Cannot download assets from Unity Asset Store

I have a problem with Asset Store in openSUSE Tumbleweed, which runs Unity 2019.1.0f2.

I can connect, log in, view the download button and click on it.

Then, the message "Downloading" appears but nothing else happens.

This is strange because in Arch it is working perfectly.

I disabled my firewall and other security stuff, without success.

reducers, effects, store, actions in RXJS?

Hello I have seen several videos of rxjs, but they are all operators, operators and more operators … There is no course series where with RXJS do the actions, reducers, store, effects … and show it making a real application .. .

android: retrieve data from the server store in the session variable and access them on several pages in php

I am creating a crime reporter application and a website with a centralized mysql database. In this I need to store the username that has logged in that I obtained through preferences shared on the Android side. After that I sent that data to web services as was my requirement. Now data has been recovered from my php files. I want to store that data in session variables and I want to use it in another php file. Please help me how I can achieve this. Because I tried this, but the session variable only shows values ​​that I have encoded but does not store the server-side data.

Installation and installation of Extreme Woocommerce Website Store for $ 50

Installation and installation of Extreme Woocommerce Website Store

I will set up the Woocommerce website store from scratch
Just sit back and relax. I will take care of everything

I am offering:

  • E-commerce website store from scratch
  • Direct shipping store with or without Ali express
  • Installation of free and premium themes
  • 100% responsive design (mobile / pc / tablet)
  • SEO friendly website: quickly rank on Google
  • Integration of payment methods (Pay.pal, Bank, Credit Card)
  • Multi seller
  • Live chat contact page
  • Ultra secure hacker websites
  • SSL certification installation
  • Your own email (

– Features and accessories –

  • Marketing add-ons
  • Payment gateway
  • Social media
  • Customer Support
  • Shipping
  • Analytics
  • SEO complement
  • Pop-up message Email News letter
  • Coupon System
  • Promotional banner – popular offers
  • Increase in sales: increase the average value of your orders
  • Countdown Timer: Create a sense of urgency
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Pinterest analysis
  • Abandoned cart: retrieve your visitors with automatic emails
  • Social add-ons: automatically promote your product on social channels
  • Urgency: motivate people to buy more.
  • Recent sales pop-up: gain more confidence with sales notifications

Store demos:

Basic Package: $ 50
Single product store (ideal for a premium store for a product)

  • 1 product
  • Response design
  • Content Upload
  • Configure payment gateway

GOLD Package :: $ 100

  • Multi Products Store
  • 5 categories
  • 5 products (one product per category)
  • NO Multi seller

EXTREME Package – $ 150

  • Multi Mega Mall Store
  • 10 categories
  • 10 products (one product per category)
  • YES Multiple provider

Any question? Just send me a message

** Domain and accommodation not included. If you don't have hosting and domain, don't worry, I will help you do it **

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Google Play Store – How does degoogling affect the battery?

You can run the free Google device, however, you really have to know what you are doing.
It is not recommended to remove Google applications and services from an existing device. You may encounter serious problems. The common way to get a free Google device is to install a custom ROM without Google applications (for licensing reasons, most custom ROMs do not include Google services / applications).

If you disable GSF applications, the push notification service will be lost (if they are still running). For a large number of applications, GSF is a requirement.

Some applications have implemented an alternative custom insertion system, but now each application has to run its own background service. For example, the signal has such a service, but the authors warn that it causes "reduced reliability or performance" and that each application has to open its own connection to listen to the messages, the general energy consumption increases.

email notification – Terms Store – Stakeholders

The description of this field says: This information is used to track people and groups in the organization that must be notified before important changes are made to the set of terms. You can enter multiple users or groups.

I have placed emails from people in this box and deleted terms, modified terms and the & # 39; interested & # 39; They never received anything. I was thinking of an email to inform you that a term has been created / deleted / edited.

What is this box for? What am I supposed to do?

Apple Pay in a web store

Just a quick question: is it possible to pay with ApplePay in a web store (NOT through iPhone or tablet but on a desktop website)? Or is Apple Pay exclusively for mobile devices? THX, Mike

Does the Google Play Store change applications over time?

I have a trivial application in the Play Store. Calculate your own checksum with code and display the results.

The Play Store checksum is always different from the loaded apk file. I understand that Google is adding its own special sauce to the apk, presumably in the manifest.

The Play Store checksum has changed since the application was available for the first time. Is Google Play changing the apk from time to time?

looking for a new host for 1 of my sites (wordpress woocommerce store)

Hey everyone,

I have a reseller account with hostmantis and things are usually great: I use the whm account only for my own less than 10 sites. Now, I recently launched a new wordpress store site (woocommerce) (on that server) and things went well until last week.

I feel that when I am editing pages on my WordPress store site, it is very slow and I checked the Cpanel statistics for this site and it says that

Your site has been limited in the last 24 hours.

CPU resources were limited for your site & # 39;

Description Use Limit Guilt
CPU usage 0.0% 100% 0 0
I / O use 0.0 KB / s 51200.0 KB / s 0 0
IOPS 0 0 5024 0 0
Input processes 0 0 30 0 0
Number of processes 0 0 100 0 0
Physical memory usage 0.00k 3.00G 0 0

Now, I barely have visitors (like 60 visitors / month, even if it is so high) or load based on visitors on the server. I don't use much bandwidth. I don't use much disk. Sometimes, late at night, when I edit some articles, the WordPress save action seems to be enough to activate this message and then the site will be in idle mode.

Is it time to upgrade to another type of web host? as a VPS? dedicated server (prolly overkill for now)? or just another shared server with an upper limit on the physical memory threshold in the account?

Thank you

perform operations and store in sqlite

I am carrying out very simple operations, such as giving Python $ 800 sales value and subtracting its VAT + commissions, but I would like all these values ​​to be stored in sqlite, as I can do.