Can Trump extend his streak of luck in the Coronavirus or will all the lies and propaganda finally end?

Yes, because his method of always blaming the messenger finally loses. He blamed the discovery of Russian interference on intelligence agencies, and will blame the growing number of cases of coronavirus on people who perform the tests. That is why it is holding back a wide distribution of test kits. His method is to hide the truth.

He wants that cruise out of SF to remain at sea with his coronavirus patients so that they do not statistically join their total victims here within the US. UU. Is that reasoning crazy, or am I crazy?

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James Harden adds new wrinkles to the 30-point streak

James Harden adds new wrinkles to the 30-point streak

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  1. James Harden adds new wrinkles to the 30-point streak

    James Harden adds new wrinkles to the 30-point streak for state-of-the-art sports, in a burst of 57 points in a victory over the Grizzlies. read more

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