magento2.3.3 – Magento 2.3.3: Requested store not found (for registered users)

Normally, switching between stores works smoothly.

This is the result when I change from children to women: -> before the change -> after the change

But when someone is connected and on a category page, the switch does not work: -> before the change -> after the change, women do not have this category

Any idea what the problem is?

Google Play Store and activity log

The Google activity log shows "connected device and updated Google applications" How can I find out which applications are connecting / updating in this way?
enter the description of the image here

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Why are some unlisted applications not available on the Play Store Library page? How do I reinstall them?

Several applications are regularly removed from the Play Store search results, but are still available to users who installed them before being excluded. While most of them are still available on the Library page in my Play Store and can be reinstalled from there, some are also absent from that page. Why are these applications missing and how can they be reinstalled?

PS Please note that some applications are listed on the Library page, but cannot be reinstalled due to their obsolescence or incompatibility. This question is not about them.

tls: Can I use the same trust store and keystore on the client and server?

TL; DR: Is it possible that both sides of an SSL / TLS connection have the same public and private key, provided that both parties trust that public key?

More information if it is useful:

I am trying to test how I would configure having a Java application connected to Kafka 2.1. I am using the same keystore and trust store for the Kafka cluster and the Java application, which means that both sides of the connection have the same public and private key. I understand that this is not a good practice, I just wanted to verify that I understood how to configure things.

I can set

# This is the config style for 2.3
# listeners=HTTP://localhost:9092,HTTPS://localhost:9093

ssl.truststore.location: /path/to/kafka.truststore.jks
ssl.truststore.password: test


A set of properties in Kafka to enable TLS / SSL authentication. I am sure that I made the trust store and the keystore correctly, where the trust store contains the 1 public key that the Java side and the Kafka side are using. I have done the same on the Java side, following approximately an example of GitHub.

I can't start any connection, and I'm trying to eliminate the possibilities of why. Could this be because both sides of the connection have the same public and private key?

Identity: could you store your passwords in a telephone application governed by a QR code?

Some time ago I had the idea of ​​having an identification card with a QR code that you kept in your wallet. When you want to access your passwords (see them directly), you need your ID card and scan it with your password-protected iPhone. This then reveals the desired passwords.

But I'm thinking about it more and it doesn't seem to offer any "security" or additional protection of your passwords. You have the password of your memorized phone, so that's for sure. Once you enter your phone and open the custom QR reading password application, you could have direct access to your passwords right there instead of having the QR code layer. But, let's say we add the QR code step, to scan the QR code to get access. Maybe it only works on your phone. Then you have your phone password and a QR code that protects your password.

Does something like this offer any additional security? I am thinking about the factor n authentication line and having a real physical identification card in the mix.

Store backup copies for the shared cPanel server

Hello guys,

I have a shared hosting cPanel server with JetBackup installed and approximately 600 cPanel accounts (+ -550Gb of disk space).

What would you suggest as the optimal backup configuration for my clients?

I am considering the following:

1) Local backup on a separate disk on the server: weekly compressed (1 month retention)

2) Remote backup to a dedicated server in a remote location (for example, SoYouStart) – Daily incremental (3-week retention)


Thank you!

Use string vs hashcode to store long chains

Suppose I have 2 tables, businesses (Id, Name, AddressId) and addresses (Line1, Line2, etc.)

Now I have to verify if there is a business or not, so I will have to search the database with the following parameters,

(Name + Address) .UpperCase.Trim // pseudocode

Now I want to facilitate the search, so I'm thinking of creating a new table with the following parameters

NewTable (BunsinessNameWithAddressColumn, AddressId, BusinessId)

I have following questions

  • What should be the limit for BusienssNameWithAddressColumn?
  • Should I use some type of hasum code or checksum for the search instead of full text?

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