display: change the default color when printing a string using Print[]

I'm just an amateur. I recently found how to change the default colors in a notebook using "Edit style sheet" in "Format." I am currently using my own color set to "Appearance" in "Preferences" along with a custom style sheet and code

SetOptions(EvaluationNotebook(), Background -> Black);

(Side note, I deliberately avoid the "ReverseColor" ability because it doesn't give me very fine control over my colors).

By doing something in the line of …

a="String length:";  
Print(a,"= ",StringLength(a));

How do I get the default printed text / result to be a color that is not black?

Bonus Q:
Can I do the above and also change the default background for a notebook using only the style sheet and the appearance settings?

How do I read the value of an xml string in sql

I have an xml string in a column called "RawData" from the "Inbound" table, I have to read the "Success" value of an item called "status".

xmlstring: success

Any help is really appreciated.

C string comparison

Any ideas for this code to work. What you have to do is compare the string entered in the gets (); with some string that is within personal and see if it matches. If I have any error in code or something that can be done better I would appreciate a correction since I'm a little new in C


int main()
    char personal(20)(50) = {"Diego Ramirez", "Juan Perez", "Beto Carreon", "Andrea Molina", "Fernanda Valenciano"};

    for (int i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) //Aqui solo se imprimen los nombres para verlos en consola 
        printf("%sn", personal(i));

    char usuario(20)(50);

    for(int i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++)
        if(strcmp(usuario(20), personal(i)) == 0)


computability: can you verify if the length of a C program that can generate a string is less than a certain number?

I was given this question:

Komplexity (S) is the length of the smallest C program that generates the S string as output. Is the question "Komplexity (S) <K" decidable?

With regard to decision-making capacity, I only know about the problem of detention and I just learned about Rice's theorem while searching online (although I don't think it can be applied here?). I could not reduce the problem to any undecidable problem I know. Thanks in advance for any assistance

PYTHON – PANDAS – Replace an entire string if it contains a word, with another word

I have a python dataframe that in one of the columns called Rating, contains texts with different words, like this:

What I want is to iterate through the entire Rating column and if you find the word Two among others, replace all the content and leave only a 2 and if you find the word One, replace all the content with 1.

c # – Collate upper and lower case letters in a string

I need to make an arrangement that stores a string and in turn the string is the same size as the array to then reprint the string but using upper and lower case letters.
Enter the string: Help
Fix filled correctly
Modified chain: AyUdA

string – How to split Javascript using multiple tabs without deleting them?

Good afternoon guys, I have the following code in JS:

 if (v.includes("'!'"))
                var separators = ("\''", '\&', '\#', '\|');
                var separators = ("\''", '\'', '\&', '\#', '\|');
            var variables = v.split(new RegExp(separators.join('|'), 'g'));

When the "variables" would be an array with my division, I need a division using multiple separators and without being removed from the resulting matrix.


"Teste1 & Teste2 # Teste3"  -> 

bash – CD behavior with an empty string argument

I have a small command that goes to the root of the git repository:

cg() {
  cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)"

When it is not inside the git repository it runs cd "" which, I thought, is not supposed to do anything.

However after configuring also $CDPATH Now this behavior seems to have changed. Instead cd "" he takes me to $CDPATH.

My question: is it a small mistake or a documented / expected behavior?

python – Convert string to fishy and fishy to string

I am not completely sure why you are not satisfied with your code, as it looks pretty good. Maybe many blank lines that seem to stretch the length of the code. There are also some things on the Python side that could be changed to reduce the amount of source lines needed for the task:

string_to_fishy You can rewrite using an understanding list:

def string_to_fishy(string: str) -> str:
    return ' '.join(f'><{ord(char)}>' for char in string)

The inverse function could use a similar technique to avoid repeated creations of new chains in string += chr(value):

def fishy_to_string(fishy: str) -> str:
    Converts a fishy code to string

        ><72> ><101> ><108> ><108> ><111> ><32> ><87> ><111> ><114> ><108> ><100> ><33>
        Hello World!

        ><48> ><48> ><55> ><32> ><74> ><97> ><109> ><101> ><115> ><32> ><98> ><111> ><110> ><100>
        007 James bond
    if not fishy:
        return ''

    def parse_fish(token):
        if not token:
            raise FishyError('Invalid syntax: Extra whitespace')

        if not (token.startswith('><') and token.endswith('>')):
            raise FishyError('Invalid syntax: ' + token)

            value = int(token(2:-1))
            string += chr(value)
        except ValueError:
            raise FishyError('Input cannot be parsed as character: ' + token)

    return ''.join(parse_fish(token) for token in fishy.split(' '))

I also allowed myself to change the name of the variable char to token, because it seems more appropriate in that context, and I also slightly rephrased the last error message to make it more expressive.

Split names in a string with Regex with upper and lower case

I want to divide the names into an array with this type of string.

Bol BolLouis King
Brandon ClarkeRui Hachimura
Michael Jeffery JordanDennis Rodman


['Bol Bol', 'Louis King']
['Brandon Clarke', 'Rui Hachimura']
['Michael Jeffery Jordan', 'Dennis Rodman']

I've already tried to create my own regular expression using ^[A-Z]w+s[A-Z][a-z]+ but this only matches the first name and I can't capture the second or third name. I also have some problems when the name has 3 words like Michael Jeffery Jordan