what is link building strategy..?

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what is link building strategy..?

What Is Link Building Strategy..?


What is a good strategy for updating lot of rows in postgersql?

I have an inventory table which contains item_id and the quantity remaining of the item (And also some other meta data). I have an administrator update the inventory by uploading a CSV file which contains the item_id and the quantity remaining.

  1. Run `update for each row in the CSV file. If my CSV file contains 1 million rows, I will end up sending 1 million update statements from my application server to the database server.
  2. Construct 1 million update queries and send them in a batch (JDBC allows batched statements)

At first glance approach number 2 looks like a better solution. But then can 1 million statements be batched? What happens if one of the statement fails for some reason?

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❓ASK – Will this strategy make HYIP sites legit ? | Proxies123.com

Most hyip sites follow the ponzi scheme , where Peter’s deposit is used to pay Paul .
Thus when there is no more peter depositing , pa may not be paid .

I was think of HYIP site , and something came to my mind ; what if hyip sites increases their program to monthly and yearly withdrawal only , and also have transportation and agriculture as their source of income .
At such , they can invest the money deposited by people to transportation , Agriculture , etc . so that after two months or a year depending on the interest rate chosen by the user , the gain made can be shared into two .
Perhaps the name be changed from hyip to Lyip ( low yield investment plan)

directx – What is the proper strategy to manage vertex buffers?

If there was just one “proper strategy” or “best way”, the API would give you only that one option to ensure everyone got the best outcome.

But that’s not how gamedev works. Different games have different needs.

  • In one game, every mesh needs texture coordinates and normals and tangents, so they can set up every buffer following that pattern, consistently, and never change it.

  • In another game, meshes sometimes need to be drawn without normals/tangents, but only rarely/unpredictably (say, when the player toggles to X-Ray vision), so it makes sense to keep using the full buffer all the time even if it contains some unneeded info for some passes.

  • In another game, all the environment meshes need normals and tangents, character meshes need all that plus skinning information, but the UI meshes need only texture coordinates, and all these sets are disjoint. So the developers can simply tag each mesh asset with the appropriate vertex buffer contents it needs as part of their asset metadata, and build the buffer once on load, never changing it after that.

  • In another game, the same mesh is viewed with wildly different shaders in different game states, and it’s performance-critical that it not have any excess information in its vertex buffer, so the game re-generates its buffer each time it transitions to a new state to have just the info needed in that state.

  • …etc.

We don’t know which of these games you’re making. You might not even know that yet!

But it’s probably a safe bet that your models typically need texture coordinates and normals, so build a basic buffer that contains what you need for most of the cases you’ve come across thus far.

Then, when you find a case that needs more information, change your code to suit that case. (Maybe you tag the asset as needing a different buffer structure on import, maybe you re-generate the buffer when you enter the specific state that needs the extra info)

When you find a case that needs less information, profile. Maybe it’s not a problem to be sending the extra data down the pipe, and you can focus on something else for now, until it becomes a problem.

bitcoin core – What’s the best strategy to send btc from one wallet to a address list with transaction id for each payment?

I’m triyng send a mass btc payment, but using “sendToAddress” i’m limited send a new transaction only when the last was confirmed, if i try send when the last was pending of confirmation i’ll not have balance on my wallet because the my founds was send to change addresses and is pending.

If i use sendMany i’ll only had transaction to all payments and i need an transaction to each address and get controll for the fees for each.

If i wait for the last confirm to send a new my batch payment will spend a lot of time and will stuck my payment list, i’ll limitaded for some payments for day.

What’s is the best approuch to this problem? Can someone help me? I tried found solution in older topics but i don’t had success with this, maybe i cant express myself correctely or do not know the correct terms.

cd – Good strategy to deploy workers that process long-lasting tasks

I have multiple instances on the same worker that process long-lasting tasks. Usually, those tasks last about 30 minutes – 5 hours. Tasks are stored in RabbitMQ. Workers are deployed as Kubernetes single-container deployment with multiple replicas.

The problem is deploying new changes. I see two strategies here: interrupting current processing or deploying new workers and letting existing one’s exit by itself.

I chose the first strategy that lets me deploy new changes quickly. After a deploy is finished I could be ensured that all workers use the same codebase. But there are downsides. I need handling exit signal, task processing restarting, restoring state, checking for should I insert or update records, and so on.

So my question is, could I say that interrupting current processing to deploy new changes is a best-in-class solution? Are there other approaches here?

OpenID Connect realms strategy – Information Security Stack Exchange

I’m reaching out to see if I can get a second opinion on something that came up at work. One of the clients of the company that I work at is setting up an OpenID Connect provider to authenticate api’s that they will be exposing to third parties (partners and in the future perhaps other api’s available to the general public). This provider might also be used for internal api’s further down the line.

Since the provider has to be exposed to the internet, do you think it is a reasonable strategy to set up three different realms, each of them for the three scenarios that I described above? (external api’s for partners, external api’s for the general public, and internal api’s). In case it’s relevant, the client is working with RedHat SSO.

To make the administration manageable, as long as each partner has its own client and it is correctly configured per the needs of each integration scenario, I thought that this setup would be correct.
On the other hand, publicly available api’s will probably serve different, less sensitive information so I thought it could be acceptable to have a separate realm for those cases.

Thanks in advance!

❓ASK – Facebook vs Twitter marketing strategy? | Proxies123.com

because facebook is better known by all levels of society, and almost every person has a facebook, ranging from children who are still studying in elementary school to those who are elderly, there are still many people who do not know twitter even people who are in the city may not necessarily use it, the tendency of more users to facebook rather than twitter, so the marketing strategy is better.