My GSA SER stopped posting backlinks

My GSA SER stopped posting backlinks

My GSA SER stopped posting backlinks.
There are no blocked engines or search engines (IP).
It is simply too slow or not at all.
Could it be the lack of private proxies? Or can I continue using the GSA’s own proxies?
My connection is fiber optic and 70Mb of Down for 20Mb of Up.
The GSA Ser seems to be choking on posting new backlinks today.
There are no serious problems with the GSA Logs.
What should I do?

Ubuntu 20.04 Ibus Anthy Japanese input stopped working

Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 ibus-Anthy input stopped working. The ibus-daemon is running, Anthy is installed, the input-switcher comes up, the Anthy control-panel thing appears (in Anthy mode) but the Romaji input is never converted.

I should be able to switch keybaord to Anthy, start typing fu bu pu and have that automatically come up as ふ ぶ ぷ. But it just stays in the Latin alphabet.


Any advice much appreciated. I’m using Cinnamon Desktop, but it fails the same way using whatever the Ubuntu default is (Unity?). I can’t do my homework like this.

EDIT: It’s not just LibreOffice, gnome-terminal, gEdit, etc. are all broken too.

macos – Trackpad stopped working on mac book pro 2019

For testing purpose, I created a new profile and the trackpad is working as usual !. However, It is still not working on my main profile. I did the following with no success so far:

  • Re-install the macOS from the macOS recovery
  • Delete the plist file from the ~/Library/Preferences
  • Reset the SMC
  • Reset the PRAM

cifs – samba server mount points stopped working on CentOS 8 install, error: Failed to start SPNEGO handler for negprot OID list

After about 6 months of smb working flawlessly on a home server, it is now failing to allow remote systems to mount with the following error message in /var/log/messages:

Jun 27 12:53:10 bike3 smbd(19385): (2020/06/27 12:53:10.706872,  0) ../../source3/smbd/negprot.c:211(negprot_spnego)
Jun 27 12:53:10 bike3 smbd(19385):  Failed to start SPNEGO handler for negprot OID list!

I am using a very basic smb.conf configuration, and have tried a variety of googled settings, with no luck:

        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        security = user
        log level = 3
        map to guest = bad user
        dns proxy = no
; tested various combinations:
        client use spnego = no
        client ntlmv2 auth = no
        client min protocol = SMB2
        client max protocol = SMB3

       comment = pictures
       path = /mnt/pictures
       public = yes
       browsable = yes
       writable = yes
       guest ok = yes
       read only = no

I have reinstalled all samba packages:

  samba-4.11.2-13.el8.x86_64                  samba-client-4.11.2-13.el8.x86_64            samba-client-libs-4.11.2-13.el8.x86_64      samba-common-4.11.2-13.el8.noarch
  samba-common-libs-4.11.2-13.el8.x86_64      samba-common-tools-4.11.2-13.el8.x86_64

I have tested from Windows 10 and OS X Mojave, both fail with the same error, here is the log level 3
in the log.smb:

(2020/06/27 13:06:11.367462,  3) ../../lib/util/access.c:371(allow_access)
  Allowed connection from (
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.368276,  3) ../../source3/smbd/oplock.c:1414(init_oplocks)
  init_oplocks: initializing messages.
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.368563,  3) ../../source3/smbd/server_exit.c:244(exit_server_common)
  Server exit (failed to receive smb request)
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.372050,  3) ../../lib/util/access.c:371(allow_access)
  Allowed connection from (
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.372676,  3) ../../source3/smbd/oplock.c:1414(init_oplocks)
  init_oplocks: initializing messages.
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.372763,  3) ../../source3/smbd/process.c:1956(process_smb)
  Transaction 0 of length 73 (0 toread)
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.372787,  3) ../../source3/smbd/process.c:1549(switch_message)
  switch message SMBnegprot (pid 21109) conn 0x0
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373194,  3) ../../source3/smbd/negprot.c:636(reply_negprot)
  Requested protocol (NT LM 0.12)
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373220,  3) ../../source3/smbd/negprot.c:636(reply_negprot)
  Requested protocol (SMB 2.002)
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373237,  3) ../../source3/smbd/negprot.c:636(reply_negprot)
  Requested protocol (SMB 2.???)
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373469,  3) ../../source3/smbd/smb2_negprot.c:294(smbd_smb2_request_process_negprot)
  Selected protocol SMB2_FF
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373856,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'gssapi_spnego' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373880,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'gssapi_krb5' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373895,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'gssapi_krb5_sasl' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373911,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'spnego' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373929,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'schannel' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373954,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'naclrpc_as_system' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373970,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'sasl-EXTERNAL' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.373984,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'ntlmssp' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374000,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'ntlmssp_resume_ccache' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374016,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'http_basic' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374031,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'http_ntlm' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374048,  3) ../../auth/gensec/gensec_start.c:988(gensec_register)
  GENSEC backend 'http_negotiate' registered
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374124,  1) ../../auth/gensec/spnego.c:418(gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit_step)
  gensec_spnego_create_negTokenInit_step: Failed to setup SPNEGO negTokenInit request
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374149,  0) ../../source3/smbd/negprot.c:211(negprot_spnego)
  Failed to start SPNEGO handler for negprot OID list!
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374316,  3) ../../source3/smbd/smb2_server.c:3266(smbd_smb2_request_error_ex)
  smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: smbd_smb2_request_error_ex: idx(1) status(NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY) || at ../../source3/smbd/smb2_negprot.c:307
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.374367,  3) ../../source3/smbd/negprot.c:771(reply_negprot)
  Selected protocol SMB 2.???
(2020/06/27 13:06:11.377729,  3) ../../source3/smbd/server_exit.c:244(exit_server_common)
  Server exit (NT_STATUS_END_OF_FILE)

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ubuntu settings stopped

I am using ubuntu on dual mode. When my ubuntu booted I open settings from applications then it stuck and window is not getting close. I tried to quit from left task bar but nothing happened.

cdn – Has jsdelivr stopped to provide js-lib concat service?

I used jsdelivr for a long time.

It has a very strong feature:,jquery.ui@1.11.4

However, recently it looks like they’ve stopped updating this. For instance, I want to use 3.4.1:,jquery.ui@1.11.4

It says

Couldn’t find the requested release version 3.4.1.

If they’ve stopped supporting this feature, what else js CDN service can do this?

added gsuite mx records webmail stopped receiving mails

I have added MX records of the g-suite in the Cpanel. The webmail which is previously used stopped receiving mails and revoking back user not found. The previous priority for the webmail is 1

imac – Bluetooth and wifi stopped working

Yesterday suddenly the bluetooth and wifi stopped working, while iMac was on and on screen saver.
I have tried several restarts and tried to follow the bluetooth debug and reset options as well as SMC reset, but nothing worked. Also removed the bluetooth plist from Preferences.

Since I have magic keyboard and mouse with bluetooth I cannot use them and was making the restarts from anydesk using another laptop that I have.

Today after even more restarts and SMC resets the Wifi worked again, but bluetooth still nothing. I am on 10.13 osx and I cannot boot in safe mode or recovery without the keyboard and I have tried the vram boot options on terminal but I was getting that they were invalid.

Lately after the last SMC reset iMac boots on the option screen to reinstall High Sierra but I cannot make any selection even with a usb wired mouse!

any help on how to restart on normal mode or unblock the bluetooth will be highly appreciated.

windows 8.1 – SmoothDraw 3 Stopped working

My SmoothDraw 3 has stopped working all of a sudden. When I click on the icon it opens a window that says “SmoothDraw has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…” and then the window closes without anything else happening.

I have uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it twice already. I have also restarted my computer 3 times.

Any one else experience this before or have an idea on how to fix this? I am using Windows 8.

20.04 – Webcam stopped working after recent kernel update

My builtin webcam stopped working after a kernel update issued after 22 April 2020 . Before this date i was able to take pictures on cheese and video call etc , and for a while i didn’t use my webcam until yesterday i noticed that my webcam is getting detected as “usb 2.0 web camera” but its not working at all . Cheese shows a black screen when opened and Firefox asks for permission and then nothing happens . So i changed the kernel to version 5.0 and webcam started working properly . But i need to work it on the latest Ubuntu kernel . Any help will be thankful .