar problem, but again for places where we have access to the services so that we can restart them.

I tried to republish workflows again, creating a new workflow with just one simple step to write to the history list, workflow without any step. I tried to finish all workflows blocked in the lists using powershell and tried the previous steps again, nothing helped.

Workflows in all other sites collection sites work correctly and the problem is only with one subsite.

The subsite has unique permissions but does not use anonymous access.

18.04 – Ubuntu gets stuck in emergency mode when expanding partitions

After having performed the process described here to change the size of the hard drive, I get the following error, in which Ubuntu crashes in emergency mode.

ERROR could not send host log messa

I followed the steps here using sudo sudo update-grub

And I get the following results shown here

From here I systemctl reboot and used update-grub

And when ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid I get the next 2 partitions available

enter the description of the image here

I continued with the suggested commands on the screen systemctl reboot Y systemctl default

[enter the description of the image here]

However, all the steps still do not allow me to log back into the machine and remain stuck at startup.

The error started after trying the steps here to change the partition size
in which /dev/sda1 I was starting well until assigning /dev/sdb5 to expand storage.

How to recover iPhone SE when it is stuck in recovery mode without data loss?

My wife's iPhone SE was overloaded with data and hung up while restarting. Then, after trying to update to the latest firmware, I got stuck in recovery mode. The problem is that the iPhone is too full for recovery. Because my wife did not make a backup, I want to avoid a flat installation. Unfortunately, every recovery tool I tried gave the same error and denied work in the middle of the process.
I discovered a Windows tool called "do not delete ipsw", which modifies ipsws up to version 10.3.3 that way, which makes the installer think that it performs a new complete installation, although it only replaces the system files and allows the user files intact Unfortunately, the resulting ipsw is not accepted by iTunes, because it is "unsigned", let's say it's too old for Apple's authentication process.
As far as I can see, my only hope is to make iTunes think, it's a new ipsw.
The second possibility would be to modify a new / signed ipsw that way, to make it smaller than the original to save space in the installer, because the iPhone is too full.
Can anyone out there give a hint? Thank you!

[ Psychology ] Open question: M 24. Is it normal to get angry to the point of fainting? Triggers include being stuck in traffic, Internet connectivity problems, etc.

[Psychology] Open question: M 24. Is it normal to get angry to the point of fainting? Triggers include being stuck in traffic, Internet connectivity problems, etc.

macos – mac photos don't sync with icloud / icloud restoration stuck / fear that deleting photos on mac doesn't affect icloud

I try to control my huge photo library (currently ~ 220 GB in my SSD).

I am running Catalina 10.15.2 on a Macbook Pro 2014.

Therefore, I deleted many videos and photos. Mainly duplicates, screenshots, etc. But in the end I deleted about 2,000 items, which took a couple of hours since I did it manually. I'm a little scared to use duplicate search engines. I tried but discovered that, for example, gemini2 also marked individual photos as duplicates.

After doing that two nights ago, I checked my icloud to see if the video / photos had also been deleted there. But nothing happened there. All duplicate videos are still there. Even now 2 days later, nothing changed in the icloud?!

My photo application on Mac OS is set up like this:
icloud is enabled / optimize mac storage is enabled

I understand that deleting a photo on mac would remove it from my icloud and any of my other devices. Especially since every time I delete an item, the photos let me know that the item will be deleted from all devices.

My photo application shows me the message "Restoring from icloud …" with a complete progress bar of ~ 90%.

Restoration from icloud with a 90% progress bar

But this progress bar is stuck for the last ~ 30h or so.

After several reboots, etc., I entered the Activity Monitor and canceled all the processes connected to the photos. Then I restarted the Photos app again and it looked like this:

The icloud restoration does not run and the amount of images, videos of what it is supposed to be

The "Restore from icloud" process is not running and the number of videos / images is approximately the amount that should be after I deleted all the duplicates.

After a couple of seconds later, the "Restore from icloud" process is running / stuck again.

My questions:

1) How can I rerun the synchronization process?

2) Could it be that the photo application is trying to recover deleted photos / videos from my icloud? The message "restore from icloud" and the greater number of videos / photos seem to imply something like that. If so, how can I avoid that? I want to eliminate those fools.

Flashing ROM: the phone gets stuck in bootloop after flash twrp by fastboot

I have a Symphony v32 phone (5)
1.1 lollipop) with mt6580 chipset.
The other day, I downloaded an unofficial version of twrp recovery from I did exactly what it said on the site about how to flash twrp.img through fastboot . It's not that I blame them as they said, they won't be responsible if something happens to my phone … and I didn't make a backup either …
then while running

fastboot oem unlock

to unlock the bootloader, it showed success, and then to flash the twrp.img renamed to recovery.img, I used

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

and showed success !! Hurrah!! and so,

fastboot reboot

That's when he got stuck in bootloop! Starting the recovery well and resetting the entire device would probably have solved the problem, but little did I know that the recovery mode was broken … since there was no recovery mode. What happens is that there are 3 start menu options, recovery, quick start and normal restart, now when I press the volume down and select the recovery mode, it hangs there for a couple of seconds and restarts in bootloop.

Also, adb does not seem to list any connected device.

But fastboot mode works fine! I have been able to write

fastboot getvar all

I could attach the output if it would help me anyway …

I've been thinking if it was possible to fix this if I write

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

In this case, is the recovery.img the original recovery.img?