google play store – Uninstall system apps on rooted android 10

I’ve been trying to remove the chrome, youtube and playstore applications from my android device, however, I’ve run into some issues. I’ve tried rooting my device, but the systems folder is hard-coded as read-only on android 10, so I’ve not been able to permanently change build.prop or directly uninstall any of these apps. My current workaround has been to remove these apps from my user profile and disable the multiuser feature using the ADB tool. However, when I restart my device, the feature reenables itself. Does anyone know of a better way to approach this problem?

Edit: I’ve rooted my phone using magisk. Apps like titanium backup have not been able to uninstall these apps.

This is the code that I’ve used to disable the multisuser feature:
setprop fw.show_multiuserui 0
setprop fw.max_users 1

plugins – Create an independent product page disconnected from my store using woocommerce

plugins – Create an independent product page disconnected from my store using woocommerce – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

store view – Magento 2 Payment methode per Storeviews?

In Magento 2, as default, the Payment Methods are for Website Scope. We didn’t unfortunatelly had this in mind when starting the project, so we have created 4 storeviews since the start. and now we need to have different Payment Methods on different Storeviews, it’s too late (too much work) to change the entire site to Website Scope. Is there a work around for this? I tried to search if there are any modules that allow us to set the payment methods per storeviews, no luck yet.

ios appstore – App does not appear in app store

ios appstore – App does not appear in app store – Ask Different

Magento2 Ajax change store currency and refresh total on Checkout page while change address

I want to change the current store currency by ajax and refresh the total when changing the address on the checkout page. I have successfully changed store currency by below code:


But problem is that when I am trying to refresh the total then the amount converted as per currency successfully but the currency symbol not changed. Below is the js code of refresh total:


4 questions for my new online store

Hi there!

I’m planning to start an online store. For now, I’m researching different aspects, and one of them concerns ads. I have some questions and would be grateful if you help me to get answers.

This is the link to the short questionnaire which contains 4 short questions:

Thank you in advance for your help!

applications – How does Samsung store pictures marked as favourite in the Gallery app?

I had marked a number of pictures as favourite on Samsung S10 Plus, I then renamed the DCIM folder to 2021_Backup (I had backed up my pictures onto a hardrive). After this I could not see any pictures in the favourites folder. I am assuming Samsung stored the list of all favourites somehwere and had a pointer to the actual image. Once I changed the folder named it lost that pointer and could not show those pictues. I have renames the fodler back to DCIM and that hasn’t helped either. Something else is missing. Again, I am guessing the DCIM file got a different internal filename when I renamed it or something.
Any ideas on how I can get those favourites. I had spent a while marking them.

mysql – Unable to store query result inside a variable

I am trying to query user by email and save the result inside a variable. I tried using await and async, callback and promise but none of them actually work.

const checkEmailUsed = (email) => {
  let sql = "SELECT * FROM users_signup WHERE user_email = ? LIMIT 1";
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    conn.query(sql, email, (err, res) => {
      if (err) {

var user = ();
  .then((res) => user.push(res))
  .catch((err) => console.log(err));

console.log(user); // Still ()

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Download is paused on Play Store when closed in the background

Downloading apps on my new Vivo Y30, whenever I try to download to an app, I have to keep Play Store running on the background. When I try to close, my download pauses. It only resumes when I open the app again. I just want to close background process to avoid having slow performance when using my phone. Any answers will be accepted.

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