database – How do I create a user input form for my webpage to collect and store data?

So far, I have found an application to read and present the data in the form that I would like (arcgis). What I can not figure out, is how to create a user form that stores user data in a form and location that is readable by arcgis. Preferably a simple csv file format.

This is how I imagine the process looking.

  1. User clicks a button to prompt a fillable form to appear.

  2. Upon form submission, the answers are pushed to a database with all previous answers.

  3. A graphic (arcgis) on the webpage pulls the data from the database on a set interval so it stays up to date. (This step is already solved)

I am happy to pay for any software that can help with the collection and storage in parts 1 and 2. However I do not want the user to be redirected to any other website/webpage when they fill out the form. Also I do not want the raw data to be accessible/reachable by others.

Very Old Domain Is Now A Shopify Store

Why are you selling this site? Because I hate the niche

How is it monetized? Dropship Sales

Does this site come with any social media accounts? NO

How much time does this site take to run? A few minutes now

What challenges are there with running this site? Marketing

Let’s just call this a failed experiment on my part. I took an old domain and made it into a dropshipping Shopify store because I had never tried that before, so I was curious.

Turns out the store was fun to run and add products, but I hate marketing to females, as I’m not one. Pinterest marketing is perfect for this site, and if you are female or like the fashion/jewelry niche, then you got the store already started for you. Have fun with it!

Godaddy evaluates the domain itself as being worth $1377, so that alone should be of value to anyone who buys aged domains to flip or for great SEO. A short, easy to remember 2 word .com domain!




Help to computerize a retail paint store

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    Hello ppl.. I am new to this forum and to business. It might be a novice question to be coming up with. But I hope I get some directions here.
    We have an existing retail hardware and paints store with an approx inventory of 3000 items and around 200 customers. Currently, the pricing, billing and inventory is done manually on written books.
    I would like to explore softwares that can add the inventory, pricing, customers (with customized discounts) into it. Then enable billing through it and also help with reports of top inventory, top sales, etc.
    Please suggest on how to proceed with achieving this!

    Thanks in advance


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How much it costs to store backups in the cloud |

How much it costs to store backups in the cloud

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of backups for business. Since no company is safe from data loss, regular backups will help avoid irreparable consequences and protect a business from material losses and destruction.

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Selling – NanoICE – Premium Shopify One-product Branded Car Detailing Store

Premium Shopify One-product Branded Car Detailing Store

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2. Summary is a premium Shopify one-product branded store. nanoICE is a top-quality auto detailing product from a Canadian high-end supplier. It is a protective nano ceramic polymer layer that chemically bonds to the paint, making it ultra-glossy, and hydrophobic, repelling water, dust, and dirt. The auto detailing niche is popular, in high demand, and still growing. The product is reasonably priced at 35$ for a 16oz bottle which lasts up to 6 months. The product margin is about 12$ per sale. The supplier uses UPS Express Shipping, which is a fast and reliable shipping method to the USA and Canada. Buy this website and become an official nanoICE brand reseller. We offer you a turnkey high-potential project that will most definitely make a profit with proper advertising and targeting, especially with the video material provided to make eye-catching video ads.

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4. Monthly Fees

Like every other Shopify website, you’ll need to pay a 29$ monthly fee + a 19$ Spocket supplier app fee which is 48$ in total. Other than that, there are no other hidden fees or expenses.


Limit to refunds in play store? [closed]

Is there any limit to the number of times an app can be refunded on play store?Is it possible to do so on GOoogle plat=y console?A lkimit to the number of downloads.Anyone can abuse refund policy.

unity – I can’t select my local package in Asset Store Tools

I made a local package and I’m trying to upload it to the AssetStore.
-My package is stored in the [root]/Packages folder.
-My Demo scene is stored in the [root]/Assets folder.

When I try to upload my package in the Asset Store Tools, I’ve an error if I select my sources in the Packages folder.
If i select my Demo scene folder instead, I have no error. But I don’t want to upload only my Demo scene.
If I check ‘include dependecies’ it only add a json manifest file.

The error message is : The path selected must be inside the currently active project.

All answers about this error on google didn’t helped me.
-Set the package as a Full project => I made a tool not a full project.
-The Project have to be in C: Hard drive => it is.
-The Project folder must have the package’s name => it is. My project folder’s name PropertyInterface as my asset.

I’m using Unity 2019.1.0f2.

It’s the first time i try to upload my work in the Asset store. I’m pretty confused.

Thanks for your help.

How many times can a purchase be refunded on play store?

How many times can one purchase refund and continue to harm GooGLE servers?

How can i store camlquery results to filter and delete that i don’t need?

I just want to change the result of camlquery. But i dont know how to store them and filter it. The query is now turning many values that i dont need. I want to drop them and show them in a view. So, how can i manipulate this camlquery results?